Silent Thoughts

By Keturah Lamb All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Drama


Taylor Ibori knows that life will be good from now on. The first day of a real life has begun for him - he has been accepted into the hardest school of the planets. But all is not as it seems. Even upon having full access to all government knowledge there are still secrets - and mysterious happenings. To make things more difficult he has met a wonderful girl named Mashaki. Yet she will question nothing. Even his humorous friend, Hedley, is little help in Taylor's times of questions. The question is to ignore it all, or forfeit a successful life to find out the truth? To truly know all could mean loosing Mashaki - and his own life.


For centuries, man has searched the galaxies for other life sustaining planets. It is something that no man has ever given up on. Something all have hope for.

Dr Stewart Orson, famous scientist, atheist and professor was no different. He was not smarter or more gifted.

But he just happened to live in the right time and be out on the right day looking in the right direction through his telescope.

He was the first to witness the strange phenomenon of a certain place in the sky. Years before it would have been a hole only the size of a peanut.

But now there was a tear in the sky and it was large enough to fit a ship. Through that hole Dr Orson could see another galaxy.

And that was the beginning of our world.

Even though it was very evident, it took Dr Orson two years before he could convince anyone to loan him money and a crew for the expedition. Like Christopher Columbus and other multiple brave conquerors, most people thought Dr Orson a fool.

That is until he discovered the planets and moons that were no different from Earth, the first being our planet Orsona, named after the brave scientist himself and the second Babylon, named after the famous ancient yet advanced civilization.

When Dr Orson landed he saw proof of other life evident. Most creatures were no different than those from Earth except for the Giant Mosquito which would have been the size of their small pony.

One other difference that the whole crew and scientist soon found was that they could read each others thoughts. It was soon discovered that this was caused by the light of two of the moons.

The world was suddenly turned upside down after this new discovery. People were awed and inspired. Officials, governments, presidents, emperors, kings, chancellors, all saw a new and better world arising.

Dr Stewart Orson, overnight, was the worlds hero.

Immediate preparations to evacuate Earth was under way. Now the world could be under one government, one people one language, one thought

It seemed all would be good. But something changed. Dr Orson changed. Most people said he had lost his head. Lost his passion and sense.

Dr Orson spoke up and said that this was not right, man was not meant to leave Earth. He spoke of a God and His wrath.

Soon Dr Orson had a large following, most of whom were called The Rebels - a people that stood against the government and their ways.

And then Dr Orson disappeared. Some said that he had been secretly put away.

Romanticers say he had discovered another planet, one that was called Stewart’s Haven. It was said that he lead all his followers there, to a place of safety and rest, a place to leave persecution.

Only the Rebels never disappeared. To this day they present a threat to the New World government.

But for some odd reason these people are not the ones the authorities are worried about. Stewart’s real followers are more of a threat with their love and peace. Yet, the people of Orsona know nothing about them.

A new Babylon is being built in this world. One that needs no superiority. We can now reach the sky. And above. Nothing and no-one can stop us, because we know everything and can rule our selves.

Be prepared for a new change that will stay forever. You are free to think as long is it is what we say is what is right.

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