The Gaian Revelations

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The station commander walked into his office in Sector 20 – he had an office in every sector – and collapsed in his seat. A man dressed in the colored skin fitting uniforms, commonly worn by SCEs, SCIs, and SCDs alike, walked in behind him and quietly waited for the older man to speak.

“We have a convergence, Sergei.” The commander finally spoke up. “We have three young ones with potent levels of spectral energy aboard this station.”

“Spectral energy sir?” Sergei asked with a bemused look on his face. “I thought that was a myth, sir.”

“Hmmm. What do you know of the myth Sergei?”

“Tales of humans imbued with energy, sir. Light energy. Spectral Warriors, they were called. They could… channel this energy to augment their physical abilities in order to achieve superhuman feats. But it’s all nonsense. My great grandfather told the tales to my grandfather, who told my father, who told me. None of them ever saw a spectral warrior.”

Sergei took a deep breath as if to indicate he was done.

“Hmmm.” The commander grunted again. “What’s the name of this ship Sergei?”

Sergei’s eyes widened.

“Spectral… 7 sir. May I ask where you are going with this, Commander?”

“You may. I am merely unraveling the truth for you, slowly. This is this ship’s first voyage. You know that, don’t you?”

The commander swiveled his chair around so that he was facing Sergei for the first time. Sergei was a man in his prime. In his mid-thirties, his entire body was at peak conditioning and his mind was just as sharp. His jet-black hair was neatly slicked all the way back, and his clean shave gave him a rather boyish look. However, his piercing gaze belied his maturity. A worthy deputy commander.

“I do sir.”

“You had not been born then, but I’m sure you heard of the attack on Sierra 19A when the Seraph sought to annihilate every human on the planet and those boarding this very station for its maiden voyage.”

“I did sir. Our victory was dubbed The Sierran Miracle. It was the first human victory over a Seraph army in over a hundred thousand years. Sir, are you saying…”

“Yes. Our victory that day was made possible because we had a spectral warrior with us.”

The commander swiveled his chair to a video feed of the examination room. Sergei watched as the three ladies were led out of the room by another dock security personnel. They entered another video feed showing the pathway, Maggy had been led through before. Three entry pods awaited them. They were open so that the interior could be seen. It was big enough to hold one fully grown human male. Considering they were females, it would have a bit more wiggle room for them. There was a digital display locked in place on the right-hand corner of each pod and a harness system. The interior of the open hatches and indeed the interior of the pods were seen to be coated with an iridescent color. One was coated blue, the other violet, and the last yellow.

“Why the colors?” Sergei asked.

“Like I said, we have a convergence. Those pods are designed to contain their respective spectral energies.”

“Commander… what you are implying…”

A beeping sound interrupted Sergei. Both men quickly pulled up a huge holographic screen, which displayed five pulsating triangles approaching a two-dimensional rendition of the space station. The station commander turned back to his video feed and saw that the three special entrance pods were ready to be deployed.

“What I’m implying, is a prophecy, millions of years old.” The commander turned back to Sergei.

“When there is a convergence of three, the rest will be ignited.” He continued, smiling.

Sergei took in a deep breath before speaking.

“You want me to protect those three pods from the approaching Seraph.”

The commander nodded.

“Make sure they land safely Sergei. Right now, the Seraph have picked up on the wavelengths they are emanating.”

“Consider it done sir.” Sergei said as he quickly walked out of the commander’s office.

The commander sighed deeply and sat in the relative silence of his office. His DDI vibrated loudly and after briefly examining the source of the connection, he accepted it. A video feed showed an elderly woman’s face, with long gray, almost silver hair and aging lines further deepened and creased by worry.

“You should stay calm.” The station commander said in a soothing voice.

“You pulled out all three of them.” The elderly lady said, ignoring his suggestion. “Is it what I believe?”

“It is.”

“How many are inbound?” The elderly woman followed up with yet another question.

“Five of them. I have placed the girls in protective entrance pods that will absorb their wavelengths. Besides, my deputy commander has been instructed to ensure their safety. You really should stay calm.”

“I am. Which is why I know, that you know, it may not be enough.”

“If it is about you, I have prepared a special pod for you too.”

“No. I will be requesting for a standard pod.” The elderly woman said sternly.

“Martha?” The station commander briefly lost his composure before quickly regaining it.

Martha smiled.

“It’s their time now.”

Behind her was a regular pod. She stepped inside and a dock security personnel sealed the hatch. The video feed focused on her face again.

“If your deputy fails, I’ll release a burst. That should draw them near me.”

“A burst would kill you if you do it in space, Martha.”

“Yes… but it will also ensure their survival.”

The station commander sighed deeply.

“Let’s hope Sergei is up to the task then.”

The elderly lady smiled again.

“Goodbye Glyn.”

The station commander nodded gently.

“See you later, Martha.”

The video feed was abruptly cut off, leaving Glyn sitting alone with the wash of light from the display screens, his only illumination.


Maggy could see her external surroundings, through a small window in the hatch. The window was sealed shut and reminded her that the hatch was the only thing protecting her from death by asphyxiation, depressurization and the bends, all in a matter of seconds.

Yeah! Space is cool!

Their entry pod was held in place by robotic fingers arranged in what was akin to a production line conveyor belt system. Once an entry pod got to the curve point of the belt, the robotic fingers detached and the pod began its guided freefall to Gaia. Maggy took in a deep breath to quell her excitement. Heights never bothered her. She had long dreamed of being able to zoom across the universe like the occasional shooting stars she saw. This wasn’t exactly the same thing, but she looked forward to the rush. Maggy smiled, wondering how Kaya was doing. She hoped Miss prissy pants was scared out of her mind. Maggy’s smile became an excited grin as her pod detached and began its drop. A sense of weightlessness took over her and she felt as though she were floating within the pod. She looked outside her pod and could barely see any evidence of her pod plummeting towards Gaia. Maybe this was how it felt. It was peaceful. As Maggy took in the view, she saw five shooting stars streaking towards her.

Come to welcome me to my first planet?

Maggy was about to let out a yelp of excitement, but quickly swallowed it when she realized, that the shooting stars, weren’t shooting stars at all.

“What… are… those?” She pondered aloud.

One of the assault ships deployed three objects that streaked forward in ominous silence. Maggy watched the objects in horror as they made their way past her hatch window. Judging from their elevation Maggy had a grim feeling about their impact point. She shut her eyes tight as her entry pod shuddered violently from the multiple impacts, and started spinning out of control towards Gaia. In her fear, only one thought kept repeating like a monochrome in her head.

I’m going to die.

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