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Can beautiful San Diego surfer and astronomer Zeta Conner survive her marriage and a shattered sense of scientific reality? How can she fully love if she's unsure who can be trusted? In her wildest speculation, Zeta Conner couldn’t have imagined who and what she’d become after graduating from San Diego State University. Her solid life plan proves defenseless against insensitive fate. Living her dream as a young astronomer who loves surfing in San Diego, her idyllic world begins spinning out of control. Then, after a tragic hike into the Grand Canyon, she meets a mysterious stranger and experiences a dramatic paradigm shift in her scientific sense of reality. Nerves of steel, shrewdness, and savvy become her weapons as she’s forced into survival mode and must discover who she can love and really trust. A jet-set odyssey takes her to red rock country Sedona, Arizona with its renown vortex sites, New York City, Monaco, Washington, D.C., San Diego, Santa Monica, Seattle, and the eerie Wizard Island in Crater Lake, Oregon. Zeta faces death and paranormal dangers on the Island, known for strange disappearances, deaths, and bizarre phenomena. Zeta -The First Estate- delves into the supernatural, quantum physics, DNA science, religion, and vampires.

Scifi / Erotica
Mason Lane
4.2 6 reviews
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Chapter 1

Briana’s ashen face greeted Mr. Conner. Wearing designer jeans and a Kurt Cobain T-shirt, she was lying on her back sprawled out on the basement rec room couch. With motionless eyelids and beautiful long black eyelashes, her expression was frozen as a china doll’s.

Suddenly his heart produced erratic palpitations as his knees buckled and he gasped, “Oh no, no, no! Yes, that’s our Briana.” The detectives restrained him from trying to rush to her. Her boyfriend’s parents’ house was now a homicide scene with yellow plastic tape around the perimeter. Briana was a dead party girl.

Her shaken mother arrived, trembled her way down the stairs and staggered into her husband’s arms. They stood together traumatized and in shock, staring at their youngest child’s chilled corpse. Mrs. Conner started sobbing and unleashing painful sounds like a mortally wounded animal.

Dried blood and a syringe were between Briana’s second and big toe. She was the 25th heroin overdose death in San Diego County that year. Briana had said that when she died she wanted to be cremated, and her parents honored her desire. They spread her ashes onto the blue Pacific from a charter boat, with her family, several friends, and relatives aboard. Briana would have preferred to be scattered in Central Park Lake or off the Manhattan Bridge. This happened one year before Briana’s older sister Zeta met Benton Barrington III.

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