Book 8: Batresh, Matriarch of Salsu

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Her mission at Earth, come to a close, Batresh travels to a land of which she has no memory, a world she had only read about, Mussara, the Tayamni home world on which she had been born.

Scifi / Fantasy
Teresa McLaughlin
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Prologue: An Alien World

Her memories, her experiences, most of her life had been at Terra. She had traveled through time from her childhood home on the ancient Nile to the race riots of the mid-20th century, to Human membership in a Galactic Alliance in the 21st. She witnessed the evolution of societies from money based, capitalistic systems, to those where automation rendered money useless. She saw human cultures progress from Matriarchy, to Patriarchy, back to Matriarchy again.

Her character, her responses, all that she was, had been formed from the investments her own people made in the human mission. She had seen war, peace, alien invasion, self-destruction, and selfless rehabilitation. She experienced all these things, but she had never been home. She had never been to Mussara, never been to Esharra, the Tayamni capital city in which her Ka came into being.

But, this morning, she stood at an open window, looking out onto an alien city-scape. Buildings made of glistening metals, impossibly complex modular shapes, and island structures on which clusters of towers rested, all floated against a blue sky. White wispy clouds stretched across an azure firmament. Below, trees bearing spherical pods and twisted limbs swayed in a warm breeze. This was home. This strange alien skyscape was a floating city, the city of Esharra.

She rose from the wetet, or as the Greeks would have called it, her sarcophagus, the egg, as a new woman. The technology within the wetet used her vibration, the Anahata, to create her body from raw materials when she was an infant. Now, the same technology was used to remove all traces of human DNA. She looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize herself. She was taller, thinner and blonde. Her pale eyes almost transparent. As a human might look upon an alien creature, she looked at her reflection in the mirror that morning.

She sat at a console and touched hieroglyphic shapes. A floating image of an orange gas planet with a blue orbiting moon materialized above the controls. The moon was the world on which she now sat contemplating the next part of her life.

Her people were no longer needed at Earth. Ambassadors and diplomats would remain. Teachers and scientists would help humans terraform planets and moons in the Terran system. But, people like her were not needed anymore. She would travel to a new system on the other side of the galaxy.

For the next few thousand years, her home would be Salsu. Candidate species had been chosen. She, Amun and three others would travel to this new, blue world and begin the process of splicing Tayamni DNA with that of an indigenous species.

In time, a new species would emerge. She and her compatriots would establish cultures and teach agriculture, writing, and a reverence for the First Ones, those who came to Kaspum to create life and promote the force of LOVE throughout the Multiverse.

For a new world and a new species, she and a small group of Tayamni would become the First Ones.

A new civilization would be born.

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