Between Love and Sacrifice Guardians of Orfheus

By Gisele de Assis All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Romance


Some years ago in the Planet Orfheus ...

It was dark when Lucius reached the rendezvous which had been chosen to be the new hideout. The latter had been used for several months and they were concerned that they were being followed and were close to being discovered.

“I thought you were not coming. I’ve been waiting for you for

almost an hour. I was getting anxious,” Sofia said, relieved.

“Sorry, love. It is becoming increasingly difficult. I almost didn’t

make it today. The troops were ambushed in the last invasion. Igor and many warriors returned seriously injured,” Lucius replied. He looked worried. Why this sudden encounter? They had agreed that the next would be the following week.

Lucius gave her a big hug, pulled her close to him, and remained

silent for a few moments. His longing and desire consumed him. She meant the world to him. Without Sofia, his life would never make sense. He would never forget those eyes, serene and sincere, with a blue so bright and clear that were able to see the soul of the tormented warrior that was he. With her golden hair, Sofia looked like an angel.

“Is there a problem? You’re so quiet and deep in thought,” she

asked, puzzled.

He answered, “I’m thinking about us. How long are we keeping

it secret?” He walked away from her, sighing. “We can’t keep lying and pretending that all is well. You have no idea how much I have to endure when you are away from me, or when I see you with him.”

“Love, not now. We have already discussed this subject several

times. You know that our only alternative would be to flee and pray they will never find us,” she replied. Sofia knew very well that the laws of the kingdom could not be disregarded. Love, respect, and loyalty were key factors that were part of the hierarchy of Orfheus. Although she had always been in love with Lucius who had never shown any interest in her, Sofia was bound to his brother Alex as a result of a pact. Over the centuries, Lucius began to change and express loving feelings for her. She never ceased to love him and both succumbed to the temptation and passion of it. Inevitably, a love affair developed between the two.

Interrupting her thoughts, Lucius grabbed her by the hand and

led her into the hut. This hut was located inside a vast and beautiful forest. He pulled her by the waist, gave her a passionate kiss, stroked

her hair, and said softly, “Love, I missed you so much.”

“I also felt homesick but the real reason I came here today is to

tell you something very important. I need you to listen carefully and keep calm,” she said as she ran her hands through her hair which contrasted with her pale skin. Sofia did not want to scare him. However, she imagined that he would be upset and angry with the news. Unfortunately, the revelation was inevitable and sooner or later, everything would come out. “I’m pregnant,” she said unceremoniously.

For a brief moment, Lucius said nothing. He just stared at her

without any reaction. He seemed to be in a silent battle with his own thoughts. “But how?” he babbled, not believing what he had

just heard. It was surely a bombshell revelation. That would be the end for them.

Sofia said, “Stay calm, love. I know this changes everything.

What we were planning for months is no longer possible.” She sat on a makeshift stool and continued with tears in her eyes. “With the baby coming, I cannot simply go through the portal. The baby and I

would die during the crossing.”

Lucius replied, “Could we ask for help from Aunt Wilda? She

is very powerful. Probably she would be able to break through the

magic of the portals.”

Sofia had already thought of that. She was well aware that it was

the only choice left. Aunt Wilda had always been like a mother to her. The sorceress adopted her when she was a girl, soon after her family had died in combat. She said, “I know, but I need time to tell her about this. I don’t know how she would react to this betrayal.” She took Lucius’ hand and continued, “Do you think she would help us? Remember that we are the traitors. We have lied to and deceived


“Let me explain everything. She will understand. You are the

person I love the most in this life!” Lucius took her face between his hands. “If we do not stand together, for me, nothing else matters.” He was counting on it as it was the only option. Alex was sterile and could not have children. Unfortunately, Sofia’s belly would soon begin to grow and she would be accused of adultery. Her lover would be brought away from her and probably the both of them would be condemned and severely punished. A transgression such as this would not be forgiven, even when the offenders were rulers and leaders of Orfheus. If Aunt Wilda agreed to help them, they would have a chance, a new perspective.

Sofia nodded. She said, “All right, we’ll talk with my aunt.”

Lucius pressed a kiss on her lips and replied, “I need to be present

during the confession.”

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