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Colonel Septimus Stalwart Darrach’s Vade Mecum Of Extra Ordinary Human Beings

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Contained within are Colonel Darrach's observations on the Extra Ordinary phenomenon of the Nineteenth Century, as well as new material never before revealed. Author Richard James Hazel has compiled the collected writings of Colonel Septimus Stalwart Darrach and various fictional and non-fictional accounts of the Colonel's adventures into one complete work that displays the Victorian hero's dedicated service on behalf of mankind. Contained within are Colonel Darrach's observations on the Extra Ordinary phenomenon of the Nineteenth Century, as well as new material never before revealed.

Scifi / Adventure
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Preface to the modern edition

Colonel Septimus Stalwart Darrach deployed his experience and wisdom concerning Extra Ordinaries to effectual use in his seminal work. Drawing on years of involvement bringing these Extra Ordinary individuals to justice, Darrach compiled the definitive dossier of the nefarious elite criminals of the Nineteenth Century and the curious super human abilities they possessed. In the modern edition additional material has been inserted that will shed further light on the Extra Ordinary phenomenon. Not simply focusing on those who misused their gifts, this edition includes individuals who had some considerable impact upon this mysterious time in human history. These inclusions have only recently become available to the reading public and will provide a broader picture of Colonel Darrach and his work on behalf of Queen Victoria and all mankind.

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