Ralue's Story

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Ralue's Mom gave her life to request her child be born a son, but did it work? In a world where gender determines jobs available, and uniform warn, as well as which parent raises you he better hope so

Scifi / Adventure
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As I stare into the eyes of my commanding officer; we both know he is about to die, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I try to ignore the cackling laugh of their leader. She believes his death will cause our defeat, and she might just be right.

There’s only one thing left to say to the man who watched me grow up, and taught me much of what I know. I feel like I’m yelling but my ears barely hear the words come out of my mouth, “You’ve led an honorable life sir, and you will not be forgotten. May you find yourself next in the blissful Heavens.”

He nods his head and closes his eyes. Then the blade in the warrior woman’s hand removes his head from his shoulders and I prepare to say the one sentence I have always resisted saying.

Just like that, in a fraction of a moment, I see my life until this moment, and how it has all been leading here.

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