ANGELS: Shock & Awe

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The "Trumps of Doom" sound to signal the coming final Apocalypse, but the agents of the world's end are not biblical supernatural legions; they are flesh and blood aliens, who call themselves Angels! Graham K is nobody special, just an anonymous citizen of the Earth who is “Chosen” to function as interlocutor between Man and the Angels. Graham is enjoying a visit to Disneyland when the “Trumps of Doom” sound. He will struggle to keep his sense of humanity while he slowly realizes that he’s being used as a pawn by the alien invaders. For the Angels are not supernatural, just technologically advanced (by many millennia) beings who believe they have an inherent right to impose their own system on humanity. They are powerful, extremely long-lived, extraordinarily beautiful, and completely arrogant creatures who have returned to Earth to take it over for their own purposes, treating humans as lesser creatures. From the moment of their arrival (heralded with the world-wide blast that renders most modern technology useless), the world is thrown into chaos – old religions tumble, new ones are formed, and global politics rendered meaningless. Somehow, Graham has to raise humanity’s status with the Angels, or the whole world faces a bleak future as barely-tolerated lesser beings, begging for metaphoric scraps at the masters’ table.

Scifi / Fantasy
Stephen DeWoody
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Make no mistake: these are indeed the “End Times.” But there will be no Rapture, and the Angels that descend to Earth are not the overgrown fairies so popular in the modern mythos. They are flesh-and-blood beings that are not supernatural, but superhuman—they are the parents of all mankind, returning to lead us into their advanced society. ... There will come a day of reckoning, not as John of Patmos prophesied, but just as shocking, just as awe-inspiring, and even more devastating. The entire world—all of humanity, from babes in arms to the eldest pensioners, from the poorest peon to the mightiest tycoon, atheists and acolytes, Jews and Buddhists, Methodists and Muslims—will fall to its knees as the Sons of God, the Angels of Antiquity, return to reclaim their Garden.

from Eudynamics: The Book of Scientificism

by J. Hal Merriman

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