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Ria’s Special Talent

About: I saw Brian’s Special Talent and I thought you might like mine too.


Dev’s Special Talent

About: Brian’s Talent was pretty cool, but mine’s better.


KaLlIe’S sPeCiAl TaLeNt!!!

About: Guess what my talent is!! Here’s a hint, it walks on four legs, has a cute tail, and STRIPES!!! ;)


El Talento Especial de Ricardo

Acerca de: Tengo un talento especial como Brian.


Специальные Натальи талантов

О видео: Я видел это на всем протяжении. Думал, что я должен положить что-то. Я могу превращаться в летучую мышь.


Oliver’s Special Talent

About: This is my talent video. I think it’s great that word is finally getting out.


Ειδική ταλέντο του Ηλία

Σχετικά με: Είδα ταλέντο του Brian. Έχω ένα πάρα πολύ.



الجميع يفعل واحد، لذلك قررت أن تفعل الفيديو المواهب أيضا. حول


Talent spécial d'Amélie

Á propos de: Voici ma vidéo talent. J'espère que vous l'aimez.

This is Fox 5 News at 6.

“Good evening, I’m Michael McGowan. Our developing story tonight, the wildly controversial YouTube video “Brian’s Special Talent”, which went viral last spring, has continued to make waves. Jessica Bomer has the story on that.”

“Thanks, Michael. Earlier this year three high school students posted the Youtube video “Brian’s Special Talent” which went viral three months later. Since then the 38-second video has had over 500 million views, making it one of YouTube’s top ten most viewed videos of all time. The video, filmed by high school students Alex Dodson, Mark Beasley, and Brian Harris of Fort Collins, Colorado, depicts Harris shape-shifting into a hawk, flying, and shifting back into a human. The controversy comes in the students’ claims that the trick isn’t a special effect, but real.

“Since the release of “Brian’s Special Talent”, thousands of other such videos have popped up all over the web showing people transforming into everything from a house cat to a great white shark. With so many other videos from all over the globe online, it begs the question. Can all of them be fake?”

“Good evening, I’m Elliot Fischer. Tonight on Elliot Fischer Perspective, we’ll address the growing buzz over a YouTube video that has taken the Internet by storm. You’ve likely seen it or heard about it, but if you haven’t the video is called “Brian’s Special Talent” and it’s currently the third most-viewed YouTube video of all time. The big controversy is whether the claims of the three teenagers who filmed this video can be believed. Alex Dodson, Mark Beasley, and Brian Harris of Fort Collins, Colorado claim that no effects were used in filming and that everything you see is real, including Harris’s transformation from a boy into a hawk.

“Well, if that seems a bit fantastic to you, you’re not alone and here tonight on Perspective we have two experts to try to shed some light on the validity of Dodson, Beasley, and Harris’s claims. Joining me now we have award-winning special effects artist from Fyx Effects, Calvin Steck, and Dr. Julian Liddle, leading historian and author of the book “Man in Mythos: The History of Human Action”. Thank you, gentlemen, for joining me.

“Thank you, Elliot.”

“Thanks, glad to be here.”

“Alright, now you’ve all seen “Brian’s Special Talent”. The question tonight is can it be real? Calvin you’ve worked on dozens of science-fiction movies, you’ve done some pretty impressive stuff. In your opinion, is this just a work of a very talented special effects artist?”

“Well, Elliot if it is, I want to hire him.”

“Haha. I’ll bet. What can you tell us about this video?”

“Well, the quality is poorer than what I’m used to working with, but I was able to zoom in and enhance the picture a little. In special effects it is extremely difficult to render skin, hair, feathers, cloth, all of which we have here. The transformation takes place very quickly, about two and a half seconds. I was able to slow that down and you can very clearly see the transformation beginning with the head and continuing down the body. The detail on the feathers is phenomenal. The problem with generating skin is that there are three levels of realism you have to work with: photo, physical, and functional. Most times you have to compromise on one to achieve another, depending on how close the shot is, how much movement is going on, you know.”

“So you’re saying this video has all three levels?”

“Absolutely, down to each feather. It would take a professional artist years to get this kind of detail, fluidity, and realism with the best software out there. I don’t see high school kids pulling that off.”

“So you’re saying you think it’s real?”

“Like I said, Elliot, if it’s not, I want to hire this artist.”

“Alright, thank you Calvin. And now we’ll turn to Dr. Liddle. You’ve heard the special effects expert. It looks real, but is this even plausible? Kids turning into animals? It sounds like something out of a book. Dr. Liddle, what are your thoughts?”

“Frankly, Elliot, this doesn’t surprise me at all. In fact, I’m shocked it hasn’t come out sooner.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well it’s clear that shape-shifters are out there, all over the world. But we all act like this is a new thing.”

“Isn’t it?”

“No! Man has been writing about shape-shifters, humans and gods turning into animals, since the beginning of civilization. It’s engrained in the mythology of just about every culture that has ever spoken or recorded their beliefs. The Greeks and Romans in particular had shape shifting as a punishment, as a power of the gods, as a means of escape. Even modern science fiction and fantasy books incorporate shape shifting.”

“But aren’t these just stories?”

“Humans aren’t that creative. All myths are founded in some truth. They have been embellished and exaggerated over time, but there is still some kernel of truth. The myth of Ganymede involves Zeus transforming into an eagle to abduct Ganymede and bring him to Mount Olympus. Perhaps the truth in this myth involves one of these Weres.”

“But is there any way of being certain?”

“Unfortunately many of these myths were passed down by word-of-mouth for centuries. It’s impossible to trace the origins. But as I said, the revelation of shape shifting humans comes as no surprise to me. It’s all throughout our mythology, if we’d cared to look.”

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