Wayward Guardian

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On Veil

The damage to the ship was immense. The EMP had fried more systems than originally anticipated, and without a full bridge crew, or a Guardian, getting anywhere with it would be a long shot. The survivors of the crew had decided that it just wasn’t worth the risk. They sent their message and left the ship.

With the knowledge that someone would come to check on them, they were ready to rest from their ordeal.

It didn’t help that Veil was so beautiful and everyone was just so tired, physically and emotionally.

It was obviously an alien world. The colours of the plants were just a bit off from what an earth native would expect, but all that didn’t matter once a breeze kicked up and the tall grass waved in the wind. Or when the sun came up and passed through the boughs of the trees just right. To a man who had been trapped on a ship with a computer trying to kill him, it was paradise.

Howard looked over the crowd gathered for the funeral for those lost, he had just finished giving his remarks. He was now sitting and looking over everyone’s faces as James started his talk. He took note of the ones missing, especially Sam.

‘He would have liked it here,’ he said softly to himself.

Ayla and her mother were sitting next to him, Ayla turned and looked at him, ‘Yeah, he would have.’

Howard looked down at her and smiled softly.

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