The Gaian Revelations

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“Let me understand, commander. You’re saying we’ve got spectral energies that grant us super human abilities. Spectral energy. Does that not refer to light?” Kaya asked as she adjusted her glasses.

“Indeed. Have you ever heard the saying, we are all made of stardust?” Commander Glyn asked.

The girls slowly nodded, their eyes transfixed on the aging man.

“Indeed, it is true. Everything is made of the same stuff, essentially. This has been known to man for eons. Yet, we never focused on what this truly meant. We always branded topics like this as metaphysical, or even spiritual.”

Glyn turned his gaze to Clieo.

“Dear one, you seem really happy. I am encouraged.”

Maggy sighed.

“She’s always liked the spiritual.”

Glyn nodded.

“What is spiritual? What our ancestors called magic, we call science.”

Maggy’s eyes widened.

“Every myth, every story you hear, Miss Sapphiron, is based on some reality. In fact, some of it is reality itself. What I have told you, is very much the same. We, humans, are beings of light. Our physical bodies are designed to harness the power of light – albeit to very small degrees. Every so often, a few are born that can harness that power and manipulate it to achieve extraordinary results. They are called Spectral Warriors. Over time, the frequency of spectral warrior births has diminished. An unfortunate phenomenon caused by the Seraph hunting down all spectral warriors and eliminating them before they were old enough to defend themselves.”

Commander Glyn took a deep breath and leaned forward in his seat.

“I’ll tell you one thing we can confirm. A spectral warrior is more likely to spawn another spectral warrior, than a normal human. Most of the time their children or grandchildren will inherit their abilities. Maggy, in your case, you inherited your grandmother’s powers. Your father didn’t.”

“Did you know them? My parents?” Maggy asked.

Glyn nodded.

“I did.”

He raised a hand before Maggy could object.

“I know you have questions my dear, but you see time is of the essence.”

“They are my parents!” Maggy yelled.

“Which is why they wouldn’t want you to die if they were here.” Glyn responded coolly.

“Die? What do you mean? Are we in danger?” Clieo asked.

“Yes. Which is why you are here.”

“Sir, you were talking about how spectral warriors are born.” Kaya said, eyeing her friends.

“Yes. Kaya, you know what this means… don’t you?” Glyn fixed his gaze on her.

“Yes.” Kaya answered coldly.

“Kaya. What is he talking about?” Maggy eyed her redhead friend.

Kaya did not respond. Instead, she clenched her fists and a single tear streaked down her right eye.

“I am sorry, Kaya. That day…”

“I understand sir. I’ve been an SCI long enough to know how tough the decision you made was. The human race must carry on.

“Kaya. Talk to me.”

This time it was Maggy’s turn to wrap her arms around Kaya. Kaya looked at her and smiled, but didn’t say anything. Maggy understood. They’d talk about it later. For now, they had to hear what else the commander had to say.

“The Seraph have been doing that for a long time. It is a ruse to cover up the real mission. Weed out spectral warriors and eliminate them. Most of those spectral warriors had no knowledge of who they really were. And so here we are, young ladies. Here we are. For some reason, your wavelengths have been dormant, until now. We first detected them when Kaya Rencrafton was sent to de-board you two. All three wavelengths emitted a microburst. I believe that burst was what the Seraph detected.”

“And now they are dead.” Clieo broke her long silence.

She furrowed her eyebrows and fixed her gaze on the Commander

“Commander… will more… Seraph be coming?” Clieo asked unsurely.

“Eventually. The universe is just too vast. It’ll take three years for them to make it back. That’s all the time we have to prepare you and find your fellow warriors.”

“About that. You did mention there were more, didn’t you? How do we find them?” Maggy asked.

Glyn nodded.

“Yes. Four more to be exact. As for how you find them, it is said that there is an instinctive connection between Spectral Warriors. Maybe that’s how you found each other, and one of your new friends, my dear.”

Again, Glyn fixed his gaze on Clieo.

“H…Hope?” Clieo was shocked.

Has he been following us?

“Hope… an apt name for the times we live in.” Glyn smiled and looked at nothing in particular.

“So… say you manage to find all the… spectral warriors, you are looking for… what next? I mean… how do you even know you’ll find the rest of them on Gaia?”

“‘When there is a convergence, the rest will be ignited.’ That is what the prophecy says. One already has – Hope. I do believe the rest of the spectral warriors are here on Gaia. Now I must tell you something else about spectral warriors.”

Glyn looked at each girl to make sure their attention was on him.

“Beyond the seven spectral warriors, there are two more warriors that complete the circle, known as The Order of Lumen. They are called the extremes. The black and white spectral warriors.”

Maggy rolled her eyes.

“This is all too much. Do we have to find them too? Can we at least think about everything you’ve told us?”

“I truly wish I could give you the luxury of time, but I cannot. Besides, you will only need to find one extreme. I have found the other. Sergei…”

“Yes, commander.” Sergei answered.

The girls turned towards Sergei. They’d forgotten he’d been standing there all along.

“Remember what I taught you. Visualize all the wavelengths coalescing into you.

Sergei closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Feel the substance it creates. Now mold it into whatever shape you want.”

Sergei stretched out his left hand and it was immediately followed by an enormous black wing that appeared as though it were a shadow and yet was not. The wing stretched out behind his left arm and easily exceeded his left arm’s length. It rose above his shoulders and flapped a few times in a graceful undulating manner. The wing rippled and swarmed within itself, but maintained its consistent shape. A soft howl seemed to emanate from the black substance that created the wing, and a great aura of power exuded from it.

“Sergei is the black spectral warrior.” Glyn’s statement broke the girls out of their trance.

Maggy’s eyes were wide in shock.

While she and Clieo focused on Sergei, Kaya furrowed her eyebrows and nodded slowly.

My thinking cap tells me he avoided my question earlier, but why?

Kaya’s DDI beeped and she quickly checked it. Her skin turned white.

“Kaya?” Commander Glyn fixed his gaze on her. “What’s the matter?”

“Sir please check your DDI quickly. It is from Dr. Dresden.”

The commander picked up his DDI and soon he was taking labored breaths while trying to maintain his composure.

“Girls, we have a breach. Eden has been compromised.”

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