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Demon of Nihility: Rise of Humanity

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["Bye bye!" And just like that they were gone. "FUUUUUCKKKK YOU KAZIMIERZ!!" the now black octopus was furious and was thrashing the bridge of the main ship. Now even the calmer of the two was enraged and wanted nothing more than to kill Kazimierz himself. -Somewhere in space- Kazimierz and his crew came out of the subspace and after a thorough scan of their surroundings they finally relaxed. Without further ado Kazimierz went to take a nap to refresh his mind and begin his search for any missed piece of the puzzle that was his life.] Kazimierz Strono was a normal loving grandfather but one day his whole life got turned upside down and it all started when extraterrestrials made first contact with Earth. Accompany the revenge-fueled Kazimierz on his journey to find the killer of his family, as he discovers secrets that would change his and humanity's fate forever.

Scifi / Fantasy
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Hello and welcome to my convoluted mind. I’ve always been an enthusiastic reader of fantasy and sci-FY novels, especially the darker ones were my favourites. And one day I was wondering, could I also create something amazing that millions of people would enjoy? Well, and here we are now, after finally getting my PC working and getting an idea what my story should be about.

As you should know by now, I’m a new creator and will probably make some mistakes in the beginning but I hope you will stick with me since I plan to constantly improve my writing style and myself as an author.

This story is devoted to my late grandpa who died last year. His name was also Kazimierz, like the MC in this novel. He was always there for me and was a vital part of my childhood and youth. He was Polish if you are wondering about the name’s origin.

The MC and my grandpa won’t have that much in common except the name and some background details, so don’t assume anything the MC does was also done by my gramps. It’ll be a very dark story and maybe some will think it’s a bit edgy but I want to create an Antihero who will let himself get dictated by his emotions in the beginning and only later will he develop a personality that reflects all the mistakes he made on his journey but also all the good he had forgotten. At the start of the story I will tell about his life before it gets destroyed though, so don’t expect some amazing fights right of the bat.

There also will be a romance, not sure how or when at this moment but I’m planning to make an attractive and useful FMC and not some leeching sidekick, same with the other characters who will accompany the MC.

I'm using a patreon system, if someone wants to support me!


Btw here is a link for a discord server, so if you have any tips and tricks to improve myself, or just want to criticize, come join!


But without further boring you let’s start our adventure in the world of carnage, tragedy and redemption.


This novel’s story and characters are fictitious. Certain long-standing institutions, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but the characters involved are wholly imaginary.

Some names and characteristics have been changed, some events have been compressed, and some dialogue has been recreated.

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