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Differences don't separate us, they unite us.

Scifi / Action
Eman Nabil Al Adl
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“Why do you think this is true?” his friend asked.

“Why do you think it isn’t? Can’t you see how everybody is suffering just because they-”

“are different, I know it, Dave, but you’re wrong. You’re whole idea is wrong. Instead of separating different people, we should teach them how to live by acknowledging their differences. You can’t have a town full of doctors while another is dying from a disease.”

Agent David frowned. “You know that’s not the case, and that won’t be our code.”

“Well then, what’s your code? Separating people based on colour and creed, on religion and beliefs, on where they belong or what political figures do they support? If that’s the code, Dave, I assure you that lots of blood will be shed. Worse yet, it will be the blood of innocent people on the way, lots of them!” his friend yelled at him.

“Mind your language, my friend, you’re talking to an agent of a higher rank. And no, you’re just exaggerating. I’m not saying that nobody will die, some might, but it will be for the greater good.”

“What good can you see in this?” his friend insisted, “This will drag us back to the 19th century, and you know how unjust it was to favour a group over an other.”

“That’s different. No one will be favoured, it’s just that similar people will get to live together, separated from the different ones.”

“It’s still unfair, Dave, horribly unjust and terrifying. I’m out of it.” His friend stomped out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him.

While David laid back on the couch, and after breathing in some smoke from his cigarette, he murmured to himself, “Fine by me.”

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