The Gaian Revelations

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I’m going to die.

Maggy was tossed violently around the entry pod’s interior. She yelped in pain and tried to keep her head protected while smashing into the viewing glass pane in front. Luckily, it was designed to take such impacts. The pod’s mechanical voice came on.

Warning! Altitude drop is too fast. Please decelerate.

“You think?!”

Maggy grimaced and tried to peer out of the small glass windows fitted into the entry pod. She saw brilliant beams of light repeatedly flicker across the sky, followed by a dizzying number of bright flashes. The display was both beautiful and destructive. Maggy could see the wreckage of one of the ships that attacked her pod, slowly plummet past her, down towards Gaia. A voice came on her pod’s communication system.

“Do you see a red button to your top, right?” the voice asked.

“W…who are you?” Maggy nervously fired back.

“Young lady there is no time for questions. Do you see it?”

And yet here you are asking me questions.

Maggy looked around and saw a big red button exactly where the voice had described it to be.

“Yes, I see it.”

“Good. Hit it. It will activate your auxiliary controls and stabilize the pod… if the auxiliary controls haven’t been damaged that is.”

Something about the way he spoke made her imagine him with a cocky smirk on his face.

“Well, thanks for the vote of confidence.” Maggy retorted as she hit the button.

Her pod lurched upwards and then began a steady, but shaky descent. The voice spoke once more.

“Good. Check your display. You should have received four codes from me. Use it to communicate with your friends. I must disengage now. I have work to do.”


It was too late. Maggy heard the static that always followed a disconnected channel. The light display above her continued. Maggy did her best to ignore it. She focused her concentration on figuring out the pod’s digital display interface. She had always had a knack for technology, and soon she had added all three codes to a broadcast group. Maggy opened channel communications and immediately, her pod was filled with the voices of Kaya and Clieo.


Sergei banked his screamer left, evading a fusillade of beams shot his way from the remaining three Seraph attack ships. He knew they had the upper hand in terms of maneuverability and speed, but he wasn’t called the Raven for nothing. In about two hundred years, no one had come across a pilot quite like Sergei. What he had was an unmatched instinct for flight. It had served him well throughout his ten years in service. It was doing so again tonight.

Sergei slowed down during his bank and effortlessly guided the screamer into a belly roll. The chasing Seraph attack ships, whizzed by, underneath him. The screamer came back around and Sergei opened fire. Two of the ships went into a deep dive towards Gaia, but the third wasn’t so lucky. The powerful laser beam, ripped through it, dooming everyone on board. Sergei guided the screamer into a dive towards Gaia, accelerating after the remaining two ships. The Seraph ships, which were getting closer to the girls’ pods, suddenly started decelerating. They began pulsating a bright yellow, which was nearly blinding to look at. Sergei tapped a small button in his ear and spoke into it.

“Commander. Do you see what I see?”

“I do.” The voice of Glyn replied.

“What is that sir?”

“Seraph ships turning all their kinetic energy into an energy beam powerful enough to obliterate a portion of the planet. Sergei, do not engage. I am aiming the station’s weapons at them and will be firing soon.”

“We do not have that much time commander. And if what you say is true, you cannot afford to let them survive your attack. The station is too slow to counter attack.”

Sergei’s voice was a blend of anxiousness and frustration.

“Do not engage Sergei.” Glyn instructed, once again.

Glyn’s voice was sterner, but it would not deter Sergei. He held his position, with his hands firmly rested on the controls. When the Seraph tried to fire, he would obliterate them. As he followed and observed the three entrance pods, he noticed a fourth pod slide in between the Seraph attack ships and the first three. Sergei squinted in worry.

Just who are you and what are you thinking?


“What the hell is going on?” Clieo asked, frustrated. “Are we being attacked?”

“Yes, we are.” Kaya’s voice rang out through her pod’s interface. “But I believe someone’s on our side. I’ve seen three Seraph ships plunge down to Gaia.”

“Why are they attacking us?” Clieo looked around her, watching for any more flashes of light. There were none.

“I don’t know. But they did hit one of us. Maggy, I can see your pod. How bad is the structural damage?”

“It was fifty-five percent stable. I’m now at seventy-five percent. Why is that?” Maggy asked.

“Nano-repairers.” Kaya responded.

“All space-faring craft are outfitted with them for situations like these.”

“I see.”

“What’s the percentage now?”

“Don’t use this as an excuse to talk to me, Kaya.” Maggy snapped.

“Maggy!! Now is not the time to be childishly stubborn!”

Maggy gasped. It was her grandmother speaking.


“My children. I have listened to all of you and I need to tell you this one thing before I go. There are trials and tribulations ahead of you like you’ve never known. But you can overcome them. That is why you have been imbued with such power. But to overcome, you must work together, all of you. And you must find the other four. Do you understand Maggy?”

“Grandma what are you talking about?!! Where are you going?”

“My child. Forgive me and keep a piece of me in your heart. The Seraph chasing you have realized who you three really are. They are about to release an energy burst on you that has been classified as a world ender. Luckily, I have some energy of my own. A spark if you will.”

Maggy took in deep breaths. She closed her eyes and a flood of tears crashed down her cheeks. She desperately fought to hold on to any conceivable kind of composure she could. Finally, she found some calm in the storm that ravaged her body.

“Will you survive this spark grandma?”

There was silence.


“I will always love you, my child.”

The fourth communication code disconnected.



The entry pod that had drifted in-between the girls’ pods and the last two Seraph attack ships were slowly being enshrouded by a glowing blue aura. Glyn immediately punched in the fourth communication code Sergei had given Maggy.

“Glyn. You are breaking my concentration.”

“Martha. I gave them your communication code as promised. You also promised me you wouldn’t do anything irrational.”

“I am well aware. Considering the circumstances, this is not irrational.”

“Martha… please…”

“They’ll die if I don’t, Glyn. This is the way it has been destined to be.”

Glyn looked at his viewing screen again. The Seraph ships were close to full power. Soon, they would unleash a burst so powerful, it would create a hole on Gaia that traveled almost all the way to the core. He was glad they had not sent a mother-ship. They wouldn’t have stood a chance.

“Martha… I…”

“Thank you, Glyn… for the friendship, you have given me, over these years.”


“Do you still write your poems in your past time?”

“Yes…. Yes… I do…”

“Write one about me, will you?”

“Of… of course. Give em hell, Martha.”

“Goodbye, Glyn.”

“Goodbye… M…My… um… Ma…”

The connection went dead.

Glyn slammed his hands on the control deck.

Curse the cosmos!!!! Even at the last moment, I couldn’t tell her how I felt.

He collapsed into his chair and watched with a sense of dread and grief as the blue aura soon matched the glowing yellow lights of the Seraph, with intensity.

“Commander I will give pursuit now.” Sergei’s voice came in.

Glyn shot forward and spoke into his communicator.

“Sergei get back. If you’re caught in the blast…”

There was a bright flash of light. A burst of energy rolled over the space station, rocking it violently. It was so powerful, it stripped off over half of the station’s shield integrity. Glyn watched as the blue aura shot into the far reaches of space, completely enshrouding the two Seraph attack ships. They slowly began to burn and peel away into nothingness. It was a sight to behold. The other three entry pods, soon vanished, beneath Gaia’s atmosphere. Glyn spoke into his communicator.

“Sergei, do you copy? Sergei?”

There was no response. He shook his head and worked the touch screen controls on his deck. Soon there was a loud static that dissipated away as quickly as it came. Glyn spoke into a microphone attached to his control deck.

“To all SCEs, SCIs, and SCDs on the station. This is your commander speaking. Assess energy and structural damage, optimize and recover. I need a full report of status and progress. SCDs you will be leading this mission. Until we establish communications with ground base on Gaia, you are this planet’s first and last line of defense. Make sure all battle systems are ready. Finally, prep me a ship. I’m going to Gaia.”

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