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Never...? - A Novel - "...Whom Do the Gods Worship...?"

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Imagine love, the Great Mystery, origins, destinies, fates, & other odd, yet infinite possibilities. Who were the gods? Our story begins with the 2nd coming and goes crazy up from there... A metaphysical, science fiction, and romance novel; a work of experimental fiction exploring religion, spirituality, and human origins, potential, and parallel dimensions. Imagine a journey to discover the wisdom of the great mysteries, the age old questions like: Who were the "gods"? Who are we? Where did we come from? Where did we come from? How did we get here? What are we doing here...? Of course our story begins with the 2nd coming and goes crazy up from there...

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...Each soul is pure, infinite consciousness.

We all come from beyond the stars,

beyond all the realms of density...

Everything we imagine exists

somewhere in the universe on some level

of the physical, etheric, astral, or causal planes,

the realms of density...

One’s darkest imaginings exist on the most dense planes of existence. Conversely one’s light filled imaginings exist on the least dense planes...

One becomes aware of the existence of the energy signature of a specific energy structure when one is in resonance with it, vibrating at a matching harmonic frequency...

...What we call our imagination is one of several ways that we as consciousness pass between parallel dimensions at will...

What we call thought is a subtle structuring of universal life force energy. Thought is the vehicle we use to navigate all parallel dimensions and realms of existence...

The story of the storyteller, no matter how fantastic, exists out there somewhere; as they are tuned into its energy signature, the resonance field of its reality...there are those on the other side of the veil who are willingly helping with the transmission of the story. Every story is spiritual technology. Story is a means of planting a seed in the matrix of human consciousness, the collective psyche of all humanity. The process of receiving and transmitting the story, transceiving the story, is a very sacred thing.”

-Divine Metaphysics

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