The Gaian Revelations

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“So, where are we going?” Kaya asked the handsome man whose timely intervention had probably saved their skins.

“To the Station Commander’s apartment.” Sergei responded as they got on three hoverlators and zoomed down towards the ground level of the spire.

“And who are you again?!” Maggy yelled over the rushing wind.

“Your savior… twice.” Sergei replied with a smirk.



“You may recall a certain space dogfight between Seraph ships and a Screamer.” Sergei offered.

The light show above us as we plummeted to Gaia.

“That, was you? Above us?” Maggy asked.

“Maybe I was below you guys. Who knows?” Sergei shrugged sarcastically.

For a moment, Maggy imagined crashing her hoverlator into his and sending him plummeting towards the hard, concrete floor. The thought made her very happy, but she refrained from carrying it out.

“Smart ass…” She muttered under her breath.

The hoverlators slowed as they reached the base of the spire. Maggy whipped out her DDI and sent a message to Clieo to meet them at the Commander’s apartment. She advertised her ranging location to Clieo, so she could track her to the apartment if she didn’t know where it was already.

“So… What’s your name, savior?” Maggy asked, sarcastically.

“Sergei.” Came the response.

The man didn’t even bother to look back, as he answered.

“A…are you the deputy commander of Spectral 7?” Kaya asked.

Her eyes widened slightly in panic and Maggy shot her a questioning glare.

“Smart girl.” Sergei said, the mirth in his voice, evident. “At least one of you knows your superiors when you meet them.”

They turned left, onto a street lined with pyramid shaped houses made entirely out of glistening silver. The glass panels that were the windows of the houses, were entirely translucent, reflecting their surroundings with pristine brilliance.

Sergei led them towards the third house on the street. They slowly approached the entrance door, also made from a silver metallic material. Sergei stood tall at the door, while a green light bar, swept his entire body frame. An AI voice spoke.

Sergei Curaven, you may enter. Do you bring additional visitors with you?” The mechanical voice asked.


Processing. How many?

“Two.” Sergei answered.


They all turned around to see Clieo running towards them and panting.

“And… who is this?” Sergei asked, his gaze fixed on Clieo.

“She’s with us, sir.” Kaya answered.

“Yeah… savior. And if you want us in there, you’ll have to let her in as well.”

Sergei didn’t want to admit it, but the dark-skinned girl’s attitude was beginning to get under his skin. He sighed and faced the door once more.

“Override number of visitors.” There was a brief pause. “Three.”

Processing. Visitors, step forward.

Maggy, Kaya, and Clieo did, while Sergei stepped back. The familiar green light slid down their forms before dissolving away, once more.

Maggy Sapphiron, Kaya Rencrafton and Clieo Solwave, you may enter as well. Thank you.”

The metallic door slid open and all four stepped inside.

“Cozy.” Clieo said as she took in the dark wood walls and floor, mixed in with the upholsteries’ warm colors of yellow, and light orange. A holographic display showed the image of a news anchor reporting galactic news. A smart programmable glass table sat at the center of the living room, with three cups of sweet smelling beverages on it.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Drink up, girls.”

The voice startled the three girls who had been staring at the cups. Maggy folded her arms across her chest.

“Commander. Now that we are here, I do have a few questions for you.” Maggy asked coldly.

“Maggy!” Kaya and Clieo yelled in unison.

Their friend didn’t budge. She simply stared at the commander with an intensity that would make a lesser man shudder.

Glyn looked at her. She had been playing it cool till she got here. The surprised expression on Sergei’s face said as much. While she most likely had been her usual sarcastic self, the cold and calculating side was kept at bay… until the right moment. Glyn managed a wry smile.

“It’s alright.” He said, waving away the concerns of Kaya and Clieo. “You must appreciate what Maggy’s going through. Clieo, I know you understand as well.”

Clieo nodded as the girls took a seat. Glyn sat on the orange couch, opposite the yellow one they had taken. Sergei remained standing.

“Thanks for the sympathy, commander. I’d just like to know why my grandma had to die… like that.”

Glyn watched her for a while before speaking.

“‘Like that’. So, you accepted she would pass someday. Just not that way.”

“Everyone dies. I just wanna know why my grandma had to go out in the cold and, and… alone.” Maggy wiped away a tear but other than that, she was doing well with her composure.

Glyn took a deep breath.

“You know why, Maggy Sapphiron. To save you - all of you. She died for you.”

Maggy was about to shoot back but the commander’s hand silenced her.

“However, she gave you a parting task, did she not?”

Maggy kept quiet for a while, before speaking.

“Th…that’s the part I don’t understand. Why did the Seraph want us dead? We are just… nobodies. If… if we have some sort of power, couldn’t we have saved her? I just don’t…”

Maggy hiccupped and felt arms around her. They were Kaya’s and Clieo’s. She felt so ashamed of herself for letting her emotions get the better of her like this.

Glyn harrumphed and when he’d gotten the attention of the girls, continued.

“To answer your questions, the Seraph want you three, and the four as yet undiscovered ones, dead because you represent the single greatest threat to their existence. By that definition, I wouldn’t dare classify you as nobodies. You are the convergence, after all. As for whether or not your powers could have saved her, the answer is a resounding yes. Unfortunately, none of you knew about your powers, talk less of how to use it.”

Glyn leaned forward and sighed.

“We all grieve for Martha, Maggy. Believe me when I say I know how you feel.”

Their eyes met and for the first time, she saw a maelstrom of hurt and anger swelling in the commander that she hadn’t noticed before.

Just who was she to you?

“What are we, Commander?” Maggy asked.

“And whatever we are, how do we find the others?” Kaya added.

“I just want to know what we are supposed to do when we get answers to these questions.” Clieo buried her head in her hands.

Glyn smiled broadly.

“Finally, you ask the questions I’ve been waiting to hear. To start with, you three are known as Spectral Warriors.”

“Spectral what?” Kaya asked, perplexed.

“You might wanna take a sip of your chocolate now. This is going to take a while.”

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