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Clear Sky Lightning

By Tayler Christensen All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action


Katie's parents have always been vague about what they do for a living, but after Katie is struck by lightning and develops strange powers, her parents wind up assassinated, and a mysterious organization recruits her to help in the war against the Assassins, a high-tech organization hell-bent on world domination. Unfortunately, they're good at what they do, and they aren't far away from achieving their goals. Katie is their missing puzzle piece, and they will do anything to get her. Katie soon discovers that her increasing aggression is tied to her parents' past with the Assassins, and as she slips further and further from control, she becomes more powerful, more lethal, and more terrifying to her newfound friends.

Chapter 1

Katie was not having a good day. That morning, her car had broken down. The front seals had failed, and all of her engine oil leaked out, causing the engine to seize just after she left for school. She had to call her dad to take her to school. She had also dropped her phone and cracked the screen, and now she was riding the bus home. The bus was bad enough, but she lived outside city boundaries, and literally on the far edge of the school district. The bus ride was an hour and a half long, and she was the last stop. She shifted uncomfortably, pulling her overshirt away from her back for the hundredth time. Humidity, polyester, and vinyl were such a lovely combination.

She grumbled to herself as she FINALLY got up and walked down the aisle to get off. The bus dropped her off right at the foot of her driveway. It was a very long, gravel driveway, winding through the trees that hid her house from view.. There was another house on the driveway but it had been empty and for sale for almost a year.

Katie was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard footsteps behind her. She had just begun walking up her driveway, and she turned to see a boy about her age walking, head down behind her. He was minding his own business, and keeping his distance, but his presence still infuriated Katie. She was having a bad day, and she just wanted to be alone. She turned around, picked up her pace, and walked away from him as fast as she could. He made no effort to catch up, and seemed not to notice her. He was wearing designer blue jeans, a black v-neck, white tennis shoes, and had ear buds in, currently blasting something unintelligible to Katie’s distant ears. He was of average build, but fit, and Katie could see muscles under his shirt. She looked away, just as he glanced up, and kept walking.

She was about twenty feet in front of him, walking home as fast as she could when she heard a deafening crack, was blinded by a flash and then felt a searing hot pain, like a red-hot fire poker enter at her shoulders, and travel down her arms, exiting through her hands. The pain was over in less than a second, but Katie blacked out almost instantly.

When she woke up a little while later, she was surprised to find herself on her driveway, and the new boy behind her, sprawled out in an awkward position. Her mind was still fuzzy, and it took her a little while to remember what had happened. The longer she was awake, the more she remembered: the flash, the bang, the white-hot pain. She looked down at her hands, and found that while they looked a little red, they did not hurt, and did not seem to be damaged. She inspected her arms, and her shoulders, and aside from a small hole being melted out of her shirt on her shoulder, she could not see or feel any other damage. On the contrary, she felt more clear-headed than she had for a while. Stronger, even.

When she was done looking herself over, she looked over and saw that the new boy hadn’t moved and was just barely breathing. She got up with surprising ease, even for her athletic self, and walked over to him. She was just reaching down to shake him when his body twitched, and his eyes flew open. She jerked her hand away, and muttered, “Sorry.” He looked around, shook his head, and rubbed his eyes with both his hands. When he looked up, he flinched. “Are you ok?” Katie asked with guarded concern.

The boy raised his eyebrows and said, “Other than getting struck by lightning? Yeah, I’m great.” As he stood, he took his phone out of his pocket, and cursed. “And my phone is fried. Awesome.”

Katie pulled her phone out of her pocket, and realized that it too seemed to be dead. “Wait, did you say struck by lightning?” she asked.

He nodded as he picked himself up off the ground, “It struck you just before it got me.”

Katie looked up. Not a cloud in sight. This surprised her, not only because she couldn’t see how lightning could have come from clear sky, but also because this was Oregon. At the beginning of fall, it was very uncommon to have clear blue skies. The boy followed her gaze, and said, “There’s probably a storm going on somewhere. Sometimes lightning can travel a few miles before touching down. Still, with all these trees around us, I’m surprised none of them got hit.”

“Yeah. Should we call someone? The police? The fire department?”

“Are you injured?” he asked.


“Not much point then. I’ll see you around.” And with that, he strode past Katie, and walked up the driveway. Katie followed, maintaining the distance he had created. He turned off the driveway towards what was the empty house, and Katie saw that there was a moving truck being unloaded there. She continued past his driveway and finally made it to her own front door. She was reeling at the improbability of her luck today. Not only had her car died, and her phone broken, she had been struck by lighting. How did that even happen?

Katie was still trying to wrap her mind around the whole thing when her mom came through the door. “How was school, honey?” she asked. Katie was surprised to see her. She had been on a business trip the last few days, and wasn’t expected home until tomorrow.

“Mom! You’re home early!” Katie didn’t feel like telling her mom that she had been struck by lightning right at that moment. Partly because she just couldn’t process it herself, but she also didn’t want to lay that on her mom right when she got home. It wasn’t like her mom could do anything about it. Katie was obviously ok, and she didn’t really want to be rushed to the doctor and have a bunch of useless tests run before they decided that she was fine.

“Yes, my meetings ended early. We were more productive than we thought we would be. What took you so long to get home? Did you meet someone?” Her mom raised her eyebrows at Katie.

Katie rolled her eyes. “Dad didn’t tell you? The Suby died when I was halfway to town this morning. Dad had to come pick me up and call a tow truck. Apparently it’s supposed to be fixed by the end of the day. So I got stuck riding the bus.”

“Aw, I’m sorry sweetie, I hope they really get that fixed today. It would be a shame to have to ride the bus to school in the morning. Anyway, I have a few things I need to get wrapped up before the office closes, so I’ll talk to you a little bit later, ok?”


Katie dropped her backpack on the floor of her bedroom and closed the door. She examined the small hole that the lightning had left in her shirt in her back-of-the door mirror, and ran her fingers over the spot where the lightning had touched her skin. The skin was unbroken, but there was a blister forming. She again looked at her hands. The lightning had struck just her left shoulder, but it had traveled down both of her arms, and seemed to have exited through both of her hands. She wasn’t sure why her hands weren’t more injured. Actually she wasn’t sure why she was still walking around and why all she had was a blister and warm hands to show for her lightning strike. Shouldn’t she have second or third degree burns? Shouldn’t she be in the hospital? Shouldn’t her heart have stopped?

Katie brought her hands together to see if there was any pain. There wasn’t. Curious, she quickly opened her hands to inspect her palms again. However, instead of seeing her hands there, she saw a glowing, red sphere growing out of her opening palms. “What the…” she said as she pulled her hands further apart, and watched the glowing red orb grow to fill the space. “Get off!” she yelled as she shook her hands out to try to get it off. To her surprise, it did. But it didn’t drop or go flying. It simply detached itself from her hands, and hovered there, right in front of her.

Now that the initial panic was over, and Katie was fairly certain that it hadn’t hurt her, she became mildly aware of an itch in the back of her mind like there was some other presence in her mind. She became aware of this at the same instant that the orb disappeared, along with the itch. Confused, Katie brought her hands together again, and slowly drew them apart. Once again, the orb materialized. Katie tried to squash it back down into her hands, but it simply allowed her hands to move through it as it kept its size and shape. Katie grew alarmed when she was not able to remove her hands. The foreign itch in the back of her mind continued to grow as she fought to free her hands from her self-inflicted restraints, and suddenly, it was there, in the front of her mind. She didn’t have words to describe it, but she was aware of the orb. Or rather, she was aware from the orb. She couldn’t see through it, but she was suddenly aware of everything around it. She was also aware of its dependence on her. She willed it to disappear, and suddenly it was gone, freeing her hands, and retreating back into her mind, but staying just at the edge, not fully gone.

“This is so freaky,” Katie said to herself as she left her bedroom to get something to eat. She couldn’t shake the presence of the orb, even as she struggled to ignore it. She was terrified that she was suffering some kind of mental side effect of the lightning strike that was making her hallucinate. On top of it all, she couldn’t shake her growing curiosity about the orb, and what it all meant. She finally drowned out the presence of the orb in her mind with homework and louder-than-normal music. The rest of the afternoon passed in relative normality. Katie kept mostly to herself at dinner, and her parents seemed not to notice as they chatted about Katie’s mother’s business trip. Katie was thinking about the orb, and wondering if it was connected to the lightning strike. She was almost sure that it was, but she felt foolish asking her parents about it. If she was freaked out by it, she was positive they would freak out about it and she would find herself in an emergency room before she could even make the orb disappear again. No need for that.

That night, Katie lied in bed, and attempted to sleep, but she wasn’t tired and couldn’t get the events of the day out of her mind. Slowly she brought her hands together again, and pulled them apart. The red orb re-appeared and so did the awareness. Mentally, she pushed it away from her hands and moved it slowly toward her face. She reached out and touched it, and it stuck to her finger. She couldn’t remove her finger from it. Mentally, she released her finger, and the orb detached. As she looked closer, she realized that it was slightly translucent. The soft, red glow that came off it cast her room in eerie shadow. She mentally directed the orb to move around her room, and as she did, she became more and more aware of its contents. She could feel everything. She knew that there was a lone ant crawling along the seam of the wall and the floor behind her dresser, and she was aware of the contents of her clothes hamper. She couldn’t see them, but she knew that they were there, and she could have described it to anyone. While her attention was focused on this realization, the orb brushed past one of the textbooks she had left on her desk after doing her homework. The book fell open as the orb dragged it off the desk, but the cover of the book stayed attached to the orb. This startled Katie so much that she let go of her concentration on the orb, and it disappeared, dropping her book with loud thump onto her bedroom floor. She listened for her parents to come out of their bedroom at the other end of the hall to investigate for what seemed like several minutes. When she felt that they weren’t coming, she quietly got up, and put the book back onto her desk, her panic dissipating.

The stress and the awe associated with her newfound ability had finally worn Katie out, and as she got back into bed, sleep overtook her.

The next morning, as Katie stood half asleep in the shower, she was jerked to her senses after she had produced an orb when she rubbed her hands together just before applying the shampoo to her head. She saw the orb attached to her hands as she brought them up to rub the shampoo into her hair but didn’t realize what that meant until she felt the orb stop her hands’ progress to her head, as if it were a billiards ball in her hand. Frustrated, she pulled her hands away, and let out a much louder shriek than she otherwise would have when the orb did not come away, but instead pulled her hair, almost out of her head. Cursing, she willed the orb to disappear as her mom knocked on the door. “Are you ok honey?” she asked in a concerned voice.

“Yes, I just caught my finger in a snarl of hair and almost pulled it out of my head.” She answered.

“Oh, ok” her mom answered, now sounding bored, “breakfast is ready.”

“Thanks” Katie answered as she mentally scolded herself for not paying more attention to the orb when she created it.

When Katie emerged in the kitchen, her parents were just getting ready to walk out the door. Her dad motioned for her to look out the window, and said, “I forgot to tell you. When you were doing your homework last night, I got a call from the mechanic and they fixed your car. I went and picked it up, and filled the tank for you. Have a good day!”

“Oh! Thanks dad!” Katie exclaimed as she stuffed toast into her mouth and hurriedly poured herself a bowl of cereal. Katie didn’t see her dad very often. He was constantly traveling for work, and worked long hours when he was in town. However, she had a unique relationship with him, and they always seemed to get along. Occasionally they would take time off to do fun things together, and Katie looked forward to those times. However, she and her dad had an unspoken agreement that he would not demand her time when she obviously didn’t want to, or couldn’t give it, and she would afford him the same courtesy. It was a system that had been working for years, and Katie was happy that he was home again. She hoped that she would be able to get some alone time with him soon. She waved at her father as he drove away, and then rushed to get her things packed up. As she sped down her driveway, she was surprised to see the new boy standing at the bottom of it. She crawled to a stop, rolled down her window, and asked, “Are you lost?”

The boy looked back at her with an annoyed look on his face and replied, “No, I’m waiting for cars to pass by so I can throw rocks at them.”

“What?” Katie asked, surprised by his hostile tone.

“I’m waiting for the bus, idiot.” He said with exasperation, pointing up the road at the school bus in the distance.

“Well fine,” Katie responded, instantly angry, “I was just trying to be nice! I was going to offer you a ride to school, but enjoy the bus ride, douchebag!”

He seemed surprised, and yelled, “Wait!” as she rolled up her window. She ignored him, and pulled out of the driveway as he continued to try to backpedal.

As she drove, she turned up the radio and whipped around the curves that led into town. She was driving faster than normal, but she was angry, so that wasn’t anything new. She drove faster when she was mad. As a result, she got to school well before the bell rang, and was able to make it to her before-school study hall with enough time to finish the homework that she had given up on the night before for lack of focus.

When she walked out of study hall and toward her first class of the day (US History), she saw the new boy walking in the front doors, schedule in hand. She quickly looked away when he looked up, and hurried to her class, her eyes trained on the floor. She took her seat on the far right side of the class, and waited for class to begin. This was her least favorite class. None of her friends were in this class, and the other students that were, were all morons. Katie didn’t struggle with history, and kind of enjoyed it, but this class was more of an insult than an actual class. Even the teacher, Mr. O’Brien hated this class. Mr. O’Brien had once gone off about how much the government influenced what was written in the history books, and how most of it was skewed to make them look good. He had been officially reprimanded and put on probation the next day.

Katie didn’t really care who wrote the history books, she just wanted to get the ‘A’ and get the class over with. She was just settling into a comfortable slouch when new boy plopped himself down in the seat next to her. Katie rolled her eyes, and pretended to be very interested in her textbook.

The bell rang, and Mr. O’Brien started class. Today they were continuing their unit on the US involvement in World War I. Same old stuff. New boy repeatedly attempted to get Katie’s attention, but she was very careful not to make eye contact with him, or even acknowledge that he was there. He finally gave up and took out his notebook to take notes.

Right before the bell rang to dismiss them from class, new boy tore out his sheet, and folded it up. When the bell rang, he placed the folded piece of paper on Katie’s desk and left the room. A little startled by this, Katie left it on her desk as she packed up the rest of her things. As she left the room, she scooped up the note, her curiosity piqued. When she reached her next class (Trigonometry), she sat down and opened up the note. Written in a surprisingly neat script, was the note from new boy:

Hi Katie-

I got your name when the teacher called roll. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry about yesterday, and especially this morning. My dad is in the military, and we are constantly moving. I’m used to being the new kid at school, and being the butt of a lot of jokes. I don’t get along with my dad, and this morning we had another fight, and I was in a terrible mood. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. I get it if you don’t want to talk to me, but I wanted to let you know that I’m sorry.

On another note, I think we should talk. I really downplayed what happened yesterday, but some odd things started happening almost as soon as I walked in the door. I’m probably riding the bus home again today, so if you want to talk about it, you know where to find me.

-Alex (The new kid)

Well that was a surprise. Katie had expected some kind of apology or excuse for this morning’s behavior, but she was surprised at the last part of the note. Had new boy gained the same… what should she call it? Ability? Power? Curse? She decided to go with ability. Had new boy- Alex- gotten the same ability that she had? It seemed impossible, but if anyone had told her that she would one day be able to produce and control a shiny red orb with her mind after she produced it by touching her hands together, she would have laughed in their face. Katie was feeling like her reaction this morning was a little harsh, given Alex’s unfortunate morning events. Maybe she would save him from the bus this afternoon. She would see how she felt after school was over.

The rest of the day seemed to drag. At lunch, Katie’s best friend, Shelby, had talked non-stop about how badly she wanted to move out of her parents’ house, and how she and her boyfriend would move in together. Katie did her best to pay attention, but she was kind of sick of the conversation. They had it at least once a week, and Katie found it hard to relate. Her parents treated her well, they allowed her the freedoms that she wanted for the most part and she hadn’t had a boyfriend in over a year because her last boyfriend, Justin, had turned out to be a complete and total douche. All he wanted to do was make out with her, and within a week of asking her out had tried to get in her pants. Katie wasn’t exactly a goody-two shoes, but she wasn’t easy either.

The rest of her classes went agonizingly slow. She couldn’t believe that she had another year and a half of this. High school couldn’t end soon enough. When the final bell finally rang, Katie was the first one out the door. She couldn’t wait to get out of this place, and she had become excited and curious to talk to Alex. She still wasn’t sure if she liked the guy yet, but she wanted to at least see what happened to him yesterday after the lightning strike.

After a visit to her locker, Katie made a beeline for the busses. She found her bus, and waited for Alex. He sauntered out of the building a few minutes later, completely ignoring everything and everyone around him. He would have walked right by Katie if she hadn’t called out to him.

When he heard his name, Alex looked around, and then his eyes landed on Katie. “Oh. Hi.” He said, thrusting his hands into his pockets.

“Hi.” Katie responded. “I got your note, and I think we should talk.”

He looked up at her with a hopeful look on his face. “Really?”

Katie folded her arms and said, “Yeah. You want a ride home?”

He breathed out a sigh of relief, “Yes, thank you. I had no idea a bus ride could be so long.”

Katie and Alex made cautious small talk as they walked away from the busses and toward the parking lot. Katie learned that Alex really had moved around a lot. He had lived in every coastal US state, plus Japan, Australia, and Costa Rica. This was his second time moving to Oregon, and he was living only two cities over from where his family had been the last time. He was 16, like Katie, and had a perfect 4.0 GPA despite his frequent moves. “How long do you think you’ll be here for?” Katie asked.

“I have no idea. Sometimes it’s a few months, usually I can finish an entire school year in one place, and once or twice we’ve stayed somewhere for over a year. I don’t think even my dad really knows when and where he’ll be relocated.”

Katie couldn’t imagine living with that much instability. She could only imagine what Alex had endured, trying to find new friends over and over, while trying to lead as normal a life as possible. When they got to the car, Katie was opening the door when a familiar voice called out, “That your new boyfriend Katie? He looks like a dip wad to me!” Justin. She should have known that would be coming. Ever since she had dumped him, he had obsessively kept track of any male interaction she had. He had scared off more than one potential boyfriend, but he was all talk.

“Just ignore him,” Katie said, “He’s just bitter because I dumped him last year and despite his promises that I would miss him, I don’t even acknowledge his existence anymore.”

Alex just nodded and got into the passenger seat and shut the door. “Hey!” yelled Justin, “how come you never let me into your car?” Katie scowled, and got into the driver’s seat and slammed the door.

“Worst decision I ever made, was agreeing to date that guy.”

“I don’t know,” said Alex, a hint of humor in his voice, “he seems nice.”

Katie snorted and started the car. “He’s literally the most annoying person I have ever met. Anyway, he’s graduating this year, so I only have to deal with him for another couple of months.”

As they drove away, Alex asked, “Why did you dump him?”

Katie sighed. “Long story short, all he wanted was to hit it and quit it.”

Alex nodded, “Was that hard to figure out?”

Katie looked at him to see if he was being serious. He wasn’t. He was smirking at her and shaking his head. “Nope. But I shut him down pretty quick.”

“Ah, the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ spiel, huh?”

“Heck no, you kidding me? It was definitely him, and I made sure he knew.”

“Really?” asked Alex.

“Yeah. I kicked him as hard as I could in the nuts, and when he bent over and screamed, I helped him the rest of the way to the ground with a knuckle sandwich. Then I told him if he ever touched me again I’d make sure he was sterile before I stopped.”

Alex seemed impressed. “Wow. You’re the first girl I’ve ever met who dumped a stupid boyfriend like that.”

Katie nodded, and there was silence for a few minutes while they drove toward the edge of town. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore, and asked, “So, what happened yesterday?”

Alex fumbled with his hands for a few moments. “This is going to sound weird, but I swear it’s true.”

“Ok.” Replied Katie, tentatively.

“When I walked into my house yesterday, I headed straight for my bedroom. I haven’t finished unpacking yet, but my computer is all set up, so I sat down to look for where the storm was that produced that lightning.” Alex paused, choosing his words. “When I touched my computer… I saw the contents of the hard drive.”

“What?” Katie asked, “What do you mean?”

“I could see all the files, all the processes, all the code, all the programs. I could see what my screen would have looked like if I was looking at each individual thing.”

That was something. Katie didn’t know what to make of that. Alex seemed to be sincere though. “So, you can see into the files of computers?” asked Katie.

“Yeah. And then there was the projection.”


“I uh… think it came from my eyes, but when I realized what was happening, I was wishing I could actually see what was going on, and then there it was, projected onto the wall behind my computer. After looking at it for a while, I realized that it was coming from my eyes. I was projecting what I was seeing in the computer onto the wall, through my eyes.”

Katie was dumbfounded. That was completely unexpected. “If you’re messing with me, Alex-“

“I’m not!” he said quickly, “I’ll prove it to you. Come to my house, and I’ll show you.”

“Ok. But, are you sure that’s ok?”

“What do you mean?

“Like with your parents?”

“Oh, my dad will be at work until late tonight, and my mom passed away a couple years ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Katie said quickly.

“It’s ok. It’s been a few years. I think I’m pretty much back to normal. My dad is still taking it pretty hard, but otherwise, I’m doing ok.”

“Oh. That’s good, I guess?”

“Yeah. So did anything happen to you yesterday?”

Katie nodded, “Yeah! It was so weird. When I got home, I was checking out my lightning wounds, and rubbed my hands together to see if they hurt. When I pulled my hands back apart, there was this red orb between my hands. The further I pulled them apart, the bigger the orb got. Eventually I realized that I could control it with my mind, and make it disappear with my mind too. It sticks to things, and when I tried to squash it back down, it allowed my hands to move through it, but then they were stuck in it. And then last night when I was kind of playing with it, I accidentally let it touch a book, and it stuck to the book. I was so startled, that when I realized what was going on, I lost focus on the orb, and the book dropped to the floor.”

“You’re playing with me,” said Alex in disbelief.

“No, I promise it’s true. I’ll show you when we get to your house.”

When they got to Alex’s house, Alex showed Katie into his bedroom, where they pulled up chairs to Alex’s computer. Without waking it up, Alex laid his hands flat on the top, and concentrated. After a few seconds, his eyes opened wide and a blindingly bright light shone out of them. It took Katie a little while to realize that Alex was projecting an image of what was in the computer on the wall.

“Whoa,” she said, duly impressed.

“Yeah, the crazy thing is that this projection is coming from somewhere in my eyes, but I can see it as if it was being produced by an actual projector.”

Katie stared as Alex quickly opened and closed all of his files, stopping briefly to look at different files, mostly pictures of him and a woman that Katie assumed was his mother. “It’s weird, my computer isn’t nearly powerful enough to go through things this quickly. I think I have access to the information, but as far as the computing and the visuals, I’m pretty sure I’m doing all the rest. I can still remember a lot of the information I’ve looked at after I stop touching the computer.”

“Wow. So you have a hard drive-like memory. That’s pretty cool.” Then a thought occurred to Katie. “Can you project anything when you’re not touching a computer?”

Alex cocked his head to the left, and the screen he was projecting tilted with his head. “Good question.” He raised his hands off of the computer, and the projected screen disappeared. He continued to concentrate, and the light coming from his eyes flickered on and off, displaying garbled information. After a while, he gave up, a light coat of sweat on his forehead. “I’m not sure what the difference is, but it’s harder to project when I’m not touching anything. It’s like something isn’t quite lined up right. It requires a lot more effort than when I’m touching a computer.”

“Huh.” Said Katie, puzzling over everything she had learned in the past half hour. How did a lightning strike cause such abilities? What could possibly have altered them so much, and so instantly that these abilities could have begun so quickly and powerfully? She was also feeling a little sheepish about showing Alex her newfound ability. Compared to his ability, hers seemed like a fun but useless toy.

“Well, let’s see what you can do.” Alex said, spinning his chair around to face Katie.

“Oh, it’s not as cool as that.” She said, now embarrassed.

“Come on, let’s see this orb.”

Katie took a deep breath, and then brought her hands together. As she pulled them apart, the red orb began forming between her hands, touching both of her palms, and growing as she pulled her hands further apart.

“Whoa.” Said Alex in alarm as he scooted his chair back a couple inches. “Is that a force field?”

“Kinda.” Katie said, releasing it from her hands, and making it hover halfway between them.

“Punch it.” She said

Alex looked skeptically at the red, semi-transparent orb, and gave a weak punch at it. The orb stopped his hand from its forward motion abruptly. “Whoa. It feels solid,” Alex said, and then he tried to pull his hand away. “What the heck?” Katie made the orb disappear, and Alex snapped his hand back, cradling it with his other hand. “That was weird! It was warm.” He said.

“Really?” Katie said, a little surprised. “I hadn’t noticed that before.” She clapped her hands together and pulled them apart quickly. The orb formed between her hands, and she tried to pay attention to how it felt. “I can’t feel anything.” She said.

“Weird.” Alex responded, mesmerized by the orb that Katie was still holding in her hands.

“Can you pick things up with it?” He asked.

“Yeah, I think so.” Katie responded. She directed her orb toward her backpack, and slowly lowered it until it touched the loop on top. Then she lifted the backpack up, and brought it to herself. When it was resting at her feet, she let the orb disappear.

Alex was staring, mesmerized by what he had just seen. “That’s awesome! Do you know what we could do with that?”

“We?” asked Katie, suddenly skeptical of him again.

“Well, I mean… yeah. If we worked together, and put our abilities together, we could do all sorts of things!” he said excitedly.

Katie wasn’t completely sure she could trust Alex. She was a little surprised at herself for coming into his house, much less his bedroom. “I’m not sure I want to do anything with it… and I’m not really sure that I trust you yet.” She said.

Alex put his hands up like he was surrendering. “Sorry, I got over excited there. I haven’t had this much of a conversation with someone for a while, and I just kind of assumed we were friends already.”

Katie felt bad for going on the defensive so suddenly, but she didn’t want to get blindsided by some random guy that she knew virtually nothing about. “Tell you what. I think that we can do more with our abilities than we just did. Maybe if we practice more, we can get better at using them. We can practice at my house.”

Alex lit up again, “Yeah, that sounds great. Sorry if I seemed a little too eager.”

“It’s fine. I’m just careful now, after Justin.”

“I get that.” He said empathetically. “So do you want to go practice now, or…?”

“I think that this was enough for one day. But yes, tomorrow, we can hit it hard.”

Alex looked a little sad about that, but said “Ok. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Yeah.” Said Katie as she stood up with her backpack. “Oh, and if you want a ride to school tomorrow, just be outside at the same time you were this morning.”

“I will, thanks.” He said.

“And try not call me an idiot this time.” she said with a smirk, as she left his room.

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Nikki Milliron: 5* loved this book great mixture of romance and suspense and mystery and the writing is amazing it makes you visualize everything going on so impressed now moving on to the second so excited

Kira Stinson: Loving it! Keep up the great work.

Paulette Martin: I've read the Stone Knights at Amazon and love the series. Been wanting something on Tripp. There are some editing issues so far, but thanks for a story on Tripp.

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