The Altar

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The ceremony went well, the people on Albitus Prime applauding the appointment of the new administrator. The cargo shuttle took off after bringing the supplies and surged upward to the mother ship. The cargo bay was full of trihalene ore, and the cockpit had the pilot, co-pilot, navigator, and a special passenger.

The passenger rode in silence, thinking about the past week’s events: the appointment of the administrator, the burial of Marco Polatti, and the killing of a young soldier. The crew seemed forlorn at the loss of someone they had gotten to know in passing, but a few weeks, and they would seldom remember the young man killed as he defended the new sentry from a crazed Polatti. Cameron smiled to himself.

At least that is what everyone would think happen. Cameron had agreed to take the position as Administrator. The old man laughed his vile laugh, saying he knew Cameron would see the sense of it all. He changed back to Kendall, went to shake Cameron’s hand, and was taken by surprise when Cameron pushed him in the chest, impaling him on the third dagger blade that stuck out from the wall. So Kendall had died. Marco being crazed? That was too easy. The video from one of the security cameras caught him killing the two men panicking in the hall. What more evidence was needed?

But Cameron knew he was still in danger. Lord Shaldor could not have been in on this alone. He even had admitted as much to Cameron. So Cameron would board the mother ship, then steal a shuttle as soon as it was close to a suspected Caltaran stronghold. Maybe those rebels weren’t so misguided after all. The Federation was responsible for telling him this was true, and he had ALWAYS believed the Federation’s teachings. But the past month showed him that maybe, just maybe, the Caltarans may have been right all along. But he still had to convince the rebels. No problem again, as Polatti’s recording of his final battle picked up EVERYTHING, including the death of Shaldor.
And his ability to lead would do exactly that which Lord Shaldor dreaded. Cameron smiled again.

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