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Taste of Filth

A few days had passed since the incident. Finn tried to block out the thoughts of his abduction or whatever it was. But every night, he found it hard to fall asleep. He waited to be in another place. He looked forward to it. Even though it made him nervous, he wanted to know where he was, and what he was going through.

One evening, he decided to go to the bar with his colleagues. Bar nights were usually fun. Good music, or a sporting event along with pool or darts, and conversations with friends were great, but beer made the experience even greater.

"How do you drink that filth?", Ajay casually asked.
"Filth? Please. Guinness is an excellent beer. Funny you call it filth, while you continue drinking animal piss", Finn smiled. "Hello Cassie, would you like a drink of Guinness or do you prefer urine?"
"Pale ale is fine, Finn. Thank you", she smiled.
"Piss? Your drink actually tastes like shit, man", Ajay retorted.
"Whatever you say, little man" Finn chuckled and poured out a pint for Cassie. "Darts?"

While Finn, Cassie, Ajay, and Jessica played darts, the others danced, or played pool. Many of Finn's coworkers had come out tonight. Some, he barely knew, and others he considered good friends. For the first time that evening, he was not thinking about his strange world and his abduction.

"It's getting late, I should head out", Finn sighed.
"Oh, it's only 1 and it's a Saturday night. You don't have work, you're not a good Christian. You're not going to church tomorrow morning!" Ajay complained.
"Come on, stay a little longer", Cassie said.
"Dude, come on. Don't be the first one to leave!", said another coworker, who Finn did not even recognize.
"I can't, I'm sorry!", Finn said as convincingly as he could. "I'm getting drunk, and I do not want a hangover tomorrow. Even if I'm not going to church, Ajay"
"You had 3 beers, tops. You can stay for one more. Hell, don't even drink. But just stay longer"
"Sorry guys, maybe next time!"
"Alright, alright. I'll walk you out" Cassie said.
"Bye guys! See you all Monday!", Finn said as he made his way out.

"Damn, I really am drunk", said Finn. Lightweight.
"Do you want me to call you a cab?"
"No, no. Wow, it's just that I could drink a lot more when I was in college"
"Couldn't we all? Hey, how are you getting home?"
"Oh, I'll just walk. If I'm going to be drinking, I should at least be walking. It's a short walk anyway. I just take the alley behind the bar, and keep heading South for a block. My apartment is like right there. No need to worry. Thanks for walking me out", Finn smiled.

They hugged, and she went back inside. He walked around the bar to make his way to the alley. It was chilly that night. He was glad he was wearing his jacket. As he looked down at his jacket, it suddenly got warmer. Did the very sight of the jacket make him feel warmer? How much of a lightweight and how drunk exactly, was he?

He looked up ahead. Green sky. Hills. He looked back down. Red cracked soil.

"What the hell?"

He realized, for the first time, that all these times, he had woken up at this strange location. But this was the first time, he had come here while he was awake.

"How did I get here?", he looked around. No Finn, you did not take a cab here.

He was closer to the hills this time. They looked purple, and had patches of white grass. It felt like his objective was to get to the hills. He turned his back to them, and just saw a plain stretch of land, with no end in sight.

"Urgh, damn it. Fine, fine, FINE", Finn yelled out of frustration.

He felt like he was being tested. Waiting on the spot would not do much, so he made a run for the hills. It almost felt like floating; he noticed that he was running a lot faster than he usually did.

This had to be another planet. The force of gravity felt weaker. Or maybe he was just faster here. He did feel fully energized, which was weird since he was just intoxicated moments ago. Drunk Finn felt like Superman.

As he got closer and closer, he noticed something strange. Atop one of the largest hills, a figure appeared. It was human-like. It was looking around, as though it was lost too. Finn froze for a second. Alien? Human? Something else at this strange place?

"HEY", Finn yelled. As loud as he could. "HEY, YOU. HEY!"

The figure now looked right at Finn, and froze too. Then it started waving. It started yelling out something as well. But Finn could not entirely make out what it was saying, or if it was even human. So much for super-hearing, Superman.

Excitement took over his body. Finn ran harder and faster than before. One step after the other, it almost felt like he was taking leaps. He looked at the figure again. It was running too. Or was it gliding? Did it have wings? It was hard to tell.

Finn must have taken a misstep, because all of a sudden he felt like he was falling. He looked down, but there was no red cracked soil. Only blackness. Finn yelled out in panic, but suddenly, he felt solid ground. He was lying on his chest, with his tongue on the ground. He tasted filth, it was horrible. Was this a dream? Did he fall in it, and as a result woke up? Finn was confused. He started getting up.

"Finn?", Cassie called.

Finn could now hear footsteps rushing towards him. He got up.

"Finn, what the hell? Did you pass out? I wanted to see if I could catch up with you. You forgot your wallet back th-oh my God, did you pass out?" Cassie was very anxious.

"No, no. I fell", Finn said sheepishly. He was no longer drunk, but he had to pretend that he was. "I fell, and I was just... I felt lazy, so I just wanted to stay there. Wow, how long was I?", he continued, knowing how stupid he sounded.

"Not even two minutes. I came back immediately. Wow, you really don't think straight when you're drunk, huh? Alright, I'm getting you a cab. No buts!"

"No, no! You're not doing that. I swear I'm gonna be fine. I'm going home now. No naps on the way home. I promise", Finn said, and hurriedly continued on his way to home, before Cassie called a cab.

"Oh, fine, dammit. Goodnight, please text me when you get home"

Finn waved at her, and briskly walked home. He did not feel safe anymore, and just wanted to be at a familiar and somewhat safe location. Although, it seemed useless at the time since he was getting transported to this strange place even from home. After he got home, he sent a text message to Cassie. He brushed his teeth, and laid in bed. Sleep did not come to him immediately. He was shaken up by the events of earlier that night. He did not know what to make of it. What was that thing or being that was coming towards him? Where was he?

But what stuck with him the most was the taste of the filth in the alley. Blargh.

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