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Chapter 4

Where time is of its own accord... That is the plane which I currently reside in. Everyone, everything... in eternal refrain. The cityscape lies in chronic void, and the sky has already finished taking on a gray hue. Not a single person here is aware of what’s happening, and the convenience to be found is that their plans have no way to continue. The silence has already long been uncomfortable-- the only thing to hear are my footsteps and my breathing. Speaking out loud only proves meaningless with no one to hear... with no one to reply besides myself...


What have we gotten ourselves into?

Three days ago.

That was the last moment we had on the tower, and everything slowly fell into discord after that.

“Cet?” I look at him and he still has his eyes closed.


“It’s already evening,” I say, thinking that its adorable how he always closes his eyes whenever I use my powers with him.

He finally opens them and looks around. “Oh. My bad.” He chuckles while fixing his hair and finally looks at me. Somehow, that made my heart skip a beat. It feels as if it’s been a while ever since--

“Something wrong?”

Crap, he noticed me.

“Nope... Go look for Pas,” I say all in hopes of him overlooking this.

“On it.”

Even without the necessity of tapping a surface, Cetriel can actually generate the spatial waves he uses in detection with his mind. That’s a secret only I know, and something he often does when we’re together, for some reason.

“He’s down there.”

“Let’s go then.”

“There’s a problem.” He gives off a sigh. “Someone else is too.”

While clenching my hand again, he teleports the two of us just a few meters away from the targets.

“Pas.” He calls out.

“Yeah, it’s the real me this time.”

Cetriel looks toward the figure beside him. “Tell me, what does the Conscript have to do with all of this?”

“The answers are yet to be found, Cet,” he reaches out his hand towards him. “However, I’ll be needing your help.”

Cetriel’s aura freezes over and he goes into a deafening silence. Having to watch sickens me, and I get the urge to give him a pat on the shoulder-- make him get back into the fray of things.

“You okay?” I lightly hit him.

He closes his eyes while he shakes his head. “Yeah. I’ll be fine.” He then looks at Pas in the eye. “I’ll fulfill our promise.”

“Good,” he mutters and finally smiles, lightening the mood. “Because right here beside me is someone who can help us with that.”

“Is that so...?” He moves in closer to the two, and tries to see how the guy looks like. He seems to be in his eighties, but there’s an obvious vigor being emitted from his skin. Who is this guy?

“He’s asleep,” Pas whispers, trying hard to lower his voice. “But I felt him about to wake up just now.”

“That a good thing?” I ask, finally managing to build up the confidence to butt in the two of them.

“Probably. I trust him enough though. He’s the one who helped me control my powers.”

“I never knew anything about this,” Cetriel pouts.

“Sorry I didn’t have the time to tell you. But yes, I did have trouble with control since my powers have an affinity with dark elements.”

There’s still a feeling of unrest that remained though everything is seemingly fine.

The man finally opens his eyes. “So these are your friends, Alen’wa?”


Alen’wa? Is that--

“--from the dead language?” Cet calls out, immediately completing my thought.

“It is. Apparently, there’s more to these powers than what we know so far...”

We proceeded to follow the two deeper into the cavern. The place looks very mysterious-- fantastic enough with the glowing mushrooms on the walls, and the vast field of stalagmites lying in view, creating a backdrop of epic proportions. It seems to stretch out till forever...

“Pas?” I pat him on the shoulder. “Just how much do you know?”

“It’s the sort that you’ll get to know soon,” he whispers. “He’ll tell you everything soon enough.”

“Does this one wish to know the mysteries of the powers you hold?”

“Yes. And for whatever reasons that we have gain possession of them.”

He seems to be too eager to help us in this mess. Why is that? Then again, I might just be having a hard time developing trust in everyone else right now. Given that we’re being hunted right now...

After a few more steps, the man reaches his right arm out.

"We've arrived."

A magic circle appears in front of his palm, and an array of stone pillars surrounds us.

"The entire truth cannot be revealed for now. There isn't much time," he says as he puts his hand down and more magical holographic images appear beside him. "You must find the first answer within yourselves first."

Rings of energy then surrounded me and Mell. It seems to amplify my powers... but at the same time, it's binding me.

"C-Cet? This doesn't feel so great--"

She's right. I do feel more powerful, but I can't seem to control my powers...

"Cetriel," Pas calls me out. "You'll have to go through the same thing I did."

"Which is...?" I ask.

"No, Alen'wa. What they'll go through will be more than what you did. Even after this," the man immediately retorts. "They have been chosen for a higher role than what you have."

Pas then looks at the both of us with strong feelings of belief.

"So it must be. Do your best, guys."

But what is all of this? What's happening?

"Master yourselves, and then the rest will come."

A blinding light covers the entire room, then followed by darkness. Immense darkness to which I am paralyzed.

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