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The Aliens' Juno (Queen Of Heaven) Reverse Harem

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After what she expected to be a pain filled dentist visit, Juno is shocked to discover that her dentist is actually an alien from a far away planet that has been searching for HER! Insisting she is their intended Queen of Heaven, Juno goes along with the aliens, discovering she has a group of intended mates, and a planet she is now expected to rule. 18+!!

Scifi / Romance
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Dentist Visit

Juno was sweating more than normal, the thought of having to go the dentist soon almost giving her a panic attack.

She had never really gone, except for as a very young child. Though it was usually a doctor that showed up at the state-run facility that she had grown up in that conducted them, and he was handsy and ineffective from what Juno could remember.

The pounding in her upper right molar stabbed pain into her head, reminding her why she was going in the first place. She was disappointed, as she was meticulous with her 3 times a day tooth care routine and was sad that even with that, she still seemed to have some kind of infection, the pain becoming more unbearable by the minute. So bad, in fact, that it was causing her ears to ring from the pain, and Juno raced a little faster to the first dentist her computer had pulled up.

They had high ratings and were very insistent that she come in right away with her ears ringing from the pain. After she had said her name, they had been extra insistent for some reason that she come in, and that it would be the best price in town. She knew she had no other choice and held her face as she walked inside the smaller than imagined office. The second she walked into the office, a smell that was like cedar wood, yet slightly different, hit her nostrils and made her slightly woozy for a moment. She stood still, breathing in the enticing smell, trying to gain back her senses before walking to the tiny desk.

A small man stood and bowed to Juno, making her blush as he spoke to her in a light, airy tone.

“Welcome. I am Tem, what an honor to meet you.”

He was thin and wore an all-white suit that didn’t look anything like what someone at a dentist office would wear. His smile, long black hair, and practically glowing, tanned skin made him look almost what Juno would have imagined a fairy to look like, if they were part human. She imagined what kind of wings he would have if he were really a fairy, and then felt embarrassed as she knew he was just standing there staring in wait for her to speak.

“Oh! Hi! I have an appointment, for my tooth...”

Juno felt slight shock as she realized her tooth no longer hurt...like at all. In fact, she was feeling much better than she had in a long time.

“Yes! Our Juno! This way please!”

Juno almost wanted to run now that she had no pain to keep her there. Her intrusive thoughts made her feet slightly itch as she ended up going against them and walking into the small, white, back room. It was another, even smaller, waiting room, with two white chairs sitting against a wall, and a grey, striped rug on the floor right in front, which covered the rest of the rooms small floor area.

“Please wait for Dr. JenTrull, if you wouldn’t mind, Juno, my sacred Queen.”

Juno felt confused at the small man’s words and bows as he directed her to sit on the nearest chair to them, with her automatically obliging, as her body always tended to do, much to her annoyance. Without another word, the man walked out of the room, and Juno waited for the mystery dentist that she now was worried about not doing a little more research on before being led to a small, back room to meet with the guy.

The door the man had walked out of reopened, but a much taller and brawnier man stepped in, his ears pointed in the way Juno had imagined Tem’s would be if he were a fairy. His short, buzz cut, grey hair revealed not only the obvious ears, but also small horn stubs, which made Juno rub her eyes and stare harder in disbelief, not even hearing his initial words until he waved his hand in front of her looking worried.

“Hello? Juno? Can you hear me?”

Fiddling with a small device that was on his neck behind, and slightly under, his ear, he spoke slowly again, with Juno’s ears registering the words, even as her eyes continued taking him in in disbelief.

“Hello! Juno, Queen of Heaven! We have been awaiting this time for so long, and it seems that your body is finally ready to take on its role! I hope your mouth feels much better now that we have our atmosphere’s gases pumping in every room. I understand the pain of the resonance can be quite unbearable when there are no gasses to counteract its effects.”

Smiling as if everything he just said made perfect sense, Juno stared blankly in return, her mind getting ready for her fight or flight mode, which, in this case, was going to be flight.

“Please don’t run away until you have heard me out. I do not wish for you to die of the pain.”

The word die had Juno stopping all plans, and she felt fear rush into her chest as she wondered what the heck kind of mafia run dentist office she had stumbled on.

“I...don’t want to die.”

“You are meant for too many great things, to die on this measly planet. We have diligently given our lives to be able to find you and send you back to Pyluniat, to your rightful throne and mates.”

Juno’s head was still spinning from the smell that permeated the office, and she felt as if the information being given to her made sense, clicking in her mind and waking up something deep inside. She felt torn between the draw and familiarity she felt from the stranger in front of her that was obviously not human, and the logic in the back of her mind that said she needed to go to a hospital and get her head examined.

“I..I’m sorry. You’re an alien?”

“WE are aliens, Juno, Queen of Heaven.”

“I just don’t understand. I’m not an alien. I don’t have Pointy ears or horns or glowing, perfect skin. I’m just a normal human that has nothing and is nobody. I think you have the wrong girl.”

“We do not. Your resonance drew you to us, and it is now satiated with the smell of our planet’s atmosphere. Your ears were clipped when you were born, as is all of the royal bloodline that must grown up away from home. Your Mother is especially excited to see you and will be so pleased that you have finally resonated to your calling.”

Juno’s heart stopped at the words, any of the confusion she felt about anything else being trumped by the two words that she had never thought she would hear uttered at her. Your mother.


“Yes, Interim Queen Pearl has been awaiting this day, as has the whole planet of Pyluniat for that matter. The Heir to the Royal bloodline, and ruler of our planet. If your father had been alive to see you, he would have been so proud.”


“So, Juno, Queen of Heaven, destined ruler and mate of the sky, may I send you on?”

Juno couldn’t concentrate, the thought of possibly having parents, when she had grown to have nobody, was one that she couldn’t get over.

“Uh, O.K.”

“Wonderful, and may I say, what an honor it was to have been able to have served our planet and you. I hope your slumber is deep and restful as you go, and please, tell my family I miss them and think of them always.”

Juno felt somewhat sad at the man’s words, even if they made almost no sense to her. She followed him as he waved his hand in an s motion which prompted the wall across from their seats to open, revealing a large, circular machine straight out of a sci-fi novel. It was covered in mechanical wires, with lights glowing randomly everywhere, and Juno felt anxious as she somehow knew she would be climbing inside of it.

The alien pressed a button and then hugged Juno unexpectedly, with the smaller man from earlier also rushing into the room for a quick hug and thumbs up, before waving, as she climbed the three steps that had appeared in front of a small door that she had to slightly crouch to walk through.

A soft, cozy looking chair sat in the middle of a large bunch of machinery and wires, identical to the outside of the sphere. She sat in the chair, and as she did, a large glass dome fell from the ceiling, encasing her before filling with a smoke that she wasn’t able to really wonder about as she drifted into a deep, dreamless sleep.

The sphere around her hummed to life as it went invisible and then lifted out of a now open ceiling into the sky, shooting Juno towards a world unknown.

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