Lights in the Night

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One year later:

The government in its infinite wisdom decided the public was not prepared for the truth concerning the events surrounding the New Aged Rave. In a closed session of the U.N. Security Council, a full debrief was given about the events that led up to that day. Very little was truly known. Most witnesses had no idea what had happened. A few key witnesses would be surveilled into the future for possible contact with the creatures involved. A quiet worldwide Be On the Look Out had been placed for individuals matching Crystal’s description. All governments agreed for the safety and continuity of sitting administrations all information concerning the events should be kept at the highest security levels. All instances of peace breaking out was to be deemed suspicious and to be investigated to ensure no alien involvement. All leaked footage would be deemed a hoax. The whole idea of alien interdimensional time travelers was swept under the rug.

The crushed water tank was designated a Federal Super Fund Site, for potentially Hazardous by-products from the event. If funding holds at current levels it is scheduled to be reached for cleanup FY early 2156.

No negative side effects were recorded after authorities were able to gain access to the remote desert location. Long-term monitoring of the members of the audience was ordered but funding for the project was quickly cut, deemed un-cost effective. Most of the participants in the New Age Rave have gone on the lead extremely peaceful happy lives.

Under strange and unusual circumstances the President of Russia personally vouched for Old Sits’ safety. Major Sergei Tsitnikov came out of the desert. Having a sizable area of Texas under his ownership, he started a Texas Ghost Town attraction. The old mine the centerpiece. It became one of the must-see attractions in West Texas, competing with Judge Roy Bean’s courthouse. He did invite Trevor to come drink tea and enjoy the videos of that day.

Bill Yazzie, became one of the youngest Sheriff’s in Texas History and married Ellie Schneider two months after the event. Doctors told Ellie, she was never pregnant. She had suffered from a rare hormonal imbalance caused by stress that had stopped her periods and made her gain weight. Ellie knew better, but she didn’t argue. Three months after their wedding Ellie became pregnant with Bill’s child.

Former Sheriff Rodriguez was running for state senate with an anti-corruption, anti-animal cruelty campaign. He was predicted to win in a landslide.

Ellie’s father Dale was committed to a psychiatric hospital. Charges were dropped for the gun firing incident in town. However, Dale had developed an uncontrollable urge to walk up to everyone, bend over, tell them he had been a bad boy and demand a spanking. Doctors were flummoxed on how to properly treat him. A new illness, Schneider’s syndrome, was named after him.

Grace bankrolled the money she had made during the early days of the event. Buying the buildings behind her hotel from Trevor, at a real bargain. She enlarged her hotel, holding one of the grandest guesthouses outside of El Paso. She opened the state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries once it became legalized in Texas.

Butch and Casey, still smoking, drinking, and living together secure in their manhood. Still cheated the U.S. Government on their Social Security payments.

Junior opened a small chain of smokehouses. His sauces carried in most Texas Grocers. Last, he was dating a Houston Texan Cheerleader.

Cuff and Link weary of the Texas lifestyle, returned to London. Continued their partnership, opening Black Thumb Nurseries. Specializing in uncommon orchids from South America.

Big Jim, lost his eye from the energy blast when he shot Crystal. Exposed via the internet for his many crimes, he was convicted of animal cruelty and a host of other charges. He is still in prison. He and his cellmate husband are doing well.

Several members of congress were under investigation for the dog and cock fighting ring. Many resigned over the allegations. Not enough did. They still serve their own welfare over their constituents’ interests.

Marshals Bass and Cox became celebrated whistleblowers, wrote a book. Where they detailed everyone, they knew attended Big Jim’s parties he held at his ranch. Their book was the basis for the congressional investigations concerning the members who had visited Big Jim’s. Both retired and married, to each other, they adopted a baby girl from Korea.

Barney, became the head minister of the Crystal Halls Mega Church outside El Paso. His congregation numbers over three thousand. Many were at the Rave that final day. It was rumored he had three sister wives.

Trevor decided to stay in the denim clad world of West Texas. Shannon choose for him, to lose the beard, and cut his hair short. One week after the incident, the couple eloped to Las Vegas, where they were married. Bill gave the bride away and acted as the Best Man. Ellie was the maid of honor. Shannon was expecting their first child three weeks later, they both decided to name their baby daughter Crystal. Lucky for the baby she looked like her mother.

A year after the event, they were busy handling the pre-production of Swindle Production’s first feature. “Lights” They were expecting a blockbuster release.

Git accountant Nigel... Imagining himself safe from extradition in Venezuela. Even after the breakdown, and fall of the ruling party, he was still safe in his secured hacienda away from Caracas. In his mountain village, he would leave his compound once a day to walk down to his favorite café for a coffee. Flirting with the local senoritas. Sitting, sipping coffee, ogling the passing beauties as they walked by, them ignoring him. They gave him the nickname, ‘chilito’. He thought it was cute, it meant small penis.

He was approached by a stunning black woman with cinnamon skin and platinum blond hair, escorting what appeared to be a five-year-old caucasian, blond child by the hand. Sitting down across from Nigel, she lifted the little one into her lap.

Opening his mouth to speak, the woman placed one finger over his lips holding his undivided attention. The young child stroked the back of his hand with light fingertips. “You’ve been bad, you need a time out to repent.” the child softly spoke.

Nigel sat there frozen as the pair got up and started walking off. The girl holding the woman’s hand. “That was wonderful Ellie.” They shared a knowing smile as they headed down the village street.

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