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Honeymoon Phase Ends

Newswatch 16 in HD High Definition is brought to you by your quality plus Ford stores. From WNEP The News Station, this is Newswatch 16 at eleven.

“A Lycoming County man is calling for justice for his son. It’s our top story tonight on Newswatch 16 at eleven. Good evening, I’m Riley Silva. Edward Zimmerman of Williamsport is calling on the local Police for justice. Zimmerman’s twenty-one year-old son, William, was killed by a mountain lion while hunting last November, but Zimmerman now believes that it wasn’t a case of animal aggression, but murder. After the YouTube video “Brian’s Special Talent” sparked the worldwide phenomenon known as the “Were-phenomenon”, calling into question the existence of shape-shifting individuals, Zimmerman believes the mountain lion that killed his son may have been a Were. So far Police have found no evidence supporting this belief.”


Were-lion freaks out in English


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About: Cell video of this dude in English Lit who freaked out at this guy and turned into a fucking lion!

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hal300x: This is why Weres are dangerous. They have no control over their transformation if they get angry. What if he’d attacked someone? What if this was an elementary class? We need to do something to protect our schools and communities. (10 likes, 9 dislikes)

fordjw13: Why did he freak out like that? Someone has to have provoked him. Nobody gets that angry over nothing. (8 likes, 3 dislikes)

SamtheEagle586: damn, glad I wasn’t in that class. (5 likes)

punchdrunk115: OMG (4 likes)

CNN Breaking News

Congress to address ‘Were-phenomenon’

Congressional committee formed to address new policy in regards to the ‘Were-phenomenon’.

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