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fictional story about the secrets, hidden in our world, that only a few people know about.

Scifi / Mystery
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Chapter 1: Never again

I have many secrets, hidden in the depth of my eyes. Some are embarrassing, others are sad. Most of them are just things not worth revealing; but this one is. If you read this, maybe you can make the change in a world I was too weak to save. I could not save a soul, but maybe you can. Here is the story of a life the I have been pushed to live. I’ll never forget that one thing in my past, the secret that I’ve been told must never be known: the inter-species camps.

Those camps… they’re not even what you’d call camps. They are abandoned places all over the world that no one knows or cares about, that people like me live in secretly by groups with creatures we call Agmares.

The Agmares are our friends, but they are not human. They used to only know how to communicate by telepathy with us, but they now know how to talk. Most humans don’t know about them.

We are only a few thousands worldwide to have been chosen as their protectors. Taking care of those creatures is hard sometimes, but it’s always worth it. There is something about them, in their amazingly huge dark eyes that is full of a love so intense that it makes anything worth it to make the light inside of them show.

The Agmares have huge heads on small blue-grey bodies, which makes them look vulnerable, yet there is something pride like, buried inside of them. We all wish we knew all the secrets of this strange race, but there is so much about them that will never be said to anyone.

Stories say the first person to have seen one was just a regular guy. He was simply walking across a beach, alone. It was a peaceful day and he sat down near the water when the most unexpected thing happened.

Someone, or rather something, grabbed his leg. He stepped back, fearful and kicked the thing until it let him go, but he was too intrigued to run away. He looked at the weird animal or object that had touched his leg. It was a small part or a creature trying to get out of it’s liquid prison that was the sea. The boy saw something in this creature, desperately trying to get out of the water: it looked powerless, pathetic, very scared, but also friendly. He took pity of the creature and helped it out of the water.

We don’t know why or how the sea creature was born, but there were plenty of others that came with him. They didn’t know how to talk yet, but they could enter minds and by this, send messages. The most important message, that everybody like me knows is that we must never tell anyone about their existence. Even though they never told us why they must stay a secret, we trusted them.

We knew there was darkness in their past and were probably hiding from something, but they never told us what. Anyway, the boy who found those creatures first hid them in the woods, but there were thousands and thousands of them, more climbing out of the water every day and the forest was small… The Boy came to a resolution: he had to tell someone else the secret, so that this person could take some somewhere else.

To be sure the secret wouldn’t be spoken, the boy made this seem like a religion and made sure his followers must be faithful and obey they rule: never tell anyone or show anyone a creature if they’re not part of our religion. Like all religions, in ours, you have to prove your faith before having proof what you believe in exists. The secret organization grew bigger and bigger, until they had an army to defend them against the ones that would break the rule and want to harm them. Also, we have a leader, he’s the reason I got into all this, he’s… my father.

Even though he is the ruler, I didn’t join the same camp as he did. Ours was more fun. The Agmares have the same concept of amusement as we do, so we get on really well. They grow up, grow old as we do and somehow, even though we consider them as our friends, there’s always something more than friendship between us, like we are all connected. We always feel, when we’re close to them, like the peace in their eyes is thanks to us, that no matter what, they are safe thanks to our help and seeing them smile is priceless. Seeing a smile on a face of someone that never thought could smile again, that’s just the most beautiful thing in the world…

I personally never had to prove my loyalty, my faith. If I was born in an other family, I never would have wanted to. Don’t get me wrong, I love my relatives, nevertheless, I simply cannot help but to feel like no one would have died if it wasn’t for me.

They are so special, like best friends. but I still I felt, somehow, like… it wasn’t enough. All that happiness, it couldn’t just stop there, I needed more, I needed to share with all my human friends. They didn’t want to change religions and yes, in this way of seeing things, I did break our first rule, sharing this with my friends was the greatest part of my life. I was happy and I thought happiness was all that mattered… But then, they knew.

One day, we were all together having fun in an old abandoned factory, when their army arrived. At first, we tried hiding, but they found us. I will never forget the color of this factory: it was red, but even redder once the blood of all my friends was spread all over it. They were all slaughtered for my sin… My human friends, my Agmares friends… all but me.

I watched them all get slaughtered, then they took care of me: they used their claws to mark my chest with those two words : « Never again ». They left and I was all alone. Every time I close my eyes, all I can see is the blood of the ones I loved murdered for me.

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