The Empire: The Crime Consortium

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Major Ronen Flemington, the city of Lodes security chief, on the world of Anchors, contacted Raquel requesting help dealing with what he describes as, ‘The Crime Consortium,’ a well-organized and powe

Scifi / Action
Ronald L. Cain
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Major Ronen Flemington, the city of Lodes security chief, on the world of Anchors, contacted Raquel requesting help dealing with what he describes as, ‘The Crime Consortium,’ a well-organized and powerful crime syndicate. According to Flemington, they had arrested some low-level members who had agreed to testify against the leadership, only to find them murdered. They had also tried to infiltrate the organization with undercover agents, only to have them murdered or turn up missing.

Raquel cogitated what to do. It was one thing to dispense investigators to assist. But from what Major Flemington had told her, there was a very strong possibility any investigators she sent could be murdered. And she had no intention of sending her investigators only to have them murdered.

Raquel reflected back to the time she was the office manager for the old Earth Global Bureau of Investigation. Lily Ham was the chief director. Lily had faced a similar dilemma. She resolved it by hiring, more like having orders cut, to transfer Colonel Douglas T. Kincaid, who was serving in Earth’s Terrestrial arm forces, to serve in the Earth Global Bureau of Investigation. Kincaid was no investigator. He was special forces trained; a stone cold killer who had no reservations about terminating those who harmed innocent people. But he would go out of his way to protect the innocent, even at the risk of his own life. He was not encumbered by all the niceties of obtaining arrest warrants. His orders were always simple: Terminate with extreme prejudice.

Kincaid worked for her now. More like, he worked with her. He didn’t really work for anyone. He was free to accept or decline assignments. The question was: If Kincaid accepted the assignment, could the city of Lodes survive having their streets littered with bodies?

“The law is about seeking justice. Not a conviction record.”

Assistant Prosecutor Melissa Tuvalu

“We need laws and regulations to maintain a democratic civilization, to provide justice for all. Unfortunately, the privileged can use those laws to their own advantage; to hide behind.”

Investigator Douglas T. Kincaid

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”

Elie Wiesel

Douglas T. Kincaid -- Doug was born on the eighty-fourth day in the year 4104 in a mountainous region in what was once known as the state of West Virginia on the North American continent. Doug is a stone-cold killer. He has no reservations about terminating those that do harm to others. He is also a very compassionate person. He will not hesitate to come to the aid of the innocent -- to protect the innocent even at the risk of his own life. Doug is not a large man. He weighs around 86 kilograms and stands 180 centimeters tall. He is highly proficient with weapons and combat-style fighting. He is also an enigma. Little is known about his past. His most guarded secret is his mental ability.

Doctor Raquel Creed is Chief Director of the Galactic Empire Bureau of Investigation. She is a classic beauty whose face would grace any fashion magazine. She is tall -- 177 centimeters. Her brunette hair is shoulder length, usually tied back in a ponytail, and her hazel eyes sparkle. All male heads turn when she walks into a room. A high forehead suggests a strong intellect, while her full lips speak of a passionate aspect. Raquel served as office manager in the former Global Bureau of Investigation on Earth. She was hired straight from university, having earned a doctorate in criminal law. She also holds a graduate degree in social psychology and undergraduate degree in sociology.

R Javelle Jovok ---- a humaniform robot. Anatomically complete in all aspects, few people know him to be a robot.

Doctor Issie Divjak was the original office manager at the GEBI until she accompanied Kincaid on an off-world mission. After that mission, she became a member of Kincaid’s team serving as coordinator, researcher and communication specialist. She holds dual PhDs in computer systems and operations and communication systems. Giving little attention to her personal appearance, her normal attire is cut-off jeans and a long-sleeved work shirt. She has a genius level intelligence quotient, but to meet her on the street, one may think her a school dropout or street urchin.

Lynda Ryan was born on the world of Beckley and was a Security Officer until she went AWOL to rescue her sisters Karen and Pamela who were abducted and taken to the world of Dwyer. Lynda herself was captured and forced into sexual servitude. Investigator Douglas Kincaid arrived to avenge the murder of a fellow investigator and declared war on the D’Angelo crime syndicate. When the dust settled, the syndicate lay in ruins. In the process, Kincaid rescued Lynda, her sisters and the other women abducted and forced to work at the Golden Key nightclub. Upon learning that the world of Beckley would not permit their return, they continued to the world of Trenton -- capitol of the Galactic Empire. Raquel Creed offered Lynda a job as an investigator with the GEBI. She has a daughter called Cassandra, as well as a younger brother, Adam, who still reside on the world of Beckley. After completing training, Lynda became a member of the elite ‘strike force’ commando group. Lynda Ryan is a dangerous woman, and now accompanies Doug Kincaid on off-world missions.

Melissa Tuvalu --- Tuvalu is the Assistant Prosecutor for the Trenton District.

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