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Hidden Laws

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A short synopsis of the hidden laws behind thought, unlimited access to reality, and possible future implications on autonomy.

Scifi / Fantasy
J. M.A. Quinn
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This Little Light

Once upon a time, there was a brilliant scientist named Dr. Emily. She had always been fascinated by the mysteries of the human mind and spent her entire career researching the intricacies of thought processes.

One day, while working in her lab, Dr. Emily made a remarkable discovery. She found that hidden laws governed the way people thought, and these laws were compelling.

At first, Dr. Emily was elated. She discovered something that could revolutionize the field of psychology and help millions of people better understand their thought processes. But as she continued studying these hidden laws, she noticed something strange.

She realized that these laws were not always benevolent, and they often seemed to be working against people, causing them to make irrational decisions and believe things that weren’t true.

Dr. Emily tried to warn her colleagues about the danger of these hidden laws, but they dismissed her as paranoid and delusional. She knew that she needed to do something to help people understand the true nature of their thought processes, but she didn’t know how.

As she continued studying the hidden laws, Dr. Emily noticed subtle signs that something was amiss. She saw patterns in people’s behavior that hinted at the power of these laws, and she began to devise a plan.

With careful observation and precise experimentation, Dr. Emily discovered a way to break the hold of these hidden laws. She developed a technique that could help people recognize when these laws influenced their thoughts and empower them to think for themselves.

In the end, Dr. Emily’s discovery changed the world. Her technique helped millions of people break free from the tyranny of their thoughts and become the masters of their minds. And though the hidden laws still lurked in the shadows, Dr. Emily’s work had given people the tools they needed to fight back and reclaim their autonomy.

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