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To the Stars & Beyond #1: Through the Cosmos

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Honey has always felt weak and useless amongst her friends and the other cadets at Sunset Atlas. She wants to be brave, She wants to prove herself just like her friends. That is until Atlas gives her and her friends a secret mission. One that will change the course of not only her life but of the galaxy itself. Now, she must save her friends, along with an unexpected comrade. Secret codes, sinister plans, and devastating deaths all lie within this first mark of an epic series that is soon to commence.

Scifi / Action
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I would like to give a special thanks to my team, who made this collaboration possible! I couldn't have done it without these 5 amazing people!

@Mirage_Is_Not_Real: Editor/Co-writer

@Cherrylimebodyarmor: Co-writer/Editor/Line art

@123lunarmoon456: Editor/Co-writer/Human art

@shootingstar: Editor/Background art

Thank all of you so much for helping make this project happen!

Now, without further a-do, on with the actual story!

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