The Gaian Revelations

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The night was unusually chilly. Gaia, a young world devoid of mass human pollution was considered a full five degrees cooler than other planets that had reached Hawking capacity – as determined by the celebrated legendary scientist. Knowing this, the guard understood that a chilly night was very common on Gaia. Still, there was something about this night. He looked down to see his hands trembling.

I think I’ll go have a chat with the guys in the guard room. Put my mind at ease.

The guard turned around and met the glowing muzzle of a gun directed at his forehead.

“You weren’t supposed to see this coming.” The figure in the black mechanical suit said.

“W… who are…”

“Doesn’t matter.”

The figure pressed a button on the side of his head.

“Taking out number 19.”

A bright white flash of light cut across the guard’s vision. He arched his head back and fell to the ground clutching his head. After a few panicked breaths, the guard looked up and saw the severed muzzle of the plasma gun, lying beside him.

He turned his gaze towards a silhouetted figure standing on the other side of the roof. The figure began walking towards them.

“I did think tonight was a bit too… quiet.” The figure said.

“Your intuition never fails you, Kael.” The figure in the black mechanical suit noted with a tone of familiarity.

“What are you doing here, Conner?” Kael asked as he stepped into a wash of light that revealed his soft features.

“C… captain!” The guard addressed Kael.

“Yes… Captain of the guard of Eden. Kael Silverflash.” This time his voice was filled with contempt. “Tell me. What was your first task when you were made Captain back then?”

Kael stopped and spared the petrified guard a glance.

“Leave at once. Sound the alarm and notify all guards that we have intruders. Also, tell Duran I said to lead a search and capture mission. Exterminate only when capture is unavoidable.”

“Y…yes, captain.”

The guard scampered away from the two men and headed towards a floating hoverlator.

“Do you intend to capture me, Kael?” The masked Conner asked.

Kael shrugged and smiled.

“I don’t know. Do you plan on surrendering nicely?”

Conner’s right hand dropped lazily to his side.

“You’re the one with the gun, Kael. A gun I remember you never showed anyone.” The intruder said in a more serious tone.

“Is there something you aren’t showing me, Conner?”


Conner whipped out a second plasma gun and fired off two rounds in rapid succession. The red bursts tore through the night, illuminating the metallic roof beneath them, on their path towards Kael. Kael strafed left, evading the first shot, and then right easily getting out of the second blast’s path. He broke into a curved dash towards Conner who fired a continuous hail of plasma blasts in his direction. The metallic surface beneath them glowed a bright red where the plasma blasts had partially melted the surface.

“Shoot me you coward!” Conner yelled.

Kael skid to a stop with Conner’s gun still trained on him. He took two deep calming breaths.

This will happen very quickly.

Conner fired and Kael arched his body towards his left, evading the stream. A white burst shot forward at frightening speed, striking Conner in the chest. Sparks of electricity flew about like magnetic arches towering over a star’s surface, as Conner hit the ground.

He felt the gun being kicked out of his hand.

How can he be this fast?

Conner rolled out of the way, avoiding a punch to the chest. He spun on the ground and sprang into a diagonal spinning kick aimed at Kael’s face. The captain easily evaded the attack and closed in once Conner landed on his feet.








Conner barely evaded the eighth punch to his chest and jumped back. Kael had strategically gone for the structurally compromised chest area. The suit had been busted open, and all that was left was the neural control uniform worn underneath the fitted armor.

Conner’s gaze shifted to his gun. Another bright flash momentarily blinded him. When he opened his eyes, the second plasma gun was also destroyed. Conner yelled angrily and reached behind him, pulling out a sword with a blade shaped like a cleaver. There was a red rim of light that traveled around the blade’s perimeter and pulsated intermittently.

“Surrender now, Conner. I don’t want to kill you.”

Conner laughed and ripped off his visor. His pale blue eyes glared at Kael intently and his brown tousled hair fell over his face.

“Kill me? You say it like you can. Aren’t you a bit cocky?”

Kael said nothing, but his gaze never left Conner. The intruder laughed once more and took a stance with his sword.

“Are you going to fight me or do I have to attack you first?” Conner threatened.

Kael closed his eyes and sighed.

“You won’t come in nicely will you?”

Conner’s mental wheels were turning.

Can I hit him? I’ve never been able to. Yet, he doesn’t know the abilities of this weapon. It is shaped like a sword, but in fact is more like a…

Conner took a step forward and swung. A red streak of hot plasma shot towards Kael, heating up the air in front of it. Conner stared intently at Kael and suddenly realized he wasn’t there anymore.


Conner’s head snapped left as Kael’s kick landed square on his cheek. The captain’s body followed through and as he landed on his feet, he snapped his elbow backward, catching Conner in the jaw. A thudding sound followed and Conner realized just as the wind left his lungs, that he’d been kicked right in the midsection. The sword was ripped from his hands just as he was sent hurtling through the air and crashing on the unforgiving metal, before skidding to a halt.

Conner hacked and coughed. He tried to push himself up, but his hands gave out causing him to fall back on the metal roof.

I saw it.

Conner thought as his mind replayed images he had barely caught.

He flipped over that attack and was on me in an instant. No human being should be able to move that fast.

Conner rolled over onto his back. Kael was standing over him. The kindness had receded and in its place, was a cold gaze that gripped Conner with an overwhelming killing intent.

“My choice, right?” Conner asked.


The alarm sounded. Soon Eden would be thrown into panic.

“What do you want to know?” Conner asked.

“What is Alexa after? Does she want to sack the city?” Kael asked, eliciting throaty laughter from Conner.

“No. I don’t think she believes she can. Not with you around. However, you are fighting for the wrong cause, Kael. She’s seen the streaks of light. Just like she told you. She saw it when the pods descended from the sky.”

Kael’s eyes widened before settling back down.

“I saw that. You didn’t believe her back then did you?”

“I don’t believe her now.” Kael responded tersely. “So, you have come for them? Do you know who they are?”

“We do. We have come to guarantee their safety.”

“Safety? From who?”

“Your master… and those he serves. All… traitors… deserve one sentence.”

Kael looked directly at Conner.

“Go ahead! Kill me! Kill me you co…”

Conner was cut short by a vicious blow to the head. Kael checked the man’s pulse and his breathing before letting out a sigh of relief. Conner was unconscious. He hoisted the limp man over his shoulder and quickly made it to the nearest hoverlator.

All… traitors… deserve one sentence.

As the hoverlator sped down from the gigantic triangular slab shaped building they were on, Kael knew he had to get somewhere before Alexa did, and he had to do it very quickly if he wished to save the one life he was sworn to protect.

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