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Their Little Human Book 3: Demon

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War is on the horizon. Raven and the guys are gathered all in one place. Their relationship is stretched to its breaking point. If she can’t have them all, then it will be no one. A decree that sends everyone to plot for their own benefit. Revenge lingers in the air. Raven’s ambitions threaten to tear the world apart. New alliances will be foraged, and betrayals loom in the distance. After the dust has settled, who will be left standing? Will their love survive the devastation?

Scifi / Romance
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Chapter 1


“Long live the King,” a man yelled.


The crowd chanted.

Raven and Soi stared at each other. She squeezed her eyes tight to fight back tears. To fight back the stinging pain of betrayal. His warm hand cupped her cheek and tilted her face up.

“Look at me,” Soi-Ji said.

The crowd almost drowned out his voice. Raven’s eyes slowly opened. He had a soft expression that made her blood boil.

“It’s not exactly what you wanted, but the most important part was done.”

“It’s not what we agreed on,” Raven said.

“None of us agreed on anything. You dictated and demanded,” Soi-Ji said.

“How is it any different from how the four of you have done in the past,” she pressed.

“We’ll discuss this later,” he said.

“I’ve said everything I needed,” Raven said.

She pulled his hand away.

“I’m going to check on the twins,” she said.

As she tried to descend the stairs, Soi-Ji grabbed her hand. His expression hardened, and his grip tightened. Fear rolled off of him like droplets on a glass.

“When I leave you, I won’t disappear in the night like a thief. I will tell you to your face, then walk through the front gate with our children,” Raven said.

“Am I dead in that fantasy? Cause that’s the only way that will happen,” Soi-Ji said.

“You’re already dead to me. Killing you wouldn’t make a difference,” Raven said.

His eyes went wide as he let her hand go. She did a small curtsy.

“Long live the King.”

She could feel his eyes on her as she left. Raven glanced out to the crowd. Arenk, Dhol, and Laro were just as somber.

“I need a few teams to help with clean up and a few to sweep the city to ensure there are no stragglers. Be on the lookout. There are beasts and experimental soldiers on the loose. Capture alive if you can,” Soi-Ji said. “We’ll celebrate after the work is done.”

Zolix held the door but fell into step with her and a few guards. She stopped and bore into his eyes.

“What,” she said.

“Ten is in the medic bay, and those things are still running around. We’re here to protect you. The King wants you to—”

“I’m going to check on my children,” Raven said.

“With everything that’s happened, you should get checked out. You’re not in control of your—abilities right now. I’ll send someone up, and you can do a video call with them,” Zolix whispered.

Raven’s body swirled between fire and ice. She didn’t want to hurt them. Her head began to feel light, and blood dripped down her hand. It was turning into an inky color. Raven’s body swayed slightly, and Zolix placed pressure on her arm.

“You lost a lot of blood and expended a lot of energy. You’re carrying another that you must care for,” Zolix said with concern.

Raven snatched her arm, almost pulling him. She went to the elevator, and her fingers froze over the buttons. Everything was crashing and closing in around her.

“I just want to see them with my own eyes. I won’t touch them. Then we can go and see the doctor. Press the button,” Raven said.

Zolix and the others hopped on. The thing was too slow for her taste. As she entered the suite, Caly and Nor came rushing out. Caly’s expression went from shock then to relief. She called for her guards.

“They’re sleeping. Did you want us to move them,” a guard said.

“Universe, no. It took an eternity to get them to sleep,” Caly said.

“I’ll just peek in on them and be on my way,” Raven said, going through the balcony.

Caly-Ji was hot on her trail. The room was dark, but she could see them clearly. Their little bodies shifted around with tiny smiles on their faces. Her heart warmed as she smiled, leaning on the door frame.

“What happened to you,” Caly whispered.

“Tori. Can you look after them for a while longer until I return,” Raven said.

“Of course, you’re bleeding all over the place. At least you managed to hold on to your gift,” Caly said.

Raven chuckled and tapped her holsters, “Wouldn’t dream of losing them.”

“What now,” Caly asked.

“I fulfill my promises to everyone, find Luka, then the twins and I are leaving,” Raven said.

Caly’s scent spiked, and she frowned.

“Soi is leaving?”

“No, just me and the twins—and this one,” Raven said, touching her belly.

She wanted Luka too, but knew Arenk wouldn’t go for it. Raven would ask all the same when the time came and hope for the best. Could she leave Luka behind? The thought alone sent a sharp pain to her heart.

“Soi knows it, and he hasn’t shown ill will. I don’t understand,” she said.

“You do. He lied and betrayed me for the last time, Caly,” Raven said.

“Do you have any idea of the pain he was in when you all left last time,” Caly said.

“I gave him—all of them a choice, and Soi chose to be selfish again,” Raven said.

“What happened to all the grand ideas and future ventures to fix everything here,” Caly said.

“That was shot to hell when I killed half the council, all the human leaders, and their families,” Raven said.

Something she would have to come to terms with if she remembered in the morning. Would she remember what Soi-Ji did? Raven went into the kids’ room and found a tablet. She started to jot everything down. It cracked a bit in her hand, and she groaned.

“It’s not. With your new achievement, people will listen to you. Power is everything here. You know that,” Caly said.

“What about what I want? My happiness,” Raven said.

“Who said you couldn’t get that as well,” Caly smiled.

“What I want could throw everything into chaos,” Raven said.

“More chaos than having the palace and city attacked,” Caly said.

“Yes, it will change the very foundation of this nation,” Raven said.

“Sometimes change is exactly what is needed,” Caly said.

Raven’s back grazed the cool glass. The breeze blew over her hot body. She handed the tablet to Caly, but she was too focused on Raven.

“I’m—tired. Of war, lies, and politics. I just want to watch my kids run and play. Drive me crazy. I wanted to do that with them,” Raven said.

“Well, we both know Soi or the others won’t let you out of their sight. Zolix is with you for a reason,” Caly said.

Raven knew it as well. Being honest never worked out for her. She should just leave. When the thought crossed her mind, Raven knew she would eventually break down and call them. Laro wouldn’t say anything, but he would track them down. Arenk, Dhol, and Soi would unite just to drag her and the kids back.

Everyone took from her. No one cared about what she wanted.

So, she had to take it—her happiness.

Raven came too far and lost too much to just roll over for them, Tori, or anyone. Ten agreed to support her plans if she stuck to recovery. But her plans always ended in blood, and Ten would have to do the heavy lifting. Guilt washed over her as the plan started to come together in her mind. Soi-Ji might hate her for it. Arenk, Dhol, and Laro might resent her.

“If Soi-Ji asks whose idea this—”

“It was all mine. Tell me what you need,” Caly said.

“This will end badly for everyone involved if we fail,” Raven said.

“You’re not the only female fed up. There are more of us with the same wishes. Queens, military mates, politician mates, scientists—name it. We are at your disposal,” Caly said.

“You’ve been busy.”

“I need to earn my worth if I hope you will uphold your promise. I wasn’t much help with this, but I have friends in high places I want you to meet,” Caly said.

Selfish goals. Something Raven understood, and it was easy to deal with. As long as Raven had what Caly wanted, she didn’t have to fear betrayal. She could anticipate a betrayal.

“How soon,” Raven said.

“When do you want to go,” Caly asked.

“Are you ready to go to the medic bay now,” Zolix called out.

“We’ll talk more tomorrow. Give this tablet to me then,” Raven said, leaving.


The men were in high spirits as they left the throne room. Only three remained behind. Soi descended the stairs hoping his unbridled anger would fade by the time he reached them. Rize wasn’t happy with his decision, but the traitors were alive and gained notoriety and riches. Soi would pick a fitting and fertile mate for them. It was more than what they deserved or would’ve gotten in their lifetimes. In time, she would get over it.

You’re already dead to me.

That one statement was a dagger to the heart, but he pushed it back. She was just angry cause she didn’t get exactly what she wanted. They will speak later, mate, and things will slowly return to normal. The four of them stood there in a silent fight—glaring, scents encapsulating their small area as the last few stragglers left.

Laro stepped to the center of their circle as the door closed behind the last person. He shook his head and then buried his hands into his pockets.

“What’s the real plan? Sending us to the mines? Waiting until you nail us for a trumped-up charge and to midnight? Or are we going to discuss how this would work between us?

“Are you deaf as well as a degenerate? It’s as I said. Take it or die,” Soi said.

Laro chuckled, “You both owe me three hundred credits. He cowered at the end.”

“Think what you want. You’re only alive thanks to her,” Soi said.

“Not from lack of trying. You just couldn’t get the job done,” Arenk said.

“There’s still time to get it right,” Soi-Ji said.

“Then you would have to deal with Raven, and you’ll never have her. You still won’t. You’re just too stupid to see it,” Laro said.

Soi stepped closer, “Would you like to be in a chair as well?”

Dhol pulled out a notebook and began scribbling down something.

“Broken and useless. Every one of you. I don’t know why she still entertains you all. I couldn’t kill you all, but none of you could protect her or my younglings. What good are any of you,” Soi said.

Dhol passed the notebook to Arenk, who read it with a disgusted face.

“I’m willing to try. We all should, or we will lose her. Or worse, she’ll make it happen.”

The three of their expressions changed—a grave aura filled the room. Soi-Ji scoffed. Rize-Ji led them around by the balls. She had them whipped and fearful.

“My mate doesn’t control me. I’m not afraid of her true nature, and she’ll fall in line as she always has,” Soi said.

“Raven only does what she wants. Believing anything different will end with you dead,” Arenk said.

Soi-Ji’s heart dropped. Did she mean what she said?

“Or tied to her bed,” Laro chuckled.

That part was true. He had found himself in that position more times than he cared to admit. Being gentle with her was always the cause. She wanted him ruthless, relentless—to take what he wanted. Like her vows, she loved it when he burned everything down—including her.

Dhol passed up the booklet again, and Arenk read.

“Reconsider. I won’t let her go or remate.”

“What of your other two mates? I know they must be missing you. Focus your attention on them then,” Soi said.

Dhol reached over Arenk’s shoulder and wrote something that made Arenk’s head snap back.

“When? You’ve never said anything about this?”

Laro snatched the paper, and as his eyes scanned it, his brows pulled together. He shoved the crumpled mess into Soi-Ji’s chest. Soi shook it out and read the immaculate lettering.

They died. Donikca died in the first wave and Zahli in the fourth. Our younglings were stillborn. I will not let Raven go. If it’s my youngling she’s carrying, if you deny me the chance to be a father and mate. I will kill you.

Soi’s heart couldn’t help but go out to him. He had lost younglings in the same way, but he wouldn’t give Rize up without a fight. She gave him three joys he never thought were possible—herself and their younglings. Soi-Ji folded the paper and pushed past Laro and Arenk. He returned the slip to Dhol, who took it and placed it in his pocket. Names were sacred, even on paper.

“I’m sorry for what you lost. Rize-Ji, Ro-Ji, Kai-Ji, and the one growing within her are mine,” Soi-Ji said.

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