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Chapter 3

Pas Nelyrnyafol. His surname seems pretty fancy, if one were to hear it at first. And it is, based on its origins. It’s just too bad that it came from a dead language, and even he doesn’t really know what it means. However, he does show determination in finding out more about it. He’s been my best friend since childhood, along with a few others... But he’s been of closest distance. That, I’ll forever appreciate. And I’m also dead set on helping him find out more about his origins-- his family, even.

Now, if there ever was a location which he and I only know of...

That one place just outside of the city...the chapel. With that said, getting there is simple now that I don’t really have any burdens with me. It takes only three seconds for my teleportation to drop me off to an abandoned stone ruin. The roofing’s dilapidated, but the fencing around and the usual old tree with flowers blooming beside it give it a welcoming facade. It’s still a bit too bright into the daylight... I don’t think Pas is here yet. Besides being able to tell with my detection skill, it doesn’t seem like it’s the right time for me to enter the place. Time... I wonder where she is...?

And at that time, on the other side of the city...

They’re still hot on my tail, even with my timewinding... This isn’t fair! But I have to calm down. They probably have a tracking device of sorts...

...is there anything on me right now which would give away my location?

Just as the thought comes to mind, my phone buzzes from my right pocket. This is the only thing they’d be able to track from me! With that in mind, I just had to freeze time and go rush to put it somewhere safe enough. Somewhere they wouldn’t dare to touch me... The university! They wouldn’t have the guts to do so in the heat of noon. I sure hope he got my message...

She would’ve been able to go around the whole city by now-- oh, wait. Guess not. Using these powers can be pretty tiring if done for a really long time...

Oh! I wonder if I can just teleport to the highest point in the city and scan the whole place? Then again, it’d be a waste if it doesn’t work. But what’s there to lose? The highest point would be...the place I was at inside the barrier from earlier. But this time, it’ll be the real deal. It’s gotta be safer now. Carefully putting the rendezvous in mind, I immediately warp to a well-lit version of the room from earlier. The balcony is just outside and I go towards it with a carefree pace. There’s not much here if I were to exclude the bustling atmosphere just below me. I wonder where the others are as well...

Time stop after time stop, I finally have the tower in view. I immediately notice the faint light of Cetriel’s teleportation, and carefully climb from the side. I guess I’ll be able to climb it as usual, amplifying my own speed instead of slowing down time itself. The dust from the bricks are visible in slow motion since I have enough speed to cause them to shake one by one. And I guess it’s alright since I’m not gonna take the structure down any time soon...

As I approach the railings and successfully vault over, I halt my powers and time starts to move normally again. Cetriel looks to my direction and hurries over.

“Mell!” He dashes and embraces me in a rush, forcing me to move back a few inches.

“Hey, what’s gotten you so worried?” I pat him twice on both shoulders before finally looking at his expression.

“Don’t give me that,” he pushes me back and looks me in the eye. “You look pretty worn out. I can tell.”

Damn. I can’t hide much from him. This is Cetriel in front of me right now, after all.

“Were you being chased?”

“Yeah,” I bluntly utter.

He gives off a sigh before turning towards the distance while trying to get the phone from his pocket.“For what reason?”

"No idea," I say while also looking in the direction of his focus. "They don't seem to be bothering other people, nor are they involving--"

"They might be hunting us," he cuts me off. He simply takes a look at his phone before finally putting it back.

"Excuse me?" I ask. "Why would they even--"

"No idea either," he glares at me, eyes filled with determination. "But one thing's for sure: we gotta find answers. I have to find Pas."

"What does he know?"

"He's a power user as well."

"Right under our noses?"

"We never asked."

He proceeds to grab my hand and teleport us to an abandoned chapel in the middle of a pasture just outside of the city.

"This is..."

"Where he and I met. Now, since you're here, I need you to speed up time till the evening."

"Then," I bite my lip while maintaining my stare towards him. "Don't let go."

"I wouldn't dare," he replies, also locking onto mine. "Do it."

This partnership is certainly overpowered... But we never really knew about our abilities until they manifested sometime three years ago. Up till then, he and I have already been dating...

With that in mind, I can only think of this moment with him as something that fate surely planned for. And for whatever reason, I pray that it doesn't take me away from him forever.

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