The Gaian Revelations

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Commander Glyn snuck over to his living room’s window and peered outside. The window gave him an unobstructed view of the front porch and the street it spilled into. Flickers and flashes of light continued to shatter the night sky. They were always followed by the rumble of gunfire and the screams of the injured combatants.

Or are these injured civilians?

Glyn massaged his temples with his right thumb and index finger. This was not how he’d hoped to introduce the residents of his Space Station, to planetary life.

Humans. We always make the same mistakes, don’t we?


Glyn turned to look at Sergei, who was brandishing a concussive blast side arm.

“We need to help contain the attack, sir.”

Glyn nodded.

“Right. Right you are. Let’s go.”

“We are coming with you.” Maggy said, getting up.

“No. You can’t. I cannot afford to lose any of you.”

“So, we are prisoners here?” Clieo asked as she stood up.

“No. You are in fact liberators. But the human race won’t be liberated if you lose your life, my dear. Please try and understand. We have work to do, but for now, stay put.”

All three girls pouted and for a moment, Glyn wondered what it would have been like to be a father. He shook the thoughts from his head.

“Let’s go, Sergei.” He said as he exited the building with his side arm drawn.

“Yes, sir.”

Sergei looked back at Maggy and smiled.

“Don’t break anything, girly.” He said with a cheeky smile.

“Don’t get shot in the butt.” Maggy retorted.

“Didn’t know you were looking.”

Sergei shut the door before she could respond.

“I think he likes you.” Clieo said when she was sure Glyn and Sergei were out of earshot.

“Hell no. He’s an ass.” Maggy glared at the door like Sergei was still standing there.

“You sure are focused on his rear today aren’t you?” Kaya asked with a raised eyebrow and a mischievous smile plastered on her face.

“Shut up, Kaya.”

Maggy could barely suppress her own smile. Truth was, she enjoyed the back and forth jibes with Sergei. They sat down in silence and looked around the room. After a while, Maggy turned to Kaya.

“Kaya. Are you going to tell me what’s going on with you now?”

Kaya smiled.

“You sure are a persistent one, aren’t you?”

Maggy smiled and nodded.

“I’ve been told so before.”

Kaya sighed and turned to them.

“Remember when we first met, and I told you I was here to get you out of Sector 50 before the Seraph classified you as waste?”

Both Maggy and Clieo nodded.

“The Seraph have always watched humans very closely and devised malicious ways to control us. We are essentially slaves to them and their beliefs. One such belief is no sentient being should ever be deemed wasteful. By wasteful, they refer to one’s productivity. If your existence is not justified by what you do or contribute to existence, you are eliminated. That belief gave rise to the classification of humans into different social and functional groups.”

Kaya got up and paced around while looking at her two friends.

“Explorers, Medics, Masons, Warriors. If you are not classified as one of these by the time you turn twenty-one, the Seraph considers you waste and eliminates you. Both my parents were medics and yet the Seraph classified them as waste when I was two. I never knew why… until now.”

“I… understand now.” Maggy said.

Anger coursed through her veins as she thought of what they’d been through. They had all been left orphans by the Seraph.

“My parents probably were Spectral Warriors. They never knew it… and yet… they died for it.” Kaya noted in a somber tone.

The flickering of holographic images drew Maggy and Kaya to where Clieo had crouched, beside a holographic display unit.

“I figured we could follow Eden News, Live and see what’s going on.” Clieo explained without taking her eyes off the holograms.

They watched as the news anchor gave a gripping minute by minute report of the attacks and clashes between the Eden guard, and the mysterious intruders. Disturbing images of buildings destroyed and fires burning on the street and in buildings, saturated the holographic display space. All the while, the news anchor kept narrating.

Suddenly, the news anchor stopped and appeared to adjust an earpiece he was putting on.

“This… just in. An amazing story coming out of the East quadrant of Eden. A trainee guard of Eden is holding his ground against eleven of the intruders. Debris from a destroyed military building has made it difficult to reach him, but we will be showing you footage from our flying droid correspondents.”

Images came in and the brown unkempt hair sitting on the rather slim physique, came into view.

“Hope!” Clieo shrieked and then covered her mouth. “No. No. No!” She yelled a few seconds later.

Clieo turned to her friends.

“We have to do something!”

Kaya placed a hand on the blonde girl’s shoulder.

“There’s nothing we can do. If we go out we’ll be killed and all hope is lost remember?”

“And if we stay here, Hope is lost. He is a Spectral Warrior. The commander told us that. We can’t let him die. I can’t… I won’t let him die.”

Kaya could see the determination in Clieo’s eyes.

It would be pointless to try and stop her. But I have to stall to keep her safe.

“Let me put on my thinking hat.” Kaya offered.

“Sometimes the best decisions are the simplest and most obvious.” Maggy cut in, causing Kaya to spin around.

Maggy was already at the door leading out to the front porch.

“Kaya, I understand what you are trying to do but… Us… Hope… it makes no difference. We all need to live. We can’t let him die. We can’t sit by and let anyone die. That’s what we were born to do… right?”

Kaya sighed.

“You’re right.” She looked at Clieo and smiled. “Let’s go get your boyfriend.”

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