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The Immortal

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Who are we, really? Where did we come from? Why are we here? What's the meaning of life? Soulmates? Imagine you are the one on this journey of discovery. More plot twists than a pretzel in a typhoon! WHAT A RIDE!!!" An epic, cosmic love story, a transcendental parable, a novel inspired by true events. Sci-fi, fantasy, romance, visionary, and experimental fiction all in one stimulating example of the spiritual technology and primordial art of simple storytelling. More plot twists than a pretzel in a typhoon. Written in the 2nd person so it really is all about you. I'm in love with the ending... WARNING: this book is a page turner, hard to put down and over too soon. A shamanic journey to the depths of ones soul; like any good love affair it will leave you changed, expanded, grateful, and wide open.

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Chapter 1

You wake up...

...remembering...a faint scent of her...flying

over the beach, falling out of the sky, straight down through the building, slamming back into your body with a jolt, yet safe in your own bed. Taking advantage of a perfect alignment you might have thought impossible just yesterday in your basement apartment, a lucky beam of sunlight is coursing through a tiny corner of your bedroom window. This chance cosmic phenomenon seems intent on cooking your head, like a magnifying glass held over an ant colony. Thirst wakes you with the compelling need now to somehow float your brain. You roll out of bed and into the tub. Drowning yourself in the thankfully relentless soaking, the rejuvenating stream of the shower, you begin to recover and ground yourself in that perfect place between all worlds. Laying down in the bottom of the gradually filling tub, you begin to remember.

You had a dream...

An odd pair of formal and bone serious emissaries from some far distant world had come to awaken you. Reminding you that as the Monarch of their world you had left orders to be recalled from this self imposed exile on Earth when, as, and if pressing matters of state demanded.


You get dressed and begin your day.

You step out of the building onto the boardwalk. You nod to the usual suspects, this wild collection of cosmic characters and human flotsam and jetsam we can expect to find on any given day at this particularly peculiar backwater at the end of the road. Along with the beach itself, the hundred-year-old boardwalk is the central character of your current favorite energetic bubble of choice. This mile long stretch of beach and boardwalk is precariously balanced on the edge of one of the most powerful, negative magnetic anomalies on the planet; the secret reason this place attracts and packs in more certifiable, card-carrying crazy and weird per capita, than perhaps anywhere else on the planet.

It is the world stage; the entertainment capital and dream factory of the world. Here’s where you never know who you’re talking to, and you never know where this might lead. You live here, you work here; you try not to ever have to leave the bubble; and your close friends know better than to ask or expect you to.

Year-round the weather is kind, the light and energy, inspiring. From here you can see the mountains come down to the sea. It is the only place in this modern desert megalopolis where the 18 million people of the 88 cities within a hundred miles of this spot can all just get out of their cars, and simply walk past one another. On any given weekend 750,000 people from all over the world walk by. And usually, here you are in the middle of all this.

You are an artist creating, painting, writing, designing, brainstorming, sculpting, crafting your ideas and inspirations into real life, and doing your best to share them with the world, by all means necessary, and legal.

This spot has been very good for you, if not always good to you. Every day, ready or not, the whole world comes to you here, one way or another. You always get what you need; even, and especially, when you may not get what you want. This place has been your teacher, your lover, and friend. It understands and gets you, accepts, and appreciates you, neglects and ignores you. Just being here you feel safe, and everything is bearable. You feel nourished, nurtured, and home.

Running to the waters edge the dream comes back with ever more detail, as the rhythm and sound of the ocean soothes with reliable, hypnotic, insistent grace. Going through what you can remember of the dream again, you find strangely that you can remember even more of it now.

There are these two beings that come to you,

recognizing you as worthy of sincere deference, as a person of great stature and importance. You remember being shocked, even unnerved by all this seemingly undeserved attention. Thinking of course that there must be some mistake, or that someone must be having a laugh, or that you must just be dreaming, and that at any moment the whole thing would just fade into something else.

You remember even starting to psychoanalyze the dream and yourself while you’re in it, as you’ve found yourself doing a few times in the past. In the dream you wondered what such a dream might be trying to tell you about your self esteem, and the health of your self image, when you imagine yourself as some sort of big, important personage worthy of followers & fuss.

But even all your navel gazing proves ineffective, as in the dream, these two emissaries seem to stand by witnessing your mental processes and protestations, and yet remain adamantly resolute and unshaken; as if they expected or anticipated your reaction to their news.

To prove their point, and put an end to your deflections and denials once and for all, one of them steps up to you, and touches a single finger to your forehead. And immediately you are just stunned and amazed. Even now recounting the fine details to yourself, it’s like you’ve discovered a hidden doorway that opens up to a wide, unforeseen world of wonders. You realize that what you see next, the magnitude and detail...is indeed overwhelming. For the first time in your life you feel lost in awe.

In this moment in the dream, through your minds-eye, all you can see is the grand vastness of space as an acceleration through the cosmos, as though you are shot out of a cannon, your conscious awareness speeding through galaxies of galaxies of stars and nebulae, all too numerous to comprehend.

Yet even as you stand here on the beach, remembering the sensations of this incredible moment in the dream, you can feel exactly the intensity of these sensations, as each planet, star, nebula, and galaxy seem to wash through you. There is an oddly reassuring sense of speed, and an all consuming, nourishing sense of being cleansed to the core of your soul.

Your speed slows as you approach a massive star surrounded by a series of planets. There among them is a beautiful blue, green, and white planet not unlike the one you like to think of as home. This planet seems at least a third bigger than Earth, and with three natural moons oddly sharing the same orbit at equidistance from one another. There are other radiant bright objects nearly the size of the moons that must have long ago been fabricated or modified from captured asteroids.

As you are recounting this part of the dream to yourself, even more information about their history, creation, and purpose comes to mind. These bright objects and the moons have been placed in the pattern of the star tetrahedron around the planet.

These three natural moons orbit at 30 degrees below the equator, and form the base of a tetrahedron, the apex of which is a moon-sized, modified asteroid satellite directly over the north pole. This north pointing tetrahedron is slowly rotating to the right as you look at the planet from space.

At 30 degrees above the equator are three more of the moon-sized, modified asteroid satellites at equidistance, 120 degrees apart, sharing the same orbit, and forming the base of a south pointed tetrahedron; the apex of which is a modified moon-sized satellite directly over the south pole of this planet. This south pointing tetrahedron of satellites is rotating, orbiting to the left as you look at the planet from space. This whole arrangement of satellites is generating a counter rotating field of energy around the planet known on Earth as a Mer-Ka-Ba field; said to be the light-spirit-body or energy structure around any distinct body or object-in-motion in the universe.

Here, though, for some reason the architects of this world thought it important to enhance this natural structure by placing these satellites at the apex points of the natural Mer-Ka-Ba field of the planet and setting them to spin in opposite directions.

The effect is like placing two giant tops spinning within one another’s fields in a vacuum, and held in place by the gravity field of the planet. The result in theory at least, could make for not only tremendous stability, but also depending how fast the spin of the ‘tops’, and how each spin is varied relative to the other, could enable the planet to essentially travel throughout all dimensional planes of existence, all space, all time, and beyond...at will.

In all honesty, the moment you see this world, with the strangely familiar star beyond it, you feel something you have no word for.

In this moment standing here on the beach you begin to realize the profound nature of what is happening with you. You know now that this “dream” is no mere dream, but something else entirely.

The two beings relate to you that this place is your true home. That, as the Monarch, you left orders, passed down through the generations, for them to come get you when it was time for you to return from your self-imposed exile. They tell you that, as you are actually the Monarch of this world, it is time for you to resume your place.

Then the dream gets very detailed, as though someone is explaining and describing things they want you to know, but all in images and sense impressions that seem so comprehensive, that, even now, as you stand on this beach on Earth, with the water washing over your bare feet, you realize it’s like looking at a hologram containing all the information you might ever need to know on the subject matter, when only a small fraction of this information is actually shared at that time in the dream.

The Monarch’s role is to don the gold and bejeweled Crown of Amplification; bear the bejeweled Wand of Life Everlasting in one hand; cradling the radiant Orb of Perfection in the other; to sit on the golden Throne of Power rooted in the Apex of a living crystalline vein of the planet. Seated in this way within the resounding thrown chamber, at the center of the great echoing reception hall, situated at the very center of the Palace of Grace, at the center of the great City of the Immortals, at the center of the world where the equator and central meridian of the planet cross. This planet sits at the exact center of the physical universe...

When you as the Monarch are so installed and seated on station at the center of the core of this most critical energy structure, it is like you are a pilot encased by a cosmic cockpit, flying the plane of the universe; to be the unifying bond of superconsciousness between all the dimensions and infinite consciousness.

It is explained to you in the dream that most of the time you, as the Monarch, are here on the thrown to bear witness to the grand, vast, and wondrous unfolding of the universe. You intercede as best your wisdom of experience has taught you to do so, only when it might benefit all concerned, and the highest good may be served. But otherwise you let it all flow through you consciously, and with the highest degree of compassion you can generate.

As the Monarch, you remain here for countless eons of ages, guiding and witnessing the unfolding of creation. You plot much like a ship’s captain overseeing the overall steering and course of a ship through the ocean. In this case though you are both the ship and the ocean...and the sky and the earth. It is more like steering events and the roots of events, time, space, matter, energy, spirit, intention, geometry, and consciousness; and of course the incalculable, intangible, and unnamable.

Standing here on the beach as each of these last three are mentioned you sense them directly and once again are overwhelmed with more indescribably familiar senses and understandings.

In the dream it is then revealed to you that a moment has arrived in your timeline as the Monarch when you are sure that the steady and true course you have set for the cosmos will be carried out for quite some time before any next course correction might be necessary, requiring your attention. You then reason that it would be the best use of the meantime for you as the cosmic pilot, to get an honest sense of what it is like for all those souls on the fringes, at the furthest reaches from the center. So as the Monarch you embark on what you intend to be a brief, exploratory sampling of simultaneous incarnations all throughout the cosmos. You do so, much like a ship’s captain shares a meal with some of the passengers and crew to remain in touch with their general experience, wellbeing, and commonwealth.

In the dream you are then shown the moment

when you as the Monarch eventually arrive in the Earth system of dimensional planes. Here you quickly encounter an unexpected set of captivating circumstances and consequence. You discover that this place is an anomaly, an energy vortex in and of itself. To the soul the Earth is an anomaly unique to this small corner of the creation, similar in so many ways to the attractive or apparent magnetic qualities of a so-called singularity or black hole.

At this moment, standing here on the beach, you realize that you have been in the zone, staring into the horizon for you don’t know how long. The dream unfolds before you, like you could just turn this whole thing on and off at will.

In the dream you remember being this person, actually seeing through the eyes of the Monarch, as they arrive on Earth and realize this planet is an energetic vortex...

You very quickly see the nature of the anomaly.

The entire soul mass is literally captivated, caught up in this complex of dimensional planes of existence comprised almost completely of very peculiar frequencies of vibratory density around this small planet.

What makes these frequencies so peculiar is that this planet is the focal point of all these souls, these infinite, immortal, and multidimensional beings. This focusing of so much cosmic intent on a particular spot in the realm of density has an amplifying effect on the character of the density. This spot appears to have ever more weight as each soul lends the power of their belief to the mix. The illusion of this physical reality is created by each individual soul investing their belief in the perpetuation of this world. The cumulative effect of this belief is what each soul is born into. The precondition of spiritual amnesia and loss of cosmic memory each soul is born with, combined with the inheritance of the complex of the dominant belief structures instilled and imprinted at birth, contributes to the perpetuation of the illusion of the physical plane, the dream of living on Earth.

In the dream you see that this entire situation is being generated by all of the individual souls that make up the soul mass. Their highest selves are orchestrating their continued involvement in this experiment.

The crux of this vortex is the precondition of each incarnating soul losing their cosmic memory and sense of their truest self as they enter each lifetime.

Lifetime after lifetime groups of souls are reincarnating up and down the historical timeline of the planet, whenever and wherever the soul mass is thick enough for each individual soul to have an opportunity at working out their own redemption.

Relinquishing all the density a soul may have collected throughout all of their incarnations in the Earth system, liberation is achieved.

Yet attempting to do so while totally forgetting who they really are, starting from scratch within each incarnation, appears to be a challenge that most souls find so challenging they simply surrender to being in the vortex and go with it.

Trusting that it will lead them to their best fate and outcome...eventually. In the meantime they find the simplest things to enjoy and appreciate on their journey around and around and through the vortex.

From a distance it’s like watching every soul in every lifetime trying to reinvent their way out of a spinning glass of iced tea...

within a spinning glass of juice...

within a spinning glass of water...

(The iced tea being the earthly plane; the juice being the astral plane; and the water being the causal plane in this analogy.)

You witness so many souls going from lifetime to lifetime without ever recovering their connection to their truest self, even between incarnations. Over time billions of souls have become nearly completely trapped in the illusion of being entirely separate and cut off from the source of the creation itself. The majority of incarnate souls are thoroughly convinced that they are just the individual person they’ve chosen to be in each lifetime; without any connection to the rest of their being throughout all the other dimensions we all inhabit by nature.

So many incarnate souls become attached to their personality, and even the physical body they inhabit in a given lifetime, that even after death they continue to anchor their identity in that persona; and often need to reincarnate just to let go. But then they form another attachment in their new incarnation, and so on and on.

Over time, so many souls in soul groups are attached to their personalities, personas, and physical bodies that not only their whole soul group is affected similarly, but a toxic, delusional, spiraling condition pervades the whole planet.

The majority of those incarnate fear any and all dimensions but the physical plane, where their delusion is allowed to flourish.

These conditions have reached a point where the world of incarnate souls fears most any and all of the transition points between the multi-dimensions; approaching them all with trepidation. This opens them up to all sorts of attempts at distortions of truth and reality.

A prime example being how fear of death, the irreversible passing from one dimension to the next, leads to hoarding the vestiges of life, through greed; or surrendering to an existential nihilism that justifies all manner of inhumanity and barbarism practiced on humanity itself.

Such distortions also force the incarnate to unconsciously create separate astral realms, to accommodate and contain their delusions, until they overcome them.

These conditions have made it possible for all kinds of spiritual distortions to flourish, as souls create belief systems on the Earth, that then become mirror image constructs in the astral dimensional planes of the Earth system.

Thoughts are real things. While this fact is much easier to see on the astral plane, it holds true on the earthly plane as well. Infinite consciousness has created the physical universe through thought. The children of the light create reality by thought.

The effect is something like an echo chamber, or a hall of mirrors, as a soul has their thoughts, illusions, and delusions reinforced even between lifetimes.

Once these conditions collect a great mass of souls in the Earth’s multidimensional system, it is a very rare event for any one soul to escape the captivated mass of souls, or soul mass.

The groupthink effects overwhelm, influence, and limit the options of the individual transmigrating soul.

Especially vulnerable are those souls seeking to transcend or exit the incarnation cycles.

“The closer we get to the truth

the easier it is to kid ourselves...”

These current conditions challenging the wide majority of incarnate souls to the point of spiritual amnesia, have triggered a natural response from the creation itself. This response has taken the form of directly channeling specific souls into the Earth system to help. These are souls who’ve proven themselves demonstrably adept at maintaining superconsciousness throughout all challenging conditions, including such density vortexes.

You are shown in the dream that the first order of business of these adept souls is to observe and assess the full extent of the density vortex by experiencing it from both within and without the earthly plane. Once they assess the extent of the anomaly, a course of action is determined and initiated for the overall redemption of the entire collected soul mass.

In the dream it is revealed that you’ve been observing this whole process of the unfolding redemption protocol from the inside, within a particularly unique incarnation when the two emissaries arrive to retrieve you.

Standing here on the beach you see

that in the dream your life is being revealed, reviewed, and assessed right up to the present moment. It is shown to you that you’ve already begun to recover from the inherent forgetfulness of birth, and even transcend some of the dominant cultural delusions, suspecting the existence of a greater structure to the creation than has so far been revealed generally.

Yet you have been swimming in this sea of incarnations for quite some time, to the point where you have forgotten who you really are.

The soul mass meanwhile has accumulated to the point where it is essentially burrowing a very deep hole of density into the fabric of the creation connected with the Earth dimensional system. This is the vortex, the anomaly.

Souls become ever more lost in dimensional realms of ever increasing densities, composed and created by all of their own imaginings. As souls imagine themselves deserving of all manner of punishments and judgments, they are upon death, carrying out these punishments in places they unconsciously create for themselves in the astral planes.

These places become so dense that eventually souls become completely caught up and trapped inside them, to the point where it takes the efforts of a multitude of extra-dimensional souls and superconscious beings to extricate the trapped and self condemned from their own creations.

This entire enterprise has entered a critical moment when your emissaries arrive to awaken you.

The dream speaks to you further, saying so many things, but all in word-defying pictures and sensations. Yet watching the waves roll in and wash over your feet, grounding you, you see the dream as something lucid and luminous. You realize that the source of the dream is of course interacting with your thoughts even now.

In the dream it is revealed to you that there are only certain moments in the timeline of the planet when there are actual windows of opportunity to initiate new directions in the realm of possibilities for awakening, enlightenment, and most importantly, mass redemption.

The grand agenda being:

the spiritual acceleration, and conscious evolution of the entire incarnate soul mass...

This moment that you stand in right now is exactly one of these rare moments.

The dream speaks further saying, on top of all that, cosmic events are unfolding such that if this present window of opportunity is missed, humanity might experience a setback that could result in the next window of opportunity being thousands, if not tens of thousands of years in the future...if humanity managed to even survive that long, and recover both in number and level of relative consciousness to evolve beyond its current vulnerability to extinction.

The most dire projections foresee the result of the entire human population, either exterminating itself, or being completely wiped off the planet naturally by global cosmic catastrophe, as has nearly happened several times before at previous junctures. In effect this would trap those souls caught in the delusional, denser realms indefinitely; or until the global incarnate population could increase enough for the greater program of redemption of the entire soul group, and the recovery or release of the collected soul mass can move forward.

This little drama on the edge of the creation fascinates you. It has compelled you to stick around and observe from one epoch to another from both within and outside the wheel of incarnations. You feel there is something crucial to be learned from all of this. Something that you might never have become aware of were you not taking this extended sojourn amidst the creation.

Your emissaries find you by following your energy signature like a homing beacon. They observe you for a time before determining what is the best way to make contact and begin the extraction process. It is obvious that you have in a sense, “gone native”. Spending so much time immersed in studying your subject, having become so identified with the object of your study, you haven’t noticed the moment when you lost your greater context, reference point, and anchor, and have become that which you are studying.

You really think you are your body and your personality and your gender. You really think that the life you are currently living is all there is to being you. Like most people you even think that life is just happening to you; and that you have no choice but to take it as it comes...

As you stand here in the surf with the water washing over your feet, all of this comes swirling back to you, as if it were all actually more real than everything you really know to be real.

Shaking it off you walk back to the boardwalk to begin your morning. You stop around the corner at the juice bar for a double shot of wheatgrass and a coconut. As soon as you step in the door you can tell that something momentous is about to occur. The room is empty, but for a single person working behind the counter with their back to you. As they turn to face you there is a moment

of sudden recognition as your eyes meet. This moment is piercing to the soul. Although you know you’ve never met, you recognize one another. In that instant volumes of information pass between you two. Neither of you say a word about any of this. They take and fill your order, and you leave.

You sit on a bench on the boardwalk sipping the coconut water as you collect your thoughts. A steady stream of people going in both directions on their morning walk pass by as if you are invisible. Looking out to sea you recall the dreamscape. The weight of it, the sense of it; what an incredibly vivid dream...

Just then, out of the human stream of passersby

two figures stop in front of you. This break in the pattern causes you to bring your thoughts back to the present. As you see them, they step towards you. Without a word they now stand before you.

Startled out of your thought-stream you recognize them from the dream...

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