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Ari Barak And the Free-will paradox

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Two Jewish teenagers mess with the workings of the universe! A yeshiva is supposed to be a place where young Jewish men go to learn Torah. It follows an orderly, set routine. Decorum is observed. The food is occasionally palatable. The curriculum is predictable, following the tradition of centuries. In short, it is almost everything that Rabbi White’s yeshiva is not. What conventional yeshiva, for instance, would employ a mute giant with superhuman strength? Or boast technology that would stun any future-tech company? What Rosh Yeshiva would encourage his students to climb sheer rock faces? Or serve them food that routinely sends them into gustatory rapture? Or give them a practical, hands-on guide to the workings of the universe—including field trips? Ari Barak, a mischievous ADHD teenager, meets up with the brainy Howard Segal, and together they quickly discover just how different this institution is. What is Rabbi White’s big secret? Can Ari and Howard solve the ancient paradox of free will? And how will they clean up the mess they’ve made of the history of the world?

Scifi / Fantasy
Shaul Behr
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God’s purpose for creating the world was so that He should be able to bestow of His goodness on another…He therefore designed a creature who would be able to derive pleasure from God’s intrinsic goodness.

God’s wisdom, however, determined that for the reward to be perfect, the one to enjoy it would have to be its master. He must have earned it for himself, and not be a random recipient… God therefore arranged the Creation with concepts of both perfection and deficiency in such a way that the creature earning the reward would have equal access to both, and therefore a meaningful choice to earn perfection and avoid deficiency…

When this creature acquires perfection, he becomes worthy of coming close to his Creator, as a branch is attached to its root, since all perfection is associated with God. The more perfection he attains, the closer he identifies with God, and therefore the more he is able to benefit from God’s Ultimate goodness…

This creature is man...his inclinations are balanced between good and evil…he has free will to choose either and possess whichever he chooses…

God’s goodness determined that there should be a limit to the period in which man must strive for perfection, and at the end of this period, he will be allowed to enjoy the goodness he has earned for all eternity…God therefore created two worlds: this world and the World to Come. The nature of this world is designed optimally to test man and allow him to earn his perfection, while the World to Come is optimized for man to receive his reward…

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (1707-1746)

Derech Hashem (The Way of God)

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