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Reverse Harem Alien Abduction # 3 FINALE

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Islande had no trouble falling in love with her head harem mate, their pull undeniable. As she pulls with new mates, however, her past comes to haunt her. Can Islande separate past from present? Can she trust her hearts choice, or will trust lead her to a repeat of heartbreak? Final Book in the Reverse Harem Alien Abduction Trilogy

Scifi / Romance
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Islande smiled as she snuck up to her fiancé’s apartment, the ice cream cake in her hands melting faster than she had anticipated. Quietly putting her key in the lock and turning it, Islande opened the door, quickly shouting as she presented the cake.


Instead of a face of grateful love and surprise, Islande saw only her fiancé’s naked ass, bent over the back of his best friend, his cock deep inside him. Jumping at her shout, they separated, her fiancé standing in front of his childhood friend as he crouched behind in shame.

“Oh shit! Islande! Wait, I can explain!”

“No, please don’t. This is...”

Islande looked at the face of her naked and still hard fiancé, his cock covered in the juices of another, his lust filled body cooling from the buzz for someone else.

Someone Islande had thought was her friend as well.

“Really Daniel, I thought you were my FRIEND. Both of you...I just can’t.”

“Please, Islande, you know how it is here being gay or bi, you can’t tell anyone about this. I’m not gay, just...experimenting.”

“Fuck you, Ricardo. You WERE engaged, which meant experimenting time, OVER! You and Daniel have a nice life.”

As Islande fumed out the door, she tried her hardest to hold back the impending tears, determined not to let them fall in that cheater’s presence.

Storming back home, Islande packed everything of Ricardo’s in a box, throwing it from her second story apartment window in anger.

What a waste of 5 years of my life.

Islande’s heart hurt, partially because she had really loved Ricardo, and partially because deep down she knew there HAD been signs she’d ignored because of that love.

Islande decided the feelings of betrayal and heartbreak were ten times more painful than the joy her heart had felt while in love.

Eating from her favorite tub of Gelato and crying her heart out, Islande resolved to never get engaged again.

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