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The Ominous: Dawn of the Alligence

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Two years pass from their battle with Chancellor Thorne, the Ominous soon find themselves given the task to protect a new hybrid from an evil group of hybrids seeking human extinction, In this second chronicle of the Ominous, Maddie and the rest of the team must confront the all powerful Lord Ethos, a hybrid who seeks to remake the world for the hybrid race by eliminating all other existing life. To aid him, he has recruited a legion of evil hybrids to over throw the world's governments known as The Alligence. Along with protecting a new hybrid from Ethos, the team must overcome their own personal and external difficulties to safe the world yet again! They are dangerous They are threatening The are The Ominous

Scifi / Action
Boss Kelly
Age Rating:

The Knowing

I am nothing like her.....

The gunshots blew all around us as Eric Issacs ( Ying yang) , Natalie Chang ( Warzone) , and myself ( Maddie North , Medulla ) to cover from the barrage of Vanity's attacks!
" Keep calm! We got this !" Ying Yang said as the three of us took cover from the relentless soilders.
You can end this ! A sinister voice haunted me as we sat there unable to retaliate.
" We gotta do something now! " Warzone said as she generated a rifle out of her orange energy. "
Use it ! Use the Anomoly! The voice haunted me even more.
" Are you sure you can make the shoots ? " Ying Yang said.
" After two years, your still asking me that ? " Warzone responded .
You could save them! Just like you should have saved your friends and your mother!
" Stop! Get out of my head ! " I mermered to myself! I clutch my head struggle to stop the voices from controlling me again.
" Medulla! If Warzone shuts down their ear pieces, can you knock them out ?!" Ying yang said .
His voice became a white noise in which my focus and concerns had become ignored.
I won't let these thoughts control me! Not again!
" Medulla ? " Ying Yang said . " I need an answer ! "
But I was unable to provide him one! These sinister thoughts were knocking at my psyche . It was a daunting mind game that I felt that I was losing .
You should give into The Anomaly Madelyn ! The voice kept whispering !
You will be reunited with your father...my dear niece!
" STOP IT ! STOP IT! " I screamed to myself.
" MADDIE! " Warzone said . She placed her hand on my shoulder at shook me as hard as she could.
"What ?! What happen ?!" I said as my mindset was returned back to the battle.
We had split up into two teams.
Eric, Natalie, and myself went to infiltrate a top secret Vanity base to rescue two hybrids that Vanity captured.
" It happened again didn't it ?! " Warzone asked.
" Yeah! I'm sorry! " I said. " I'm up to date, promise! "
" Alright then! " Ying yang said . " Let's Go! "
Ying Yang then stood out of the debris that we had crouched behind to kneel down and threw his hands infront of him. He then used his telekinesis to pull away the weapons from the soliders and levitated them to the ceiling away from the soilders.
Warzone then took out her orange rifle construct and shot down each of the soliders earpieces. Eight soliders in total in the damp, hollow cave had one by one lost the earpieces that blocked my telepathy from their minds.
Without them, I was able to stand up from the debris and send a pyschic screem to them, rendering them unconcsious .
They each feel to the ground completely incompacitated and we were able to move forward.
Before you ask why we didn't just blast straight through is a simple matter of gaining the element of surprise. Vanity had advance alien-based technology that even we didn't understand completely.
Along with rescuing the captured hybrids, we had to make sure that the tech they had was in one piece so we could study it's origins.
Well, minus the ear pieces we just destroyed.
" There are to hallways from here " Ying yang said as we made it to the end of the cave. " Do you know which way to go ? " He turned to me.
" Yes ! " I said trying to ignore the mental crisis I had earlier. " Left ! I'm sure of it !"
" Okay! Let move! " Ying Yang said as he sprinted down the left hallway. "
I began to follow but Warzone pulled me back.
" Are you okay ? " She asked while grabbing my arm.
" I'm fine! " I said trying to brush off the terrible thoughts I had. " Let's go !"
I ran to catch up to Ying Yang as Warzone followed.
The mental crisis you just read had been happening to me off and on ever since the team and I defeated Thorne.
For those of you who are new, it's probably best if you skim the last book! I know what your thinking! , who actually reads anymore ? But it will make a lot more sense if you do. Trust me!
Anyway, we made it to the end of the hallway and I began to sense the pressence of the other hybrids.
" Two floors above us ! " I said as we ran further into the Vanity base.
But then , three bulky Vanity drones cut off our path and circled us ! Each one pulling out massive revolving missle cannons. All rotating and locking on to us individually!
" Boy ! I hope Adrian and the other's are having more luck then us ! " I said.

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