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Chapter 19: The Parade Forms

Leo and Wanda radioed their boss. “We have it all: home location, the kid, and the father. Permission to take them down?”

Fields’s voice, shaky with joy, came back over the link, “Hold.”

Seconds ticked by.

“Permission denied. I pulled men back to cover the warehouse. So, you don’t have enough support in the area to deal with Cosmo. He’s a dangerous weapon, too much for just the two of you to handle.”

“We don’t need reinforcements,” bragged Leo. “We’ll bag and tag him. Just don’t forget he’s our collar.”

“Negative. Let me talk to Wanda.”

“Sir,” said Wanda. “They’re moving west, out of their neighborhood.”

Fields’ voice came sharp through the phone. “Cosmo’s heading my way to meet his buddy, Terry. Fall back. Put a leash on Leo. Get him under control. We’ll take father and daughter at the warehouse.” Fields snorted. “Don’t fail me Wanda.”

“Understood. Out.”

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