Equinox: The return to Earth

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The conclusion

Jason King had been shot in the chest!

It all happened so fast! He had sensed the bullet the moment it left the barrel of the high velocity sniper rifle from the far left side of the stands, sending his mind into overdrive. He had reached out with his mind forcing the bullet to come to a halt but all he managed to do was deflect the bullet enough that it pierced his chest instead of his head.

The force of the impact which felt like he had been punched very hard sent him falling backwards while he felt no pain. Warm blood began to gush out of his wound. Lying on his back he tried desperately to force his hands to apply pressure to the wound and stop the bleeding, but he was fast fading into darkness.

Panic ensued.

There was total chaos as frightened and shocked spectators ran helter-skelter, tripping over chairs and each other in a rush to exit the stadium.

Vince was the first to react, getting up and running the short distance to where Jason lay crumpled in a heap with blood pooling around him. His eyes were closed.

Eve just sat there, frozen from shock.

“EVE!” screamed Vince over the ruckus. EVE! We have to get him to the ship! Quickly!”

Eve snapped out of her shock and rushed to assist Vince.

“He’s losing blood fast. Quickly, help me carry him to the shuttle.”

By then, Eve was joined by the security detail. Together they quickly and carefully carried the semi conscious Jason towards the closest escort shuttle. The pilot already had the engine running and doors open.

“Take off! GO! We have to get him to the ship quickly!” screamed Vince at the pilot. “He’s already lost a lot of blood!”

Vince got out the first aid kit, ripped open Jason’s shirt and applied a bandage to the bleeding wound, keeping it in place with his hands.

“Jason! Stay with me, buddy. Just hold on till we get you to the ship.”

Eve was hysterical, sobbing, holding Jason’s hand, pleading with him not to die.

Jason’s eyes opened as the shuttle took off at maximum speed and raced towards the Equinox B. The pilot had already informed the medical bay to be ready to perform emergency surgery.

“You’re going to be ok,” sobbed Eve, squeezing his hand. We’re almost at the Equinox.

Jason tried to speak, but coughed out blood instead.

“Shhh. Don’t say anything,” she sobbed, squeezing his hand some more.

He ignored her and with the greatest effort he forced the words out while battling to keep himself slipping into the darkness that was engulfing him.

“I’m not going to make it,” he said to Vince and Eve. His lips quivered with the effort as he forced the words out. He coughed some more, choking on his own blood.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore,” he managed to say, trying to smile at Eve. “Thank you, for taking this journey with me.”

His voice was no more than a pained hoarse whisper now. He coughed up more blood and his eyeballs rolled upwards. Vince realised that his friend was slipping away.

“Hurry!” screamed Vince to the pilot. “We’re losing him.”

“Thank you, my friends,” Jason managed to whisper as he exhaled his last breath and went limp, giving in to the darkness.

A few seconds later, the shuttle was on board the Equinox B, but Jason’s heart had stopped beating.

“Nooo!” sobbed Eve. “This can’t be happening, not now!”

She squeezed his hand tighter.

“Wake up, Jason!” she pleaded with him, but he was already beyond responding to her, or anyone else.

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