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Chapter 2

Pas enters the room and calmly picks up the object he just threw. After looking around, he turns towards me and waves it at me.

“You’re probably wondering what this is--”

“I actually am,” I immediately cut him off as I tap my feet on the ground to send out a pulse in an effort to detect anyone close by. “Someone makes those for you, huh?”

“Yes,” he grins. “These Orbs really helped the Conscript in all sorts of operations.”

“And only someone who’s a real genius in tech would’ve been able to make those...” I remark.

“That is also true,” he mutters as he proceeds further in and climbs a ladder on the corner of the room which leads to another higher balcony. “But his identity’s supposed to be confidential.”

“Understandable,” I say as I quickly open the door for him. A device of sorts then lie in wait ahead of us, and I immediately ask him about it. “Do you...know what that is?”

“It’s a bit too dark, but we can check it out, of course.”

I slowly walk towards it and examine the structure while keeping my focus on the three vehicles that have entered my detection range. I do mention this to him first though.

“Most likely the targets,” he says while attaching a small, rectangular object on the device.

“What’s that?” I blurt out due to my curiosity.

“Something to tag and scan the device. Might help us replicate it if ever,” he continues to calibrate it as his tone dies down. “--whatever this thing is...”

Suddenly, my phone vibrates... Finally! A call from Mell. I’m glad I unconsciously put it on silent mode as we went out--


“Hey,” a voice far off from Mell’s greets. “Do you know where Mell is?”

“That’s... actually what I’m trying to know,” I reply. “Who is this?”

“Grace, her roommate,” she says. We have afternoon classes later-- plus, she left her phone here in her room so...”

Wait-- afternoon classes? I take a quick look at the sky, which is literally just around us being up a tower this high. And, no-- there are no rainbows and sunshine afternoon classes here.

“Do you... mind explaining just why it’s nighttime right now...?” I slowly look at Pas and he’s already fidgeting, acting all weird.

His eyes immediately glow red as they glare into me. “You’ve become aware now... They must’ve put something in your phone to have it breach the barrier’s effects.”

Barrier... Looks like I’m trapped in an illusory one of sorts... I guess the only way out would be to trash this place. I immediately keep my phone and step back as fake Pas lunges towards me. With one swipe of my finger, he’s already locked in. “It’s no good to keep you alive right now, Sefrite,” the voice says as it instantly takes on a demonic tone.

“Well then, check me out now.”

I raise my palm in the air and immediately take control of the barrier. They took quite the gamble in using something like this against me... But, I guess they also know about the fact that I don’t have actual combat experience. It contracts, and hastens to as my control towards it increases. Also, it gets a little brighter as it happens. This is probably some sort of light at the end of the tunnel... right?

Fake Pas fades to dust and the space I locked around him is freed, but shadowy figures quickly close in on my location... This stance I took is too showy after all...

I focus compression of space around my right fist and swing onto the contraption beside me-- nuts and bolts flinging off in the direction I took. The barrier disappears along with it, but the three shadowy figures reveal themselves to be hooded people charging in, close enough to grab my neck and put me down. With another swipe of my finger, however, they’re immediately repelled and, using compression, I push them down-- their faces caving into the ground. I then telekinetically lift up the one guy in front of me and take off his hood. “Mind telling me what’s your business with Cetriel?”

He tries to look me in the eye, but he’s obviously about to wet his pants. “D-Don’t get cocky, Sefrite...”

I try to ignore his statement by taking a look around... This seems to be an underground cavern of some sort. And to think that they managed to install such technology here. It’s obvious that this took quite the while. Techval currents flow through the Channels that seem to spire in and out of here.

“Sefrite... I wonder what that is...” I mumble with enough volume for him to hear it. ”Shall I tear you open slowly before you can tell me, or will you be fast enough before I even try?" Despite my lack of experience...they probably didn’t know about the fact that I had some bloodlust under my sleeve.

“P-Please don't...” he mutters under his breath.

“Nice clothes. Which organization are you a part of? Speak.”

“T-The Conscript... The Conscript is behind all this, so please,” he stutters and a feminine voice from one of the two on the ground calls out. “S-Spare us... we were only under orders...!”

“Mighty words coming from someone who dared to gang up on me and even copy my friend... Speaking of which-- would you mind telling me about how you did so?”

“T-T-The barrier! I-It was all in the thing you destroyed-- it was programmed!”

“Now... mind telling me who did so?”

“That’s... we don’t know. W-We’re telling the truth...”

This is bullcrap. Not seeing Mell, nor hearing anything from my friends is making me feel so lonely...

...and so irritable.

“Does any of you two really not know?” I glance towards his friends. And I’m willing to make sure if they are friends.

“Long hair, huh...” I whisper in front of me where the guy held up in the air is. “You guys had quite the killing intent earlier... Do you mind if I return the favor?”

“N-No, please...!” He tries to shout, but it’s gonna take more than that under all that force. “We don’t want to die...”

“Should’ve thought of that before you rushed in on me.”

I specifically momentarily cut off connection from the space in their lungs, effectively incapacitating them. Though my temper rose quite a bit, I don’t really have time to kill right now. Adding onto that is the utter lack of information... I better find Pas and Mell, fast.

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