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chapters from "When is Your Time"

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what happens when you take stories from the bible and look at them with a Scifi mind.

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Chapters from "When is Your Time?"

The Hole

The humming of the yellow hallway lights added an eerie quality to the sounds of the tapping footsteps of a man. These steps have the beat of impatience, a person heading to a job not worth doing. Jason had been trying to avoid this job for some time now, because doing final sanity interviews are no fun with a touch of boredom. The interview subjects always say that they are sane now and do not belong in the reeducation center. The world has become a weird place since “The Process” gave people hundreds of years to live, for now they had even more worries and fears to haunt them daily.

I find myself with more work to do than an atom in the middle of a sun. This interview right now is for I-tell, for which one. Your guesses are just as good as one of mine. There are over 300 agencies in I-tell, and those are just the known ones. They are really paranoid in I-tell, and that is why I am doing this interview-- I am the only interviewer who has clearance with all of the I-tell agencies. This subject is up for his yearly review—to see if we can have him tell us the nature of his business with the Second Ones and give us all of the information related to his work. We have an overview already, but it must be completed soon because his release is coming soon. Yes, even though he would be able to hurt us with his information and work. The law says that once a prisoner is released after nothing has happened in the seventy years allocated for us to gather necessary information on them, then we cannot hold on to them even if their work could have the potential to end the human race.

The subject of this interview is Evan Jason Clark Smith. He was involved with an invention that help the Seconds gain a big advantage over the First ones by creating a machine that sent Nano-bots to the past to gather information, like going back when buildings were being built and embed themselves to record the surroundings and people. Yes, people. The machines could attach themselves to people record their thoughts and memories. Can you imagine the amount information that they can use to blackmail the First ones with and how? It was quite brilliant what they did, and with such little time to build the machine to do it.

The Seconds needed to gain a real advantage over the First, for they were close to being enslaved by the First who were trying to make sure that the Seconds had no power to fight or to run away. No one blames the Seconds for making this happen for the First do not care. The First really were on a power trip trying to keep the Seconds from having any power at all. The Seconds needed something to keep that from happening, so they met on SR-199 (known as “The Resort”) to talk it over and to give permission to go ahead with the blackmail. It did keep us from going to civil war.

So came Evan, the pissed off pacifist scientist who tried to destroy earth several times but could not overcome his pacifist nature. Sad but true, he really is a riddle that many would like to solve. This was his greatest achievement to date—no one will be able to pass this one. I do not blame him for I know the pain of being watched all the time--the Nano-bots surround me and informs I-tell everything that I am doing. Sometimes you have to be mad at humankind for how they turned out more paranoid than just being human calls for. The control freaks are really in control and they are not letting go. Give me some time, and I think I would do the same thing that Evan did. We are at a time when the human race could be put to a final test that will either give us our sanity or leave us in chaos. My beds seem to be always filled these days. No one is immune from the cost of living longer than humans every have before, to what can happen when you lose your sanity.

Here we are at room 254 in section A this is a secured room, for no one wants him to tell the outside of what he did to shift the balance of power to the Seconds. If it got out, the public would want all records and details of what information was gathered in these interviews. The war between the First and Seconds was only for the very wealthy, for like all times, the middle and poor have very little to say in what really happens in the world. Yes, what do the middle and poor really have to say about who rules them? All they can expect is to follow or not the laws and rules lay out by our leaders. That really is our only choice in the matter of rulers. With all the brainwashing that is done these days to make sure power is there to command with the back stabbing style, it makes sense why the Seconds rebelled. It might really go up if the rest of the human race found out what was happening. Now we must clean up the mess that the almost civil war caused.

This will be fun to see if he talks and what he will tell us. He is the last piece of the puzzle over the machine he built that gave the Seconds the advantage in the war. No one saw it coming—sending nanos into the past to record the secrets and the events, and then blackmailing the First was pure genius. Now I must get him to reveal all that he did during his project since all records were erased before we raided the outpost. He has kept his silence on all he did there despite our best interrogators having years to work on him. Of course, he has some technology that prevents any reading of his mind or bots. The time left must be used effectively, for even though I have a lot of skills, some, like Evan, are too smart to just be bored to death or overwhelmed with deception. Will Evan give the information the ISS (Intergalactic space security) needs to close this case and get on with other cases? This is going to be a long and interesting session.

Room 254 is a highly secure room with an old fashion door with a door knob that swings out. Evan really is old fashion is he not with all the chaos he is responsible for maybe this is for the best. I the hold of the door knob it give a hum of the security protocols that take effect as they scan me to see who I am and that I do not have any weapons or anything that can help the doctor escape. The function only takes seconds but sometimes it feels like a life time.

As I open the door, I can feel the sensors scanning me in order to identify me with bio and Nano security protocols. Amazing what this world is today compared to when we just began this journey. The door opens with a computer voice saying “Dr. John Simmons for your yearly visit, Doctor. Where would you like to sit?”

“The living area will be fine, thank you. Where is he right now?” I say with a light voice of caution and hopefully, of care.

“The doctor is the sleep area still trying to decide what to wear. He has been excited about this meeting for some time and wants it to go well.” An uncaring computer voice makes little of what it just said.

That is interesting, so this is going to be a very good meeting. What has changed that this meeting has become so important? We must make the most of this meeting for the time with him being here is running short. I make my way to the living area in this modest apartment—big for a prison, but this is a first-rate prison housing some of the most dangerous prisoners who can destroy humankind. Their comfort is to keep them from escaping or think of it less often. This would never have happen in the old days before space become so available to so many. Now we travel between galaxies with the ease of walking through a portal and 30 seconds later, we are there. This place is far from earth to keep it and the prisoners safe. Not many know of its location but many know it existed and call it “The Hole” where many disappear. We call it home to give many a rest and figure out what is wrong. It’s just a place where we try to figure out what went wrong. The sounds of footsteps are coming this way as I turn my head to see the doctor. “Hello Evan,” I say, “how are you doing?” I look at the outfit he chooses to mark the occasion. With the fancy riffs and tails, one would think this was a special occasion in his life.

“I am fine. It just took longer to put these clothes on than I thought I would need,” said the Evan. “It’s been a long time since I put these on, and I guess I have changed in that time. But this is a beginning of many things that all start with one act. That act will be revealed today and the universes will be rocked with ‘How could he have done such a thing?’ I will answer that the universe needed to be rocked. Beginnings are such freckly breast with starting anew and wanting the process to go smoothly as many watches. The civil war between the Firsts and Seconds gave me the opportunity to give my revenge on the human race an excellent chance to succeed. As many know, I was recruited by the Seconds to be the main scientist to develop a time machine to send nanos to the past and record events to use in intelligent recovery and blackmail the First. The Seconds made sure that I was watched, but without any recording evidence to make convicting them of a crime harder in the eyes of the court. It was easy to deceive those that watched me. Doing experiments and adjusting the nanos to do more than anyone could know and would know until now. I felt a little sorry for my watchers for they really had no idea what I was planning. How could nanos sent to the past threaten our universe today? Your techs have gone through and done a full work up on the nanos have they not?”

I look at him with some surprise and replied, “Yes, they have and found many surprises as I am sure you know already. This meeting is to find out how many surprises you used. To which I think you are ready to reveal today, correct?”

“Yes. I am going to reveal my works, for the nanos are my greatest accomplishment. Almost indestructible with the full recording and gathering technology to be anywhere at any time when commanded. Yes, these are my greatest works to which no one would ever detect with their current technology. Such a simple plan that it took no time to come up with details of where we needed to build the lab and launching point, and surprisingly cheap for what we needed to do. No one would think we would break the time laws to give us a chance to gather information on the First. But this is war, and all is fair in war as in love. The Seconds needed an advantage over the Firsts that have hoarded the entire first-rate technological advances to allow them to reign over everyone in our time. With so much on the line, the Seconds asked for a miracle to fight such a civil war and I gave them that miracle. The Firsts may spit after saying my name, but they deserved it for repressing so many in the name of greed. The field is even now, and we will see who is best and who is not. The watchers were fun to fool--they thought that the settings were completely correct. The setting to the past was one thousand years but was really ten thousand years. Did your techs figure that out?” he asked.

“Yes, we saw that and were wondering why you went back so far? Many are worried that you had more planned than the Seconds may have known, and think that you planted something really bad in our past,” I said.

“No, I left nothing in the past but nanos, for it is the future that I take aim at because we, as a race, are very sloppy. We believe we are gods now with no reason to struggle against those who hold our future in their hands. We find ourselves looking in the mirror finding nothing looking back but a blank stare that our leaders find most pleasing. We are mindless puppets just doing our jobs and buying their stuff at twice our salary to keep us all in their debt. Sadly, many think this is a good thing. Finding our way though this is hard—finding that our leaders just want us to mindlessly live and not to question what they are doing. This is just lame and not helpful in the long run. Man should be an ever-growing and expanding beast that is hard to control but beautiful in everything we do. God gave Himself the title of eternal before even telling man that he too had an eternal soul given by Him. Now we argue how we began on a finite plane, yes a finite plane that has a beginning and an end. Nobody considers that this plane, no matter the zeros between the beginning and the end, is just a drop of water in an ocean that is God. You think that being eternal gave Him a lot of latitude on how this plane was formed with this drop of water to other drops of water. Is it arrogant to think we are God’s only and greatest creation for we are spoiled children? The mystery is not God--He has given all the clues we could want. The mystery is really why is man so stubborn not to put them all together? If man is so stubborn with a mortal life, what will he be with an eternal life? You must wonder what great change happened with God to create something like humankind. A man with a sword can destroy nations, but with an army he creates a nation just to control men. We are a broken record of creation and destruction to which He gave us this world, this universe to explore and change for the better. Yet here we are, the same idea of greatness played over and over again with the same results of hardship and anger trying to overcome with love and peace. If love and peace were only as profitable as war and terror, man would be a peaceful being. Man is a child refusing to grow up and leave greed, killing, and power behind to know what true power God gave us. I have had a lot of time to think of this and many other things, but we will have time enough to talk about that later. The reason I have wanted this interview is to tell you about my greatest and most difficult triumph that made me the proudest and yet saddest I’ve ever been in my career. You know the nanos can transport certain things to which downloaded memories from people to video files of certain events are stored, but did you know that they can carry the DNA of people too?”

“Yes,” I replied. “We have seen that and wondered if you had done that, and whose DNA you’ve carried, who you would bring back. We thought that you would test this first, but no records of a test have been found. Are you telling me that you did it? You bought back a person from the past?”

“Yes. Even the Seconds did not know of the test, for I tricked my watchers into leaving for the day to rest. They had a couple of goofy guards, but without any real experience in science they were pretty easy to fool. I have laid out my plans to this day in order to fool everyone into thinking they had me under their thumb, to finally freeing me to complete my master plan. ‘Would it work’ was at that point up in the air, but I was hopeful. I went to the lab and told the guards that I was running a final test. They knew the other scientists were gone, so they gave me some grief, asking why they should let me. But I gave them good reasons, and I have never given them any problems before, so they let me in the lab. The nice thing about time travel is that things happen instantly with little waiting. I put the machine to work gathering the nanos that were sent to the past. I focused on the one event that would bring mankind to its knees now, as it has then. I waited until the last possible second, then as the man that was the subject of my test began to die, I gave the machine in place the prompt to download his memories and his DNA, and put them away till they reached our time, which was almost instantaneous. I took the samples to the machine, placing them in, got the coding right, and then waited. I knew that the event after that will shape my life as well as the rest of mankind. Doctor, are you familiar with your Bible?” he asked.

“Yes, it is important to know the religious beliefs of my patients in order to treat and to talk with them, to give them comfort in every way that I can. The Bible is still important to a lot of people finding their way in this universe.” I replied.

“Yes, people do need to find their way in this universe.” He responded. “We never really thought about that when I was born. The universe certainly gives us surprises as we learn. Several races decided to block their presence from us though special satellites that block signals and warn others. The human race believed that we were the only race in a universe that still has never been really measured by any equipment, just guessed at by math and physic wizards. We still cannot travel from one side to the other side of the universe. Yet, we thought we were the only race in the universe out of arrogance, small minds, and fear. For we know from our past what happens when we meet something unknown and how it will end. Our lives will always see changes, and now with our lifespans extended, those changes will affect us even more. I have seen my share of misery that our race inflicted upon ourselves, and yet become stronger now with races going to war with others across large areas of this known universe just to say ‘we are better than you.’ I have seen the arrogance of the human race to which we enslave ourselves to ideas and closed our minds to others ideas. Our time is up, and I wanted that to happen more than anything in this universe to fast forward it as we need to leave this plane for another one. This plane has served its duty in shaping the human race. We need to leave for the service of other races and our own to give our peace, to not wage war just to have war. Do we think our souls need to be free just to have wars to see the destruction of peace? It has been said that war will end when peace becomes profitable, but in this plane, I fear that will never happen. War makes the easy profit that men have always desired. We need to work for peace beyond the profit that war gives us to see the benefits of peace. Our time should have a limit, for the longer we live, the more arrogant we become. As wisdom should balance out the arrogance but with many that never seem to develop? Wisdom only a few develop in time. The Firsts always used to believe that they alone had the wisdom to deal with our ever growing and expand culture. Sadly, they got drunk with power and needed their butts kicked. The Seconds needed help and I helped them because it had some benefits to me. The Seconds never really looked at the nano-bots that closely as I built them to launch. They did not see how these bots could collect DNA they just saw the recording devices that would record the events that will happen. They knew that these recording brought back to them would allow them to watch and blackmail the people they affected. They just gave me the keys to man’s destruction with their approval. It really is not their fault that no one would have thought of it until it was too late, which it is now, but in the end they got their freedom. With the end of civil war came the cleanup for which I and many others were thrown into prison for helping the Seconds. As it was with many revolutions, the ones that started it are often thrown under the bus to make everyone pleased to have some kind of revenge. This time I think they will regret the thought of revenge and instead, they will savor the fear of their faults. Do you think you know where I am going with this, Doctor?” he asked.

“If I was to give the thought of how the nanos worked to how you have hated mankind I would say that you’ve bought someone from the past to wreak havoc with the future. There is only one person that comes to mind and he is the only one who could turn the human race on its head. This will make the universe that humans know more than just a little chaotic. Evan, I will say if you did this you will be in more than just trouble. People will want your head if not more the leaders of all the human race will need to be informed and that may lead to your death. You need to understand that you are in trouble on a scale that many cannot measure.”

“Of course, I did not do this to worry about what happens to me! This is to punish the elite who think no one can touch them. He is among us and we must accept that, for the universe has become a little smaller now. It was so easy—as soon as I touched the button and set everything into motion on that first day of testing, letting my watchers witness the first day of the American Revolution as I watched the nano that collected His DNA and memories go to the replicate machine to build. The watchers were so engrossed with what they were seeing that they forgot about me, so I was able to slip into the next room. I watched the machine in amazement as it whirled and beeped. As the end was coming, it went faster and faster, and it was with an overwhelming sense of awe that I saw what was about to come out. I felt my heart matching the intense feeling coming from the machine. The machine stopped, and moments went by with no real measure of what was happening to me or the room as I was about to produce a human being from the past. For the first time ever, and no one will know until now that He is among us and we are being judged for being good or bad. How will the elite feel about that, I wonder? I know I will feel their wrath, and as of today, I am forever to be their prisoner. He was so gentle with a smile that made you forget your worries, and with a just a movement, He told me everything that I needed to know, and more. I felt the peace come over me, and to this day I have no worries about how I will end up and I know that I will see Him again.” Evan Jason Clark Smith paused with a smile.

“His name is Jesus,” he said, “And He is here my friend, for this you can trust me. For He sitting right next to you smiling that same smile— can you see him doctor?”

I turned my head to see a man smiling at me. I wondered what to say as the man lessened the smile and began to talk.

“Yes doctor, I am here for I knew the time had come to announce my presence to the universe. I will let your watchers take a look at me for a moment then I will say goodbye till I make my judgment on the human race. You have time for it—let’s face it, God is eternal and He does not count time like you do here, but amazingly you still have to learn that even now with all your knowledge. When my judgment is final and all goes down well like the saying ‘That is for me to know and you to find out one way or the other.’ It is the right saying after all, is it not? In many ways you have surpassed all of my Father’s dreams, and yet you still fail at some of the basic things in life. This is a warning to your leaders to be on the watch, for evil is about to launch an attack to fort any progress you’ve made in these years. Can you pass the test that is about to confront you, now that is the question? Well I must go, it has been fun. I will see you again, Evan, as we see how this test goes. Try to give as many clues as you can Evan. Goodbye.”

“Wait! I have some questions to ask for everyone concern as they will ask me. Can you just stay for a minute?” I cried. “Why now why here of all the times and places why?”

“You know the mystery of God is in effect here. You must deal with the drama humankind seems to enjoy so much. No, Evan will answer all questions from here on out. I must go, for the universe is a big place and I want to see it all in this form for now.” The man disappeared with a smile that makes you want to believe in the unknown.

“Well yes, I can answer all questions as we start this adventure,” said the Evan. “We need to get to my machine—the time has come to bring all we can to help us track Him, for we do not want to be too far behind. The closer we stay to Him the more we will find out what His judgment will be and prepare for what will happen. We must gather a force like no other, with some of the most brilliant minds to the most fearsome of warriors and everything in between for we have the means like no other. The machine can bring back anyone and everyone who has lived as a human being. To think of such an army that can make or be anything we could ever want. Do you have any idea want an army like that can do? We are about to start man’s last push to the stars and beyond. We need good people to help us make that journey. Who better than our ancestors to push us where we need to go now for we would not be here if not for them? How brilliant bringing them back to help their children go among the stars. There are some bible passages that the dead shall raise, but I never thought it would be my machine would be such a tool in such foretelling of the future. This is strange but many will be reading the bible to look for clues for the act I have done to bring Jesus back to judge us. It took a mad man with time machine to help people find that god is real than all the miracles that surrounded them for so long. I wonder what are the religious leaders are going to say about that while I laugh that them. You will interview the subject as I bring them to the future. Where is my machine these days? “

“It is in the safest place in the universe in O space at DRP1 of course. We could not let anyone get their hands on it nor have people use it for their own causes. You know that it will be hell to get you there. It is classification is so high many will take centuries to make even the president needs to go through a process to go to DRP1. It is the securest place in the earth alliance. With this are you sure that is what he wants. I mean we are talking about Jesus and are we sure that it is him?”

“Well doctor or Jason we need to find that out now does us not for we are working with the mystery of God and we are some of the detectives that need to investigate. Think you are interviewing some really important people like Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, and Sigmund Freud. We are bringing some really important people back to help us find him. You need to be there to interview them and I will try my best just to bring them here to our time. It not that some have been predicted to come back to save the human race like King Arthur among many others. We are just making those predictions come true right.”

I look at the cell or apartment and find myself wishing someone else had this job then the thought of talking to all the famous people that are going to be among us I find myself smiling. The mirror on the far wall catches my smile and I feel that I am going to make a difference in this universe after all. The apartment just seems to get a little smaller as the universe just seems to be a little smaller. I am going to DRP1 to give the universe the help it needs. I hope Elliot will agree to this or we are screwed.


Blackness such blackness that it scared two races into a peace and alliance that lasted for century and a half this place has giving us so much yet still the fear of why we are here never leaves. It was here that I first saw it in my fighter as I was trying to survive to fire on my attackers when I got the chance. We were in a battle for this sector as we sent a battle group and the OBs sent theirs. The battle had rules for we and the OBs did not want to lose many for this sector was only to be a boarder sector to keep us in line for both sides. In hindsight the earth leaders really like the OBs for they were so logical and were easy to understand compare to a lot of other races. We were fighting with rules which for any other race would be crazy for they want humans out of the universe, but OBs seem to like us. The rules were only blasters no other weapons and the one with the most ships at the end will win. Of course when we show up to the fight they had bought ten ships for every one of ours. If we ever run into other race like the OBs we will add other rule to come with same amount of ships. But we humans do not back down from a fight finding us out number give us reason to fight harder and with more purpose. As we started the fight the commander of our fleet cluster the cruisers and bigger ships together then let the fighters go wild we may be out number but the OBs cannot fire on us at once so make it hard to target us as much as possible and fire everything we have at them. A simply but well plan with our surprise of their numbers to existence the fight and maybe win this battle. I was in a fighter fighting off five of OBs fighters off the main battle plane near a really big field of Asteroids. I decided that flying into the Asteroids was my best option to winning this fight. I was hoping that gravity and other abnormally objects will give me cover to fight back. The reading were off the chart something big was in that field of Asteroids when we got closer I pull a spin then went down trying to stay ahead with back blasters firing everything they had at the OBs fighters. They just seem not to be there when the blaster fired. Agu told me that they knew how to keep off the firing track of our blasters and fire back in our path. They had more than a number advantage on us and they threw it all at us knowing we were trouble. The OBs while they like us still had their fear of other races and wanted all the space between them and everybody else. In the end we have become really good allies as many other races have become jealous of our relationship. The fighter was having a hard time with gravity pulling from all sides. The asteroids were thick and dangerously close with little time to react to the OBs firing on me to dodging the asteroids. Then it clear I pull up with an advance warning that I am about to collide with something. I come to a stop looking at what I am looking at now in shock as my sensors are giving me readings out of this universe. The OBs pull up beside me in the same state as me. I call over saying we need to have a cease fire until we figure this out. I call fleet “This Captain Eliot Driver of fighter 221187. Security code AA456237 requesting a cease fire of all ships as readings will be sent to support this as we need to figure this out. Do you hear me commanded?” I repeat a good ten times over when they respond.

“This is command we read you and are sending ships to your area along with the OBs. They gave the cease fire so fast that it took us by surprise and told us to contact you for the reason. Your readings are so big and fantastic we are in shock as well. Admiral wants you in charge till this is over.” Little did I know I would still be in charge a hundred and fifty years later giving the orders and making the peace? The universe knows we are here only half of the human race knows we are here for many think it would be chaos if every human knew. The ones call the First think they are in charge since I am one of them but I do not let that go to my head for with my mom and others give me a headache with their struck up attitudes’. The Seconds have the right to kick our asses for they backs is where a lot of First got their wealth. I find it funny how the upper class fined it irritating that the lower class keeps them on their toes and follow the rules. They seem to think they can get away with everything as the lower class must pay for their foolishness. Well the civil war took the Firsts by surprise and gave them something to think about. My headaches double as the machine that turned the war is now here as my mother’s agency is in charge of it. I must see her more often than I would like for to her being the oldest and first of a hundred and forty eight children make me her greatest achievement and should be like her pet dog always with her. It would not be so bad if she saw me as a man instead of the baby she cradles in her arms some seven and a half centuries ago. It is hard to talk to her.as an adult when important things need to be talk about. She gives the eyes that you can see she is thinking of you when you were a baby and starts the talk of old times as a child. It is nice at times but when you need to become someone stronger and follow your heart it becomes a wall you must break through or it breaks you. As DRP1 as the strongest shields in the known universe and a very secret place for humans anyway because of the no secrets policy of the OBs they all know of DRP1 and keep track of everything here as some strange reality show. The reason for no secrets is that the OBs are all telepathic and everyone knows what you are thinking. I guess when I found the dragon with five OB fighters they went into a shock that almost killed all of them looking at the dragon. With my voice that bought them back and let their fleet know what was happening. The rest of the universe knows about us with many wanting DRP1 for themselves as some feel the dragon must be set free, some feel the power of DRP1 is too much in the favor of humans and OBs, and some are just greedy for power it gives. They come to fight us but so far our shields have shown we are no push over and the absorb rays are just a wonder as they dematerialize there ships transporting beings here then to the place where they really want to be as the material and technology is put to use here at DRP1. So the more ships they send at us will only make us stronger. They know this and still send more ships in hope of finding a weakness. It is a very strange but as become a kind of wonderful thing we have in our time as wars have ended in the quest to defeat DRP1. A lot of races have joined the quest with some asking to join us in protecting the dragon and the technology we have here. The number is low for we really do not trust many as they will send spies to take the technology and try to destroy us and do not care about the dragon for if it destroys them it just the way it is. We have the RAdegon that just here for scientific reasons. They love everything dealing with science. As we have coupled of others who run every time they see me so I have hard time remembering them. The fewer the better for we really have our hands full with races coming to blow us out of the universe to finding out about the dragon. The dragon is of importance to earth in many ways as we think it is from Earth yes I say Earth. I was making my report to the Admiral when she came in looking very serious stopping to hear my report as well as she seem to have something to say as well. I finish my report with many silent with fear and many other thoughts of how we deal with a dragon as big as a solar system. She steps forward with a stomp to get attention for she was the legal response command by the name of Susan Bain commander of second fleet legal office.

“I wish to speck in regards of the dragon the system seems to have found some information that concerns legal. In the scans of the dragon it seems to have found what could be consider flowers and other organics from earth. Until further investigation we are to not destroy the dragon for it may be protected by earth species act of 2504 in every species of earth is protected. Unless we are being attack by it you cannot fire on the dragon.” With a nervous look of “What the” she gives a huff of relief then looks at us.

The admiral with shock says “Miss, we do not even know if we can destroy that damn thing let alone know where it’s from. With that I do not even know why legal would get involve right now for there is time for all that later. Is there something I need to know or you just pounding your chest making everyone know you’re here.” With the room looking at Susan wanting to see where this was going. She looks at the floor then starts her response.

“Admiral Marques was monitoring this battle very carefully to make reports and assessments of any legal response that the OBs may send our way. When the dragon was found he was very confused and excited for he always had a thing for dragons. I think he just wants to see it before you do something harsh in the meantime. He makes no bone about this for it is the one of few laws that the great revolt did not get rid of for they did not think anything like this would happen. We will make it our job to make this clear and make their life very uncomfortable. With that I say no more for now.” She seems so out of place here as she really does not want to be here for she scared like the rest of us.

“Well”, the Admiral huffs out “young lady we have found a dragon the size of a solar system and it looks like just one. We do not even know if we can destroy it yet with all the ships here and then some. I know we have fans of dragons and maybe some of St. George as time may prove, but let’s just take our time and figure this out as agreements between Earth and the OBs are being worked out right now. I heard that the dragon almost kill the lot of them from shock. Until then Captain Driver will be in charge with full responsibilities of the dragon and the station that needs to be built around it.”

As the battle was over fleets sent home with just a few Earth and OB ships stay to monitor the dragon. The first of many construction fleets made their way to DRP1. Melting the technologies of earth and OBs to make the base for what we stand on today. With great pride we are stronger today with the alliance than we would be without it. The shielding was something we learned from the dragon as we study it we saw it absorbing the energy of whatever was around it and use it to protect itself. Right now it is feeding off our energy as we feed off energy of battles and other sources. The base looks like two bike helmets put together with a pointe front and blunt back. Command has suites in the front to be close to the action as the rest have suites in the back. It really does not matter as the transport system can have anyone in their station in a matter of seconds. Dimensional jumping has been around for three centuries mostly for rescue of people in explored ships. It has save more lives than any other system we have made in our time. But here we use it to get people to their work stations as fast as possible. We all enjoy our time here for it is an important assignment but a fairly easy one with our shields only getting stronger each year of battle this post does. We find the days go rather fast here as new people come and the old go back home even if some think this is home for them.

I stand here at the place near where I first saw the dragon wondering if fate had giving me a chance to stand on my own two feet. A mother who still thinks I should sucking her nipple no matter the man who stands in front of her to the rest who think my family had to do with my success. This is my command as long as I want it. As long as DRP1 is here the wars will end and all will aim to take us down grief will stay put for many as we send their love one’s home. It is strange that most races would destroy us leaving our lifeless bodies, but we jump their crews in and send them home. Is it compassion or we just do not want their deaths on our souls? With that we are a station like any other with more to do than there is time for as new crew comes from both Earth and OB getting them use to each other and the station is a tough task of integrating and being productive. One of the ways we is setting up observation post as we shine light on the dragon at different angles and lighting the skin can show a million different colors. Some OBs go to one and never leave for they are sharing after all. The OBs have made rules and laws to keep their race from staring at the dragon for long periods to keep their society going and being productive. We humans have that easy as we do not share everything we are to everyone. The Dragon really has giving the human race a shot in the arm that was really needed for we lack something that before the process came to us. We have a purpose to uphold and our part of the universe is at peace with the dragon being the greatest goal of all races. DRP1 is the light that guilds all to the promise of something better. I am here to loose myself in the dragon to give me some time to think before my mother appears. She is not schedule but that has never stopped her even with threats of me killing her. She made sure that anything happens to her that I lose my position here, so her partners win either way. Control freaks are some of the most irritating people in this universe. They think we are not using the dragon in making the First a force to be dealt with or feared. They find my thought of us being a human race to face the challenges of this universe together irritating and out of sync with this time. Funny how old I am to be the youngest of the first yet maybe wisdom gives me more light than any of my mother’s friends or her.

“Sir, this is Fran I got a message your mother is coming. Is there anything you want me to do before she gets here? I got the staff together and deploy them to their task and had security up their level. We seem to be ready for whatever she throws at us, but I wanted to know if you anything that we may of miss, for she is your mother?” Fran gives a nervous sign for it knows I hate my mother control freak ways.

“No, you seem to of thought of everything just make sure the Nanos are heavy around my mother to search for anything strange or missing. She is a clever one that mother of mine.”

As Fran says good bye an alert comes up that someone just portal on to the station then that voice comes up that beings such joy and fear. “Eliot where are you we need to talk? There are things coming that we need to prepare and sooner we talk the better.” She says with such grace.

“Mother we can talk but I have many things to do so how bout morning for breakfast? I know you get such thrill as I come to you like a puppy to his master but as I told you before that I am not a puppy that I am a person trying to make his way through this life the best he can proving he does have a backbone and it is not yours.”

“Eliot how many times do I have to tell you that I am just trying to take care of her son like any good mother should? You really need to check your reality this is important in our relationship and earth’s future. A mother love is the strongest thing in this universe and I can prove it. You such a downer in just making me feel like I enslave you or something. That’s my right you know.”

“No mom it is called my fate not yours has I try to make something of myself in this universe. You’re a dam that holding me backs not a pillar holding me up. You have no foresight just looking to the past where I depended on you for everything giving me the tools to succeed but when it was time for me to stand on my own feet you freaked. Thinking how could I grow up and leave you after all you done for me. Trying to explain that is why you did all you did to make me get a backbone to support myself in the long run but you do not see that do you?”

“Eliot of course I see that. I mean it not like to have you on a leash like a puppy dog for God sake. I just want you around a little more so we can be a family.”

“Like dad you chase him off like many of your children but me I am your oldest, your first, and the one who show you like being a mom. Does this make me feel better not really it makes me feel really bad for the rest. You are so stubborn in your version of what life should be and what it really is you going to pay dearly for your stubbornness in ways that only can hurt you. Our time is longer than many as we find ourselves trying to make our way in a life that is way longer than any other generation before us. Those that came after do not think of it but ours have too much time to think about it. It what you and your partners seem to think your protecting but you will learn you are destroying it just as much as those who come after us. Is there a reason you and your friends do not think of us as one human race instead of this divide that it is us against them. Is there not enough with all the alien races out there to worry about you all have to create this discord among our own. Like the fact that you have taking the machine over and not are you bring back people to search for him but taking our ancestors here to settle plants without the seconds knowledge to control those plants. Thanks for making the dead shall raise revelation come true. It helps to know what idiots you are.”

A shocked mother response “How did you know about that? We kept that very secret to ourselves not even your cousin know this if it was to get out “The Group” would be dead. Tell me how you know and how many know?” “The OBs are better at spying and intelligence than we are for they do not like secrets. They view secrets has a very bad thing and have more ways to find out about them than we do. They all ask why is your mother such a pain about secrets and are you really her son. I must answer I do not know why and yes I am. The look of amazement is somewhat funny and sad at the same time. So the OBs and I know which means the rest of universe knows which means the earth alliance will know soon enough. I am amazed that the Jesus incident is still a secret with all we have put into the search for him. You know you’re heading the same path that Morningstar headed when god reviled the creation of man. He thought we were going to be his pets, slaves, and worshipers even though he did get some to worship him it only show that God was not going to control us like he wanted. Now “The Group” wants to do that to the seconds and our ancestors so we the First can live like gods? The Seconds kick us back and I do not want to know what our ancestors will do when they wise up and figure out what happen. You have put us on a path that could lead to the end of the human race and divide us into many other races. Our future depends on Earth surviving and it may but once it gets out about Jesus and our ancestors it will be a very rough ride. We will meet in the morning to talk and if about grandpa then so be it. You have been holding him back maybe to not see him for he was the only one who could control you and you could do nothing about it. He is going to kick your butt from one end of the universe to the other. He can stay here for he likes me and I him. Like I said the OBs do not like secrets and what they found on you is not to be believed but is most likely truth for you are a control freak and a half. Anything else you like to say?”

“I never like this place for that thing that lives here but now the OBs are starting to get push up on the list. We will talk in the morning for breakfast and hopefully have pleasant time at that.”

With that she fad with her face trying to be strong but worry fills its gaps as she must convince me that her group is the way. The Group has been a pain for a long time as they feel they are gods to us lesser beings. If there were a group of people that did not deserve the process it would be them for their egos have been super-sized. It was them who really started the war to get the Seconds to really become salves to the first. They took rights away to restricting their movements to really just making them puppets to their will. The Group is control freaks that think the First are gods to whoever they want to rule. They have taking many to planets that they have total control and started their own privet empire. Any one that does not stand with them is against them. The power struggle has been hard on many as we try to find balance and be strong at the same time. The Seconds have the better leaders to give them support without the ego. The First seem to have let their egos go wild with little restraint other than the Seconds and a few Firsts with common sense. Of course I have delta with this power struggle with my mom who has always thought she owns me body and soul. The time has come to decide if I support the Group or I am against them. I will see if my cousin wants to be in this as we have breakfast. He never turns down a visit DRP1 to see the dragon and have some good food. This station single handedly stop all wars in this sector of the universe, but the human race is not really impress with that as we seem to want to destroy ourselves over our foolish egos. Maybe when I get to a thousand years old that we find out how to deflate our egos and enjoy our lives. Well better check on mom.

“Fran, how is my mother doing?”

“She is fine with her favorite suite with no site of the dragon. She really is afraid of it is she not. We severed her favorite dinner with two or more people with her at all times as she afraid of being alone. Her fears are being attended to and we should not hear from her till morning. Sir, how did she become so powerful with so many fears? I find it kind of weird.”

“You can blame me for she knew I was heading to the stars and not coming back very often and that was unacceptable for her for she thinks she owns me body and soul. She a greedy person but not for money but for attention from those she thinks she owns. It can be a very big pain when things are say and done. Sadly I am one of the people she thinks she owns. But you must say it gives her more drive than many people could every developed in these times. As I am stay here to try to control her as she tries to control me to do what she thinks is right and become her slave. She has made my family dysfunctional with her greed than any outside enemy could ever do. You should try your medical data bases for overbearing mothers and other family issues with mothers and women in general. Because this subject will take too much time for me to talk to you about in the time we have right now, but when we do have time we can talk about it then O.K.”

“Yes, as I scan the data base right now I find that it is quite sizeable and will take time.”

“Yeah, that what I thought you would find. Now who is attacking us now I felt some explosions as I talk to my mother?”

“The Sact seem to be thinking they can defeat us again for they really hate the fact we send them home rather than killing them. We are handling them and they are going back home like we always do, so they will be back again. The station is at full power as many ships have been absorbed and their recourses have become ours. They never seem to figure out that we do that and have their technologies to examine and defend ourselves later on. With all we are doing well with shields and any offence weapons that we need. Is there anything else you need? “

“No, I think I will sleep here for a while as I need time to think how I am going to deal with mom. She really has been visiting too much lately. She must be up to something and I need to figure it out before it too late. Things need to stay the same for now so we can keep the peace. She does not seem understand this and just wants me to be her man servant. I wonder why it is so important for her to have me by her side. Why it makes her feel so incomplete with all she has and can have without me there to response to what she doing? She is more the child than me for I am her favorite toy to play with as I try to be a man standing on his two feet making it in this life. Sad that things have come to this as I really made something of myself and she still thinks she owns me. I know that many people do not go far without a mother but sometimes I wish I never had one just to live my life. Good night Fran tell Agu he is in charge. He will get a kick out of that.”

“Good night, sir.”

I stare into the eye that gave me this place and think I wish you could talk to me and tell the stories of how you got here to where are we going. The universe wants you so much that we never seem to get any rest here even though things are pretty normal here now. We build better defenses every day and they still attack. We have grown so big now with so many doing what they can and more. Projects with the dragon and those that need to be secret are here to give DRP1 some of the smartest beings in the universe. So warm right now, Fran must have turn up the heat to help me go to sleep faster. Clever computer that one, so I need to give him something special one day. The eyes are heavy and I am gone.

The dreams are different but the girl is not has I see so often with different color hair and outfits but the same face long and sleek with amber eyes. One would think that my mind was connected to someone else who giving me some wonderful dreams of awesome color and spaces that I have never see in my life time. I have been to a lot of places, but the places that this women has taking me are incredible for just the sights, feelings, and pureness of the way it come to be. I really love this women for everything she has giving me. It weird that she may be the perfect women for my mother cannot hurt her or use her against me which she has done so many times with my siblings. I never see anyone use people as tools like my mother it is quite amazing and scary at the same time. This dream Chasmina is cooking me a great dinner that she and only her can make like a great chief touching and tasting her way through with no measuring cups or spoons. With ingredients like no other and I went to a twenty years of culinary school on the planet of Ura the top culinary school at the time with students from all over the earth alliance show their planets food sources and knowledge. I still remember the mountains so blue with bright blue sunshine making me sleep every chance I got which is why the twenty years there. My mother tried to get me to go to the reunion but I did not trust her. Chasmina is a master of the kitchen with a purposeful movement of a skater and the eye of a hunter. Cooking gives her the thrill of a conductor directing the world’s finest symphony. I wonder who is her favorite composer is? I watch with ever envy that the food is getting more of her attention than me. With an odd feeling I think someone is with us today watching us like I am watching Chasmina with that I start to look around till I see him. I get up move to where he is and say “Hello, can I help you?”

He looks up “I have wonder how long it would take to notice me? Not has long as some of the biggest religious leaders took and they did not say “how can I help you?” they say get out and never come back! Sad how many consider me a threat to their way of life instead of as an ally in the struggle of humanity. Powerful people who are have had power for so long without thinking of the whole lose track of themselves and the power they control will often find the most to lose for no reason than they need to grow and change, but for many that is not allowed. I must say your relationship with the dragon is really unique in the way you two interact and give yourself to each other. Almost like a married couple who have been married for a very long time. I wonder how many married couples can learn from the two of you.”

I look at him and yell “Chasmina, we have a guest for dinner. I think his name is Jesus. I could be wrong but that is what I think. I hope this is not a problem for you?”

Chasmina looks up “Why would that be a problem for we are in the dream world after all anything possible here. Hello Jesus it has been a long time since we last talk how have you been these days? Dinner will be ready soon.”

Jesus smiles “These days have been really interesting as I find man in a really interesting develops that even amaze me. You have expanded the reach of man in all ways giving an eternal god more than he could ever want. You know for what you know you really do not know what eternal means for you’re in a box wondering what is outside. It is like the debate of creation and evolution. Darwin really did honor my farther for he had an idea of what eternal meant for you see this plane has a beginning and an end. No matter how many zeroes you put between those two points this plane is only a drop of water in the ocean that is my farther. I told this to a great religious leader and he told me that I belittle the human race. I was amazed he forgot his first duty to lead the eternal soul of people to cross over to my farther. Age really does make you forget some of the simple things we do for my farther. He believes the bible is the whole truth which is not true for you see if the bible was the whole truth it would be Encyclopedia Britannica ten times over. Take the story of Norah for it is true but people forget that there were all sorts of mountains that turn into island like Everest. Mount Ararat where Norah landed was only little above 16,000 feet, so Norah was not the only story during the great flood, but he did get into the bible. The bible gives you the key to your part of the story that you are writing. The bible is the start of your journey to get you too moving and help you on the way but it is not your story. The bible was written by the people living a humble life without the touch modern convinces that you have today. Cloning, computers, and everything that followed you have a harder time to live a humble life with such power, but the bible still holds the key for nothing tells the human story better than the stories of our past when humans were simply and life hard.”

“Really I never thought much about religion as it only makes things more complex in doing my duty here with the dragon and all. Can you tell me why you did not keep dragons on earth? Why is Chasmina out here not on earth and why do you sound so different from the bible version of yourself? It is not that it did sound that you were wise and gentle but you have a different kind of vibe than the bible version of yourself.”

“It was decided that whoever won the battle between the dragon and St. George would stay on earth and the other would leave. Since St. George won the dragons left to make their home among the stars. It was for the best since god would have had to move man to another planet making you even more confused about how you got here and why. The dragons have been happy I insure you of that and Chasmina really been happy since you found her. You really should find the others before they wake up. Besides do you really think man and dragons could live together in peace on earth? Highly unlikely you would be fighting to this day without much to show for it. For man must learn and grow for god is the ultimate hoarder that has eternity to fill with the dreams and ideas that are man’s that come from growth and change. This is the danger for religious leaders for they must trust their hearts to know what is right that the bible they read is just a start my teaching were how to think not knowledge that has no give for a god that is eternal. As for me one would say that the bible version is correct but you must consider that the writer is writing from their prospective with ego in fill effect with the wonder of a simple mind not fill with the wonders of today. You must look at me as an instrument of change for with my birth the end of the Old Testament to the New Testament came. With that I have change a great many things as the future of man takes flight among the stars and beyond one must consider that I have change as well watching man from a far taking such great pride in your victories and sorrow in your losses. You look through the eyes of my followers who love me more than life itself trying to explain to a world that has less than hear of me or even though of me as a savior of the world giving man hope that the future is bright and fulfilled in just believing in me. One must give my followers credit for making me bigger than many other religions and events of my time and beyond. It amazes me the will of mankind in forging the future of man on many planets making them in their image. It is like that all men planet I believe you call Silverthorne. Who would have thought that it would produce so many ideas and very brilliant children of both sexes that have turn the universe upside down. You have some brothers there do you not?”

Eliot signs “Yes I have about twenty brothers with their husbands and whole lot of nieces and nephews. I got three here working with me on DRP1. They keep me on my toes and are some of the best minds in this universe. It is too bad my mom has made it impossible for mothers to visit their sons on Silverthorne. She tried to over throw the government and put moms in charge of the planet. It was ill conceive and the governor was so mad that he bands all mothers coming to Silverthorne till review in about fifty years or so. My mom keeps a very low profile when in public for that incident. The weird thing is that almost fifty five percent of the men agreed with my mom. Gay men are really mother boys and that is no lie. Why are you here Jesus? What does this place holds that you need? We are just people trying to find our way in this universe.”

Jesus smiles “This place has become the pivot point of this whole story. You are the base for some important players in the story that will decide humanity fate. As people read the story that will be news chapters of the bible that the church will say is not really the bible. They will come to know this place as Jerusalem, Mecca, or Eden. This is the place that is the center of the story that holds the story together and makes the story one of clarity and conviction. Chasmina and you are going to be witnesses to the fate of humanity and be call upon when the time is right for your testimonies as I judge humanity. I am here for you to know that you have been put on notice that when I call you must come. There will be no warning of when this happens but you must come in any form I wish.”

Chasmina give a huff “Why am I part of this? You had St. George fight a dragon that really did not want to stay on earth and portent to die then head off to space hiding from the rest of us. As we left earth to the home we call space growing ever larger from the energies that fill the universe that fill us one must think that you have had the plan of this when man was conceived as an idea in your father’s mind. No idea in your father mind goes without him fully seeing the beginning to end to all variables that can and will come up. He is eternal with infinite in thought there is nothing he thinks that he cannot see all the way though. Why am I part of this even if I like humans unlike my brethren who have some odd ideas on humans? This should not include me for I am a dragon.”

Jesus signs “It is for that reason you should be a witness for you know humans better than most and can give a detail history of man more than any other creature in this universe. This is what needs to be done in the course of judging humans to see if their place in God’s plans are well met or sadly misplace. With just a thought the whole of humanity can be erased from all that is and ever shall be if my father wills it. The fate of humanity is on the line and you shall be witnesses to the fate that my father judgment is cast that is all that will be say about this is that clear for you to understand.”

Eliot and Chasmina look at each other with sadness and a little shocked then back at a stern Jesus and say together “Yes Jesus we understand but we do not like it.”

Jesus smiles “I know but it must be done as man and this universe grows and expands to the nothingness that is there for now. I hope for more visits and good conversations on all that is DRP1. Till then I wish the best for you and Eliot tell your grandfather I will see him soon. Your mother is going to ask you to keep him here for the time being. You are going to have a lot of fun with him as he tries to find me in this universe. Goodbye.”

He disappears with a smile to melt the hardest of hearts. With silence Eliot and Chasmina eyes meet as they first did that fateful day at the battle as Eliot lost himself in the darkness that was Chasmina eye. Love is all that he feels for the woman that in another dimension will be his wife on all levels that one can be and should be. Till then ours dreams together will have all we ever want and must fulfill what many think of a relationship of a man and a woman in this universe.

“Well that was interesting.” Eliot signs “Wonder when all of this will go down. Not for the time being as I think the story he is talking about needs to develop, till then I guess we just live life as we know it. I wonder if he let the others see this little conversation. I am sure Agu saw it and Fran and if they saw it then the terrible three got to see it or will see it soon. Tessa might not since I am not of great importance to her which makes me wonder why she is head of security and I am the head of the station. It strange how many look into my mind and I just do not care what so many are thinking. I wonder if the one who invented nanobots ever thought that they would connect the human race like the orbs know our thoughts and dreams are there for everyone to see. I am to old fashion I think they should be my and no one else’s for how do you know that your thoughts are yours rather than someone drams and thoughts. I know my mom has put much effort into reading my thoughts and dreams to give her advantage over me. Fran has been an angel looking out for me keeping my secret from her and well as many others. Agu and the orbs seem to understand that my mother is a bit strange wanting me to be by her side all the time. They try to keep my life a secret from her even though it is pretty hard on them for they hate secrets. I guess for them a mother’s just comes with no secrets and the bond between them is stronger than it is between humans, so when a mothers love or emptiness tries to swallow you whole it is not such a bad thing. It is strange how some mothers do not handle their kids growing up as well as many mothers do. You know this is the first time that you acknowledge you were the dragon. I have somehow always known, but it has not been a subject we approach, but I guess Jesus needed it to be on the front burner instead of the back. Things are going to get rough in the next coming years.

Eliot signs with some relief and confusion, “I have always known it was you the day I was lost and then found in that eye of yours. It was so wonderful with the blackness of your eye I saw a light of a very beautiful soul. I called a cease fire not because of the fleets might wake you up. But they may hurt you. It was a great way to think that they think I was thinking of them when I really was thinking of you. The greatest deception comes naturally to the faithful in letting things go rather than open your mouth and creating doubt. God gave me to you and hopefully you to me. Time never gets old when I am with you for time does not matter. Chasmina, where do we go from here?”

Chasmina looks at him with wide eyes and says “Yes he did give you to me and I to you all he did right now is make it real for you. I am going the same way that I have always gone for I knew what this was as you slowly felt it out and knew for a little while what this was for I am a woman and you are a man. It has been always been the way for us creatures of earth that one sex always knows as the other slowly becomes aware. Which is more bless to not is not relevant as it is to make people need each other more through this thing we call life together. We have spent a century and a half being each other’s heart and soul. We can work through this as well as your mother multi visits. The time has come to face our reality and make it our dream as our relationship start as a dream it should be easy for us. Just because we our relationship is totally in our heads does not mean it is not real, though out history you read of relationships that have had even more difficulty to make it work for each person. We just need to be real when the moment calls for it and this is one of those times. With times like these make or break a relationship and I think we are going to make it for I do not see you running and taking cover do you?” Eliot smiles “Well no I do not feel like running just wanting to know where we go from here for we are going to be together for a very long time with a lot of people looking in judging us. It takes a strong relationship to make it ours and not theirs. We are ready right, for the future and everything that goes with it?”

Chasmina smiles “Yes, I believe we are, but now you have to wake up and meet your mom for breakfast.”

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