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Fourth Birth: The Oakmont Saga, Book 1

By AK_John All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Scifi


Blessed, and cursed, with amazing and incomprehensible powers, Melanie and her parents struggle to find a safe place for her to learn, and to fit in. After nightmare scenarios in public and private schools, Oakmont Academy seems to be a divine gift, open and accepting of her academic prowess, and peculiarities. Melanie soon discovers that there is something quite sinister about the modus operandi of the institution, and after undergoing grueling and horrendous trials, reaches deep within to find the strength to liberate herself and her closest comrade from the clutches of the school, and its military industrial complex overlords. It will take everything Mel has and more to escape the specter and shadow of Oakmont, but with the aid of her father, friends, and a deep cathartic awakening of her potential, she will be ready for war unlike anyone has ever seen. Readers should strap in for a mind-bending roller coaster ride of a literary adventure when opening the cover of Fourth Birth, an epic adventure that will keep one’s mind glued to the pages.

Chapter 1

Hello, I am Melanie Brager, a telepath and psychic...a prodigy. I have had four different “births” in my life. The first was when I left my Momma’s body and took my first breath. The second was when my spirit awakened, and I found God. The third was when I first started hearing the voices, my telepathy waking up in me. That was a very painful birth, and took a long time to be fully completed. The doctors, and others, want to control me because of that one.

Everyone knows about those three, at least the people that know me or know of me. What they don’t really know about is my fourth birth, the most recent. It was the longest and most painful by far. It was like I was in a cocoon and reborn.

That was the one that felt like I had awakened from a long sleep. All of my mind became awake and showed me what I was truly capable of. That is the birth that the doctors of the program really want to understand. They want to know what I am and what I can do.

To have that, they need to know who I am first. That is more important. For without that, they will never understand what I am or what I have become. They will never understand what emerged from that cocoon.

Those that want to control me will rue the day I was born. May God help them all, for I cannot...will not...be controlled.

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