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The Bane Of Orzik: Scourge

By dmorse All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action


“Intergalactic travel?! No such thing,” counters Vytika Orzikma’a, chief combat officer and second in command of R.O.S.P. “There is no evidence that M.I.T.E. is capable of intergalactic travel, much less using alien technology to ameliorate their weaponry.” Vytika has been trying to get her good friend Yftan Orziknykk, R.O.S.P.’s last remaining science officer, to remain taciturn regarding theories about M.I.T.E.’s alien reverse engineering program. Yftan is a hard headed scientist, though. “There are tons of evidence!” Yftan exclaims. “We just have to look in the proper places to prove it.” Vytika has simply had enough. She rolls her eyes and scratches her head in frustration. She then settles into her seat at the far end of the war table. The two await a meeting with their commander, Oktorium Orziknum. There seems to be quite the deluge of radio chatter on M.I.T.E.’s communications streams lately and the Commander has decided it would behoove R.O.S.P. to ascertain the reason.

Orzikian Time and Measurement Translations

How to read Orzikian time

Orzikian time is somewhat similar to earth time in its structure. It is split into equivalents of years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. However, there is no Orzikian equivalent to months. All time is based on “days” or Rotational Cycles (RC). Below is a breakdown of the Orzikian time and their earth equivalents:

Rotational Tick:

A Rotational Tick (RT) is approximately equal to 1.2 Earth seconds.

Rotational Notch:

A Rotational Notch (RN) is equal to 96 Earth Seconds, or 80 Orzikian Rotational Ticks. It is used in the same manner as minutes are used to mark time.

Rotational Fragment:

A Rotational Fragment (RF) is equal to 128 Earth Minutes, or 80 Orzikian Rotational Notches. It is used in the same manner as hours are used to mark time.

Rotational Cycle:

A rotational Cycle is equivalent to 85.33 Earth Hours, or 40 Rotational Fragments. It is used in the same manner as days are used to mark time.

Orbital Cycle:

An Orbital Cycle is equivalent to 6.7 Earth years, or 685 Orzikian Rotational Cycles. It is used in the same manner as years are used to mark time.

On Orzik, time is written as below:

[RF 1840 RN][RC 655][OC 3749]

Understood as 18 Rotational Fragments, 40 Rotational Notches (similar to writing earth time, for example “5:30”); Rotational Cycle 655 (this is the 655th “day” in this Orbital Cycle); Orbital Cycle 3749. Recording time began on Orzik 3,749 Orbital Cycles ago. Prior to that, the ancient peoples of Orzik only recorded events.

How to read Orzikian Measurements

Orzikian measurements are extremely similar to the Earth Metric System. However, the longer distances are about 1.5 times the length of a meter/kilometer.

An Orzikian ciclyk (cc) is approximately the size of one Earth Millimeter

A hi-ciclyk is 1 ½ Earth meters

A lo-ciclyk is 1,500 Earth meters

General timeline of the Tragic War

The Tragic War spans the course of one hundred Orbital Cycles of Orzikian history. If calculated to Earth time, it would be equivalent to 670 years. The Tragic War is broken down into four eras. These are represented below:

Time spanned - [RC 356][OC 3645] ~ [RC 10][OC 3749]

[OC 3645] - [OC 3670] = Bla’zorzik Era

[OC 3671] - [OC 3696] = Retaliatory Era

[OC 3697] - [OC 3722] = Fragmented Era

[OC 3723] - [OC 3749] = Tyranorzik Era

In the post Tragic War years, the remnants of the Republic of Orzik began the Age of Rebellion.

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