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Chapter 12: Spies

Leo held the door open for his wife as they entered Schaffer’s. In an instant, they mixed in with the other working-class couples out on a Saturday night enjoying the concert and some ice cream.

“Whatever you’re getting have them put it in a cup. You know those cones leak and that’s a new shirt,” said Wanda. She fussed with his buttons. “You’re showing too much chest hair and driving me crazy.”

He wiggled his brows. “You already know I’m ordering a waffle cone. They make them right here in the store. Smell that.” He sucked in the aroma. His nostril flared. He pointed at the glass partition where dough was being rolled into cone shapes. His shoulders rose, chest expanded, and then he smiled. “So, I’ll eat fast.” He hunched. “But I’m having the cone.”

It was a small cup of plain vanilla for Wanda and a chocolate chunk double scoop for Leo. They passed Lilly as they picked up their orders, and then moved off in search of a table.

Wanda pointed. “There, the two chairs against the wall. Quick, grab them Leo!”

“The place is popular. It’s because of the cones.” He’d bitten into his. “You don’t know what you’re missing.” Leo pulled Wanda’s chair out in a gentlemanly manner and she sat down. He sat opposite her.

“The crowd will thin out as soon as the band packs it in.” Wanda nibbled the vanilla ice cream on her spoon.

Heads close together, they whispered and evaluated their target.

“She doesn’t look like anything special. So, tiny. Kind of fragile.”

“Leo, they want what’s in her head.”

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