Warlands of Song

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Chapter Forty: Saige

Byron returned some time later after she’d slept for so long her back ached. She wasn’t sure what day it was, what time it was... She didn’t know much of anything, really. One second she’d been sleeping and the next minute he was walking back into the room with a plate of delicious looking food. He set it on her mattress before her, but she backed into her corner.

Her ankle bled from the amount of times she’d tried to free herself, and his eyes grazed the area. He frowned.

“You’ve injured yourself.”

She didn’t respond.

“I’ve brought you breakfast.”

She wouldn’t let him poison her either.

He sighed and took a seat, this time directly in front of the door.

“I wish you would trust me.”

Her was a fool.

“I only want the best for you. And others like you.”

“If you think for one second that I’m listening to a word you say, you’re mistaken. I know what people like you want. You all want a super soldier. You want all the secrets my body has to offer so you can stop people like me from existing. Or learn how to control us. I don’t know. I don’t care.”

She kicked out a foot and the plate flew through the air to hit him in the face.

“You can take your food and get out of my cell. You’ll have to force me to do anything and everything you want. So get out.”

He wiped the food from his face with a handkerchief and stood to leave.

“You’ll come around when you see all the good we’ve done.”

“I’ll come around when I’m dead. If you could poison the next plate you bring me, I’d be grateful.”

He left the room and the door slid shut behind him. But it opened moments lated and a guard entered the room. He was huge, and wore a swcowl so deep she felt her stomach contract with fear. She wanted to vomit, but there was nothing in her stomach to throw up.

“Get up, or I will take matter into my own hands,′ the man said. “I wouldn’t test me.”

She stood. After all, she wasn’t stupid. She knew when she was outnumbered and outweighed by at least two hundred pounds. He took her arm and led her down a long hallway to a room she’d never seen. It was filled with machines of all shapes and sizes and in the center stood a huge cylinder. It extended from the floor to the ceilind and was completely empty. She didn’t like the look of it, but that was where the guard was trying to get her to go.

“No. I don’t-”

“Fight me, and I will break you. Get in.”

She shook her head, but had no choice but to climb into the tube. He shut the panel behind her and there was a hiss of air as it left the tube. She tried to inhale, but there was no air left to breathe. She banged on the glass, but the guard wasn’t going to come to her aid. Her vision was growing blurry, but she could still make out Byron’s form as he stood beside the guard.

Yeah, she’d come around when she saw the good he’d done. Sticking innocent girls in tubes to suffocate them to death.

When the first droplet of liquid touched her skin, she scrubbed at it. But it just stuck to her hand. Then more fell, and more, until something exploded above her and the tank began to fill with the sticky, slimy liquid. She banged on the walls anew and screamed with the little air she had left. But the tank was filling quickly and there was no escaping it. It covered her thighs and rose to her hips. She couldn’t move her lower body anymore, as hard as she tried. Soon it reached her shoulders and then up to her neck. Her vision was going black, and her eyes closed on their own. The liquid covered her mouth and nose and she shsook her head, trying to fight her body’s natural instinct to take a breath.

But it fought back, and soon she sucked in large mouthfulls of liquid, swallowing it. It burned her lungs and stomach, but soon she realized she coule breathe. It wasn’t choking her. So she took larger breaths of it. But slowly she realized somethng new was happening. There was some type of electric current running through the liquid/gel. It shocked her all over, little tingles that built up into big ones, until she felt as though she was made of electricity. Then the probes began to attach themselves to her, suctioning and burrowing into her arms and legs. She screamed, bubbles exploding around her, until a tube found it’s way into her mouth. She felt it slide down her throat, but before she could tell exactly where it had gone, she lost consciousness.

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