Ralue's Story

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I don’t know much about where I was born, the planet Ferth, so near and yet so far away. My Dad has always given the same story to anyone who asked, not one detail changed.

I was born on my Mom’s home planet, she was a very strong woman, belonging to a powerful family. They were not supposed to have intimate contact with anyone from the other planet, according to both planets. They were there to broker peace, but once I existed the rights of my Dad had to be considered and decided.

Because of Mom’s place and high ranked family she was able to bare me in a special place, filled with energy to help a Mom choose the gender of her child. Dad has always stated how strangely compelling the process of gender selection at birth, rather than conception is, and how he marveled at the process.

When Mom realized she was pregnant with me she and Dad had a serious talk about the differences between their planets. Mom’s planet is ruled by women. Men are slaves who compete in grueling matches for the right to mate with the high ranking women. They can never hope to be more than a sire to a powerful woman.

Dad’s planet, is ruled by men, women do not hold positions of power or fight. They are the doctors, teachers of the young and other women, caregivers to the old, and generally honored members of society.

Both planets are sexist, just oppositely so. Although Ferth is far worse in the degree of sexism. The big difference between their planets is how they handle the power gender when sired with an alien race. Which granted doesn’t happen often, but it has happened before, and both planets have a set way of handling it.

On Mom’s planet having an alien Dad automatically makes you the low woman. The only way to gain any respect is through many battles. Most women die before making it to a half way decent placement.

On Dad’s planet the Mom has no bearing on a male child’s placement or position in life. While new leadership can, and sometimes does take place through the old style of alpha ranking, most leadership goes by the much more civilized system of rank position. Meaning a son who is half alien can indeed make it to any rank and position he desires as long as his skills are appropriate.

They made their decision: Mom warned Dad that the process of choosing gender is not fool proof, and their choice wasn’t a guarantee. Either way I was bound to have a better life on Merth, so he was to grab me the minute I was born, declare me his by Merth law, and remove me from Ferth immediately.

When it came time my Mom went to this special birthing place, with my Dad by her side. The other women didn’t like it, since their men have no rights, and never enter the birthing area. But his place there had been decided and there was nothing they could do about it.Dad focused his thoughts from the moment they entered the birthing place on having a son, just as Mom had instructed him to, and she did the same. As I was being born Mom declared loudly, “I want a son!”

The women attending were so shocked that Dad was able to swoop down and catch me instead of the woman who waited. He clipped my chord, declared me his as he wrapped me in a blanket he pulled from under his jacket, and started running for his ship. The ship’s doors were wide open, waiting for him, as soon as he was aboard they took off, and he declared me his again for Merthian record.

Thanks to this incident the peace they were trying to broker was halted, and the planets have added the argument of what should happen in regards to any future children made between members of both planets to their already existing arguments.

The Ferthians have had no interest in securing me, since a son born to another race isn’t even good for mating, and would be an unwanted burden to say the least.

The part Dad never told me, but a drunken former ship mate of his once let slip, is that as my Dad ran with me to his ship, my Mom was slaughtered by her alpha, for daring to defile the sacred place of birth with the request of a son.

As Dad’s ship left Ferth’s atmosphere Dad named me Ralue, because it means rescued one.

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