The Gaian Revelations

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There they all stood. Four on one side and the lone man standing opposite them. Alexa’s arms trembled slightly as she held her gun in front of her. She saw Dragorni’s figure move forward and to the left of her. He placed a reassuring hand on her gun wielding arms.

“You have nothing to fear. Indeed, Kael is a genius and was always the heir apparent to my position as Captain of the Guards, even back then.” Dragorni stated.

He removed his visor and revealed a strong face with thick eyebrows and a full mustache that ran down either side of his lips. The eyebrows were furrowed together in a frown.

“Though… It appears Kael has lost his way.” Dragorni said in a disappointed tone.

“Look around you, Alexa.” Kael stated, ignoring Dragorni.

“How many innocent men, women, and children have died tonight? Does this look like finding your way?”

“Don’t get sanctimonious on me!” Alexa yelled. “Your choices will leave the entire human race in ruin! You betrayed us once but you have a second chance. Let us get the chosen ones and go.”

Kael shook his head.

“You would rather hold on to a lie just to mask your selfish greed and lust for power. There are no chosen ones.”

“Indeed, there are… captain.”

Kael looked up to see Glyn and Sergei standing behind the exiles, guns trained on them. As the exiles turned around, Glyn fired a warning shot through the breach in the window.

“I’d stay put if I were you.” Glyn warned.

“Commander. What is the meaning of this?” Kael asked.

“Captain. What the lady says is true. There are five confirmed spectral warriors in Eden right now. That being said, I do not know this group’s intentions or why they have come to abduct them.”

“We need to protect them…” Alexa began?

“From… what?”

Once more, a new voice rang out in the room. Kael looked up and for a moment, time stood still. His eyes slowly broke away from Alexa and rested on the dark-skinned girl with the twisted long locks. This was the first time he’d laid eyes on her since the Arena. This close, her beauty was almost overpowering. Kael shifted on his feet and felt his heart thrum away beneath his chest. Their eyes locked and for a brief infinitesimal moment in time, they were the only ones in the room.

“Commander Glyn, was it?” Alexa’s voice brought Kael back to reality.

A wave of panic surged through him as he realized how vulnerable he was in that moment. He’d lost his concentration and hadn’t seen Dragorni take a menacing step closer.

“Yes.” Glyn answered.

“How do you think the councilor established peace and stability in Gaia? He sought out the help of the Seraph. Their intervention ended the war and put him in power. Weapons traded? Humans sacrificed in exchange? An oath of loyalty taken? The guard of Eden was formed as a quieting move. It was merely a distraction.”

She glared intently at Kael.

“Our roles were never truly about the protection of our planet, our city. They were about enforcement. Kael… you need to see the truth!”

Kael sighed.

“Even if what you say is true, these are citizens of Eden. I cannot let exiles take them.”

Kael took a step forward.

“I should take all four of you into custody. Your actions tonight have resulted in so many lost lives and damage to our city.”

The captain of the guard squeezed his fingers into a tight fist, as he looked at each intruder.

Alexa sighed and dropped her firearm. She extended her hands in surrender.

“Alexa? What are you doing?” Dragorni asked.

“Do what you must, Kael. Just… make sure you get them ready for their mission. Get them ready before the Seraph come back.”

Alexa turned to Glyn. “We saw the space fight from the ground.” She explained.

“We’ll have plenty of time. The Seraph won’t be back for another three years.” Glyn said softly.

“Three months.” Alexa corrected.

“What?” Sergei who had been quiet all along exclaimed.

“The Seraph have found a way to shorten their travel time.” Reese explained.

“We… always thought it was a theory until we found one of the wreckages from the space fight. Those ships were coming from the very heart of Prime Zone. From Sera.”

The silence in the room was deafening.

“Then… how? How do you know all this? You’ve been devoid of advanced technology for years.” Glyn asked, suddenly feeling light headed.

“Quantum Entanglement Teleportation. We didn’t leave Eden empty handed, Commander. We’ve had time to search for the truth and it is time to reveal that truth. I understand the panic it will cause across the galaxies, but we must know and come together. They must know what their mission is.”

Commander Glyn sighed and looked at the spectral warriors.

“And here I thought I could slowly reveal things to you. But it appears I was gravely mistaken even when I said we didn’t have the luxury of time.”

“Will someone please tell us what our mission is?” Hope asked.

He also had a sidearm drawn and pointed at the intruders.

It was Alexa’s turn to sigh.

“To lead humanity across the bridge of reality, thus saving us from the calamity that is called the phase change.”

“Phase… change?”

Voices could be heard screaming and getting closer to the councilor’s chambers.

“So… Kael. I suppose this is the end of the line.” Alexa said in a defeated tone.

Kael sighed deeply and slowly stepped away from the breach. He pointed at the breach in the window.

“Go.” Kael said, softly.


“Go. Before the guards get here. I’ll think of something. However, the captured attackers, stay with us. The chosen ones too.”

Dragorni stepped forward and spared Kael a glance.

“There’s hope for you yet.” Dragorni said, before leaping through the breach.

He was quickly followed by Reese and Wellon. Alexa walked towards the breach and stared deeply into Kael’s eyes.

“I know you still have your doubts. Search for the truth yourself, and you’ll see I’ve been right all along. This… thing… tore us apart. What’s coming is so much bigger than us… than you and me, Kael.

Kael closed his eyes briefly.

“Back then, I never asked you to leave. I pleaded with you to stop.”

The voices were very close now.

“Take care of yourself, Alexa. I suddenly have a lot to do… no thanks to you.”

Kael managed a wry smile and Alexa returned in kind. She nodded her head and let her hand slip off his shoulder, where it had been resting.

Alexa leaped through the breach just as the guards stormed into the room.

“Captain! Captain! The intruders. Where are they?” One of the guards asked.


“The councilor… sir.”

“Safe atop the spire of knowledge. You are late.”

“Sir. Sorry… sir.”

“Take everyone here to the medics for a thorough evaluation. Make sure we sweep the city for the wounded, survivors… and the dead.”

“Yes, sir!” The guards echoed.

Kael nodded and made eye contact with Maggy once more. She broke the gaze this time and turned to leave with the others.

Soon, Kael was standing in the councilor’s chambers, alone. His mind was racing through so many thoughts, he hardly knew which ones to focus on.

To lead humanity across the bridge of reality, thus saving us from the calamity that is called the phase change.

What’s coming is so much bigger than us… than you and me, Kael.

Alexa… just what was it you knew that drove us so far apart? I think I understand a little more now, and yet I am more confused. I am more confused.

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