Equinox: The return to Earth

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How the mighty have fallen

The destruction of the Earth Space Agency’s headquarters only made the United Earth Government more desperate and determined to stave off the invasion, much to Jason’s dismay. He had hoped that his display of force would result in an unconditional surrender, saving lives.

“Captain, I am detecting multiple missile and spacecraft launches all over the planet,” reported Thomas with a hint of concern in his voice.

The same scene was being repeated across every strategic defence site all over the globe. Attack vessels of every size and shape were being scrambled to defend the Earth while more missiles were being launched.

“Attention all captains,” instructed Jason, addressing his fleet, “I want each and every one of those launch sites targeted and destroyed. Fire at will!”

Jason’s fleet began to break off their formation around the Equinox B and headed off to carry out their instructions.

Wave after unending wave of attack craft and nuclear missiles challenged Jason’s fleet, only to be cut down and destroyed, either by the fearsome purple beam of the atomic disruptors or the regenerative shields.

Eventually the missiles and attack craft stopped coming. Earth’s entire defence force had been completely decimated. The loss of life was unprecedented.

“Mr. Wayne!” instructed Jason, “Transfer manual control of the ship to my station.”

“Done!” responded the young engineer enthusiastically.

“Eve,” he said, turning to face the first officer’s station, “It’s time to go home.”

“Home.” he thought to himself as a delicate smile played on his lips, and a distant look crossed his face. “Aren’t they going to be surprised?”

Eve nodded, smiling a nervous, cautious smile instead of her usual sunny one. She noticed the subtle change in Jason’s expression and the distant look in his eyes. The faint, almost malevolent smile playing at the corners of his lips frightened her.

Jason sensed her thoughts but said nothing of it as he manipulated the controls, guiding the massive ship towards the east coast of the African continent, towards Oceanview.

Lower and lower dropped the Equinox B, until she was a mere two kilometres above the ground. Jason was slow and deliberate in navigating the massive ship, wanting to enjoy the panoramic view of the Earth below while striking fear into the hearts of everyone in the path of the gigantic craft.

The few brave pilots who dared to challenge her approach paid with their lives.

Elsewhere across the planet, Jason’s fleet continued to neutralise military targets with extreme prejudice, leaving behind smouldering craters in their wake.

Meanwhile, every television, radio and internet news channel on Earth was inundated with reports of the alien invasion, adding to the panic and pandemonium already being experienced in every corner of the planet. Scenes of destroyed military installations were being broadcast to every television, computer and hand held device.

“I present to you my hometown, Oceanview,” announced Jason triumphantly, with the biggest smile on his face, motioning towards a small seaside town that was now visible on the large screen.

Eve simply nodded while looking at the main viewer. Her usual cheerful demeanour had given way to a look of concern and wonder.

The Equinox B blotted out the sun causing a huge shadow to slowly creep over Oceanview as she approached. Jason reduced their speed to just a few metres per second, gradually coming to a halt directly above the centre of town.

“Mr. Wayne!” instructed Jason, standby to broadcast a transmission on all frequencies.”

“Ready to begin the broadcast,” responded Thomas Wayne immediately.

Meanwhile, on the surface, Ronald and Renetta King where home as usual, glued to the television in their lounge, intently watching the screen. Ronald kept switching between the news channels, hoping to find fresh reports about the huge alien vessel which was said to be heading towards Oceanview.

Renetta became aware of a low frequency vibration which grew louder and louder with every passing second. Both husband and wife stared at each other, open mouthed, as something blocked the sunlight which was streaming into the lounge just a moment ago throwing the house into semi darkness.

“Ronald! Ronald!” exclaimed Renetta, tugging at her husband’s arm. “Look!”

He followed her finger which was pointing out the far window and gasped at the sight of a huge space craft which appeared to be just hovering above the town.

Their shock was quickly interrupted by a high pitched tone which began emanating from the television, coinciding with the arrival of the alien vessel above. No matter which channel Ronald selected, they all displayed a pattern of colour bars with a countdown timer running.

“What does it all mean?” Renetta asked her husband. “I’m really afraid, Ronald.”

Unknown to them, the very same image was being displayed on every television capable of receiving a broadcast all over the world.

On the opposite end of town, Melissa hugged her little daughter tightly as they watched the little bedroom television screen, fearing the worst. She had never been this afraid in all her life.

“Don’t be scared, mummy,” responded the brave little girl. “I’ll protect you from the aliens.”

The sudden high pitched tone and colour pattern on the screen caught the little girl by surprise and she covered her ears with her hands.

Mother and daughter both stared at the screen as the numbers counted down towards zero.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Melissa’s jaw dropped in sheer surprise and a gasp escaped her. She recognised the face on the screen instantly.

“Greetings, people of Earth. I am Jason King, ruler of the planet Carac, returning home to Oceanview. I come in peace, however, any act of aggression towards me or my people will certainly result in your destruction. That is all.”

Jason turned to Wayne as soon as the broadcast had been terminated.

“Wayne, target these co-ordinates which I’ve just indicated on my map.”

Wayne’s fingers quickly traversed the touch screen in front of him. “Done!” he responded, looking at a little broadcast tower which stood at the co-ordinates Jason had supplied.

“The actual base is quite deep underground,” Jason continued, so set the disruptor for maximum penetration of the surface. This one’s for Princess Jasmine.”

Jason caught a disapproving look from Eve as he turned back to face the main view screen. Eve didn’t say anything. She didn’t need to. Jason knew her well enough to know how she felt about what he was doing.

“The disruptor is locked on target,” reported Wayne.


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