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Aardvarks to Planet X (book 1 of the hexology in seven parts)

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Chapter 1: A Nightmare in Code

Tony flangewood was happily typing away on his tablet, as he sat on the living room floor. He was learning python, a language of the computer. The lines of instructions altered as he added bits here, deleted there, but then it all started altering like some one else was doing it, and his control was slipping away. From the speaker on the back, a slow laconic mid American voice crooned, “We have your passwords, we are in control, we can see your files, and access your accounts.”

Feverishly Tony tried every button but he was locked out, a passive prisoner to this invasion of his property and privacy. He flipped the tablet over and scrabbled for the back, it came loose and soon the batteries were in his hand. But still the voice continued, how could that be? Laconically stating “we are draining account number.” It was coming from next to his ear; the stereo was now being utilized in this macabre game of cat and mouse, as he was informed over the airwaves of his electronic dismemberment.

“We are sending e mails to your friends and loved ones, inviting them to open the virus we’ve added.” He spun the dial but all stations were broadcasting the same laconic message. Diving round the back Tony pulled the plug out, but still the same voice carried on. This time from the television, just a blank screen and his tormentor’s voice. “We have erased your cherished photos from all the electronic devices you own, and wiped your cloud account blank.” Tony sank to his knees and sobbed as his world fell apart.

Then a new voice came out of television. “This is a general announcement by the F.B.I. internet division, the malevolent force you were just listening to has been neutralized.” Tony looked up, “all their claims are false, and you have not been hacked, in fact.” The voice took on a more jovial tone, “This has been a multi media broadcast from the Mercury Theater wishing you a happy Halloween. And remember, don’t have nightmares Tony.

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