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The Other One

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In the steampunk world of Mliss, a place where the Eyes of the Twin Faced God see everything, Tom must help the brother he never knew existed before both their clocks tick out. Ezra Orson never intended to be a murderer, but he's on the brink of discovering something that will destroy not just his family, but the world as they know it. Tom has spent his whole life barely surviving in the Underbelly of a city that runs on cogs and cables. Felix is forced to leave the safety of his home to find a twin he never knew existed. Kaelyn wants to save a child. Onyx, a nation. But for Mliss, a clockwork city, there is very little time left. A world like a spinning coin. Two sides - never the twain shall meet. Except for when the balance is disrupted and the delicate thread, which holds everything together, starts unraveling. The world is spinning out of control now. The Twin Faced Gods are not happy. And someone needs to stop it.

Scifi / Mystery
Amanda Jay
Age Rating:

Of Dust and Light

It’s never easy waking up. Not when you know that today, tomorrow, or even the day after will never be like the days before. It’s the same process every morning— I gingerly try peeling back my eyelids. They are stubborn and resilient. A sign, I imagine, of the day to come. The signs have never been wrong. It takes a lot of rubbing and coaxing to open them fully and try not to focus on my grief.

Today was brighter than usual. Too bright, but then, it’s always too bright. All the brightness in my world left with her. But still the sun goes on shining, indifferent. Warm beams of light streamed down like honey through my window, illuminating the tiny flecks of dust that floated lazily along. I have always felt solace in watching the dust. It somersaults, dances, and floats happily until it finally moves away from the light to where it could not be seen anymore.

Maybe that’s what happens to people. Maybe they just move away from the beams of light to where we could not see them. But that doesn’t mean they are not there.

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