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Finn nervously glanced at the police officer, and then back at Cassie. He was unsure of what was going on.

"Thank God you're alright", Cassie sighed with relief.
"What's going on?", inquired Finn.
"You had just disappeared with no trace. I woke up to get some water, and you were gone. And I didn't know where you were so I got worried, and I-", she fumbled.
"And you immediately decided to call the cops?". Finn was getting angry. "Couldn't you call me?"
"I did! And you left your phone here - on the table", she pointed to it.

Finn realized that he did not have the phone on him. Asking the alien to take pictures now seemed useless. Besides, even if he had his phone, Finn doubted he would receive a call, being on another planet and all.

"Miss Jones here was quite worried about you. So she called us. You wanna tell us where you've been?", inquired the officer.
"I just... I just went home, to check up on something"
"Without your phone? Not many people go anywhere without their phones. Besides, it's raining outside. Heavily. And you aren't wet"

Finn opened his mouth to say something.

The officer continued, "Don't even tell me that you took an umbrella because I don't see one here. I don't see any traces of someone walking in here from outside, where it's raining. So Mister Finn Nicholson, where were you? And what were you doing?"

Finn was getting angrier with each minute. "I don't have to tell you anything, Officer. Free country". He felt stupid but he wanted to stand his ground. He just wanted the officer gone.

The officer smiled, and then said, "Actually, Miss Jones told me about your experiences"

He shot a glance at Cassie. "You said you wouldn't tell..."
"I had to! I'm sorry", she was on the verge of tears. "I just didn't want you to get hurt"
"And here you are, fine and dandy. So, again, where were you?", the officer insisted.
"Well, you're the one who deduced that I could not have gone home since I'm not wet. Where could I have gone, then, Officer Sherlock Holmes?", asked Finn.

The officer did not take the mocking kindly, but remained patient.

"Alright. You don't have to tell me anything, but I know one thing. You're going through some stuff right now. It isn't normal. I'm taking you to the hospital. For your own mental well being. I have the power to do so. Do not stop me"
"I'm not going", Finn said coolly.
"You are going, sir. Now, I'm going to give you an option. You tell Miss Jones here that you need some time off from work for personal reasons, and come with me willingly. Or you can remain adamant, and I'll call another officer. And we can take you against your will to the hospital. And everyone, I mean everyone will know what's going on with your life"

Finn sank in even more on the couch. He knew he was perfectly sane, but he did not want to make a scene. He knew he would not be able to convince the police officer that he had just been to another planet, and had interacted with other creatures. So he decided not to even mention it.

He got up, and looked at Cassie, "Miss Cassidy Jones. For emergency reasons, I will have to take leave for the time being. My estimated day of return to work will be in a month's time. Thank you, and sorry. For the inconvenience", he said coldly.

Cassie only nodded, fighting back tears. Finn took his phone and wallet and left the apartment. The police officer followed.

Finn was now in the hospital for almost a week. The doctors would not believe his story, and did tests after tests. They all came back normal.

"Now, Mr. Nicholson, I am Dr. Ali, and I'm here to discuss your... circumstances", he finished doing his best not to sound offensive.
"My circumstances? You have the reports. You're a doctor. I'm sure you can read", Finn said rudely. He had given up explaining all these doctors what was going on with him.
"I insist, please. It is to my understanding that you believe there is nothing wrong with you. So I can only assume that you would like to leave here at the earliest, yes?"
"Yes", Finn said begrudgingly. "It started off, I guess about a month ago. The first time, I felt like I was tied to the ground, and had this view of a green sky. It was beautiful. Like nothing I have ever seen"Then, the next time, I think I walked a little bit. Woke up. The time after that, I was able to have a long walk. I saw the green sky. I saw purple hills with white grass. I even sat down. Woke up again. These three times, it happened after I had gone to sleep. I though it was lucid dreaming at first, but then I was convinced it was some kind of alien abduction"

The doctor took some notes down, and then asked, "Your first thought after lucid dreaming was alien abduction? Why?" "I don't know", Finn answered confused. "Well, yeah, I mean there was the red dust on the floor and on my sweatpants. The same from the cracked red soil from the other planet".
"Couldn't the red dust just be something else?"
"Like what? I checked everywhere"
"I don't know Mr. Nicholson, I don't know your home", the doctor smiled warmly. "Please proceed. What happened, next?"
"Happened again. This time I was walking home. Saw the hills. I was closer this time. I walked towards them. Saw something. Turns out it was a creature from another planet. Not that planet, another planet. They live on the flesh of other creatures.
"The native creatures of the planet though. They are the ones who sent me back on Earth then. To save me. That's when my friend Cassidy saw me lying in the alley". However, Finn did not feel so friendly towards Cassie at that moment. She was the one who put him in this place in the first place. Then came the moment where no one believed him. Finn paused for a moment. Dr. Ali looked at him, waiting for him to continue, as if it was a movie he had watched before. He knew there was more to come. "This last time. After which the police brought me here was the most fascinating one. I met the native creatures of the planet I was on, for the first time. I talked to them"
"And how did you talk to them?"
"In English. They had learned our language. They have been watching us for a long time now. They don't look like us though. They have this rectangular body, which is also their face. Only one eye, big and yellow. Let's see, three legs, and one hand - which is on top of their head or body or whatever".
The doctor took down more notes. His face had now become more grave. Finn knew this was not a good sign, but he went on anyway. "They showed me how the Earth is still in dinosaur age if you look at Earth through a telescope from their planet. Something about time being slow? I don't know. They told us that they wanted to make first contact with our planet soon, but they weren't fully ready yet. With humans being greedy and all. I mean, I can't blame them, to be honest"
"What were their names? What was the name of their planet, or their people"
"I don't know"
"You didn't ask?"
"I did. But they said I wouldn't understand. I heard them communicate with each other. All noises I didn't understand. Even saw their numbers or alphabets. Still couldn't understand" The doctor made more notes. And just sat staring at Finn for a few seconds. Finn eventually felt uncomfortable, and looked away. Finally, the doctor spoke up, "Do I need to tell you how difficult it is to believe that, for anyone?" Finn wanted to argue but he knew better than that. He knew the doctor had a point. "No", he sounded defeated.
"Good. Why do you think you have these visions, or these experiences?"
"Doctor. I don't have these visions. I'm not crazy. I've been abducted by aliens. Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy. But it happened. Why would I make this up?"
"I don't know. Many people enjoy the attention. I thin-"
"Attention? Are you serious? I don't crave attention. I didn't go to the media. I did my best to hide it from everyone. I told one person!"
"And yet here we are"
"Well, it wasn't for attention"
"So then maybe you have broken down. Maybe you're overworked. But the truth you need to accept is - this is impossible. This is just something in your mind. And we need to get you...help". Finn was furious, but he had no words. He knew he could not convince the doctor. Tears of frustration started forming in his eyes. Dr. Ali and Finn talked. Eventually, it was Finn who was convinced that these incidents had not happened. That this was just some fantasy of his. His break from real life. Finn agreed to the treatment. Meds and shock therapy. He would be able to work again in a month's time. His place of employment was willing to work with that. Although Finn was still sure that the experiences were real, he had been convinced that people who had such breakdowns often genuinely believed that their experiences were real. The day of reckoning finally came. Finn, despite being sure that his experiences were real, laid down, just minutes away from his shock therapy. Dr. Ali was present to make sure Finn was comfortable. 3, 2, 1Finn heard a loud rumbling. Surprisingly, it did not hurt even a little bit. Maybe the medicine was taking its toll, because Finn was starting to pass out. But the lab technicians and the doctor all seemed confused. They turned to the window. Dr. Ali's face was of shock. Finn tried to get up, but darkness took over, as he fell back. But he heard Dr. Ali's words."I-is that... Is that a UFO?"
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