Equinox: Beginnings

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King Wilbur and Jasmine were anxiously waiting in the courtyard as Jason brought the shuttle to a soft landing.

A large group of Octavians had also gathered, anxious to learn any news they could. Word that King Roland had dispatched his full army spread like wildfire throughout Octavia causing panic as King Roland’s reputation for squashing his enemies preceded him.

“What news?” asked King Wilbur gingerly as the duo disembarked.

“The information about a mighty army advancing on us was correct,” explained Jason in a loud voice so that the crowd of people could hear him.

A low murmur could be heard going through the crowd as they digested Jason’s words.

“But,” he continued once everyone was quiet again, “That army and the arrogant King Roland have been wiped off the face of Carac and Avalon is ours!”

The crowd went crazy, breaking into cheers and song.

“My hero!” exclaimed Princess Jasmine, planting a kiss on Jason’s cheek. “You saved us all.”

Vince was still speechless and looked at Jason with disgust, shaking his head.

King Wilbur shook Jason’s hand firmly, showing his approval and the crowd reacted by cheering even more loudly.

“From this day forth, you shall be known as Sir Jason,” said the King in his booming voice, and the crowd reacted with further cheering. “You are now an honourable Knight of Octavia.”

“I am both honoured, and humbled, Your Majesty,” said Jason, bowing.

“Come, let us feast in your honour,” said King Wilbur.

Vince complained of feeling ill and politely turned down the invitation. He returned to the Equinox in the shuttle, wanting none of it.

Jason was more interested in the state of his projects, from the mining operations to the university which was being built than trying to explain himself to Vince. He also had plans to build power plants and move Carac into the age of electricity.

Now that the Avalon Empire had fallen and was incorporated into the kingdom of Octavia, he planned to extend his projects to the furthest reaches of the planet. He had big plans and they were not inspired by any noble ideals.

In an unprecedented show of honour, King Wilbur did not occupy his seat at the head of the dinner table; instead he sat on Jason’s right while Jasmine sat at his left. Being seated between the King and the Princess was an honour that not even Lambert had experienced.

He used the opportunity to discuss his ideas with Wilbur as the feast progressed, not sharing his true motives of course, and stopping ever so often to smile at Jasmine who listened intently to his words.

Later that evening after the festivities came to an end Jason was transported to the Equinox by a horse drawn coach, flanked by many of the brave knights. He would have preferred a quick shuttle flight and was about to ask Bart to collect him, but the men had insisted, so he reluctantly gave in.

Back on board the Equinox, under the covers on his comfortable bed, Jason couldn’t fall asleep. He thought about the thousands of people he had slaughtered so easily.

He thought about his friend Vince and the look of horror he had seen on his Vince’s face.

He thought about Eve who had grown ever so distant from him.

He missed Eve and that amazing personality he remembered. Her presence used to feel like sunshine a few months back, and now, her absence felt like darkness. He missed her coffee. He missed her terribly. A single tear rolled down the side of his face as he remembered.

“No!” he scolded himself. “This isn’t the time for weakness! You must cast out such thoughts!”

He wiped away the wetness with the back of his hand, took a deep breath and cleared his mind.

“It’s time to focus on what lies ahead!”

His thoughts shifted to the mammoth tasks ahead. He was going to educate the people of Octavia and all Carac. He was going to move the entire planet forward, into the future, so that they could take their place in the universe as a power to be reckoned with, with him at the helm.

A super power to rival the United Earth Government!

* The adventure continues in Equinox: The Rise of Jason

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